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Order’s Up: ‘The Bear’ Season 2 is Officially Coming ‘This Summer’

FX is serving up more culinary drama with the network renewing one of its biggest hits of last year. Yes, it’s official: The Bear season two is coming! The Disney-owned network confirmed the renewal news in a tweet, revealing that season two of the hit comedy-drama TV series will return sometime in “early summer,” comprising 10 episodes, a full two episodes more than the first.

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The Bear is the brainchild of Christopher Storer and follows the life of Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto, an award-winning New York City chef, who has to go back to Chicago to run his family’s Italian beef sandwich shop called, “The Original Beef of Chicagoland,” after his older brother commits suicide. However, upon his return, Carmy finds himself in hot water when he discovers that his brother left him nothing but debts, a rundown kitchen, and a cranky staff.

The first season of the smash hit comedy drama concluded with Carmy uncovering huge sums of cash rolled inside tomato cans in his kitchen. The finale ends with our protagonist hanging up a sign on the shop’s door announcing the closure of ‘The Beef’ and deciding to overhaul it into a more upscale restaurant dubbed ‘The Bear.’ Hmm…feels like things are about to go crazy! While no plot details surrounding the upcoming season have been shared, creator Christopher Storer hinted that the new season will explore the “growing pains” of starting a new restaurant and the conflicts among the characters.

Jeremy Allen White in 'The Bear' (2022) | Image: FX

Jeremy Allen White in ‘The Bear’ (2022) | Image: FX

While speaking to Variety, showrunner Joanna Calo expressed that while season one revolved around “finding a family and feeling anchored,”the second instalment will be all about hospitality, taking care of others, and making the cast’s lives a bit bigger. The Bear season two will also delve into Carmy coming to terms with his brother’s death while simultaneously revamping his restaurant. “Nobody’s fixed and everyone’s a work in progress. Every second counts,” said Storer.

The Bear season two will see Jeremy Allen White as Chef Carmy Berzatto and Ayo Edebiri as Sydney back in the kitchen, along with the rest of the main cast. Storer also shared that the new season won’t see White’s Carmy and Edebiri’s Sydney living together. He said, “We wanted to make something that was about friendship and a partnership. It really is so funny that that is one of the things that people took away — of all the heavy shit that’s going on in the show! It was interesting because Ayo and Jeremy, since they are our friends and are such wonderful people, I think there is this charisma that comes off both of them.”

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Jeremy Allen White in 'The Bear' (2022) | Image: FX

Jeremy Allen White in ‘The Bear’ (2022) | Image: FX