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Jeremy Allen White in 'The Bear' (2022) | Image: FX

The Bear Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Updates and More

FX streaming platform Hulu has officially greenlit The Bear Season 3, with the streamer confirming the new series will premiere on June 27, with all episodes dropping at once on Disney+. The next instalment of the critically acclaimed culinary drama promises even more tantalising dishes and heart-stopping action. After two seasons and a near-perfect Rotten Tomatoes score, it’s clear that the show’s delicious food, high-stakes drama, and complex characters have struck a chord with viewers.

The Bear Season 3 will once again see Jeremy Allen White in the role of Carmen ‘Carmy’ Berzatto, a culinary prodigy who has returned to his hometown of Chicago to take over his late brother’s struggling sandwich shop. So, with The Bear Season 2 finale still weighing heavy on viewers’ minds, the question begs to be asked – Will the next instalment deliver the same frantic energy we’ve come to expect from The Bear episodes?

For those who’ve binged The Bear already, you’ll know that it’s not for the faint of heart. The TV series is rife with high tension and stress-filled dramedy as the characters struggle to keep the restaurant afloat and deal with their own personal demons.

Season 2 brought the sizzle as the Beef underwent a significant transformation, aiming to elevate the gritty sandwich joint into a top-tier culinary destination. Throughout the latest season, the crew’s passionate culinary adventure played out in each episode, leading up to the highly anticipated restaurant trial. Despite the improved harmony in the kitchen this season, the finale episode plunged viewers back into the well-known whirlwind of loud voices, unsettled stomachs, and a “chaos menu” signalling the chefs’ fiery dedication to their dishes.

Fans of The Bear are already clamouring for a third season, even though the second season premiered in June. With Season 3 of The Bear finally given the go-ahead, here’s a roundup of everything we know so far.

'The Bear' (2022) | Image: FX
‘The Bear’ (2022) | Image: FX

The Bear Season 3 Release Date

In an announcement in May 2024, FX confirmed The Bear season release date as June 27. All 10 episodes of the upcoming season will drop all at once, with the new instalment to drop the same day on Disney+ in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Gibraltar, the Balkans, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

Back in August, The Hollywood Reporter suggested that The Bear‘s creator, Christopher Storer, had shared his third season plans with actor Ayo Edebiri, who portrays Sydney, but nothing much is known. The show has garnered critical acclaim, earning multiple award nominations, including two Golden Globe nominations and five Critics’ Choice Television Awards nominations. Its popularity is further evident in its viewership numbers, with Season 2 becoming the most-watched premiere of any FX series on Hulu.

The Bear Season 3 Trailer

To coincide with the announcement of the Season 3 release date, FX also dropped a new trailer for The Bear. The clip shows Jeremy Allen White’s Carmy preparing for service in his newly rebranded fine dining restaurant. Importantly, the shot seems to indicate he somehow found his way out of the walk-in refrigerator that we saw him trapped in at the end of Season 2.

Jeremy Allen White in 'The Bear' (2022) | Image: FX
Jeremy Allen White in ‘The Bear’ (2022) | Image: FX

The Bear Season 3 Expected Cast

With FX’s official greenlight for Season 3, the beloved crew of The Bear is poised to return to the kitchen, ready to serve up another delectable dish of culinary chaos and heartwarming camaraderie. This means our seasoned leads Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri, along with the rest of the kitchen crew, will be back in action. But that’s just the main course; we can’t forget about the potential guest stars, who spiced things up in Season 2 making a delicious comeback, alongside some new faces, of course.

Fx the bear
Jeremy Allen White in ‘The Bear’ (2022) | Image: FX

In the jaw-dropping sixth episode, known as ‘Fishes,’ we were treated to some unexpected guest appearances, featuring the talents of Bob Odenkirk, Sarah Paulson, Will Poulter, Olivia Colman, and John Mulaney. Moreover, given that Carmy and Natalie’s late brother Michael (Jon Bernthal) appeared in flashbacks during both seasons, there’s a good chance he’ll show up again. Additionally, Molly Gordon’s Claire, a newcomer in Season 2, could continue her role if Carmy’s relationship with her improves. It’s also possible that Jamie Lee Curtis might reprise her role as the siblings’ mother, Donna.

Here’s a look at the expected cast of The Bear Season 3:

  • Jeremy Allen White as Carmy Berzatto
  • Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Richie Jerimovich
  • Ayo Edebiri as Sydney Adamu
  • Lionel Boyce as Marcus
  • Liza Colón-Zayas as Tina
  • Abby Elliott as Natalie Berzatto
  • Edwin Lee Gibson as Ebraheim
  • Matty Matheson as Neil Fak
  • Jose M. Cervantes as Angel
  • Oliver Platt as Uncle Jimmy
  • Chris Witaske as Pete
  • Gillian Jacobs as Tiffany
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as Donna Berzatto
Jeremy Allen White in 'The Bear' (2023) | Image: FX
Jeremy Allen White in ‘The Bear’ (2023) | Image: FX

The Bear Season 3 Rumoured Plot

So, what’s next for Carmy and the crew? Will they be able to overcome the challenges they faced in Season 2? Or will they succumb to the pressure and crumble? Only time will tell. Although an official plot or synopsis for The Bear Season 3 is still on the horizon, one thing is certain: the upcoming season is set to be a mouthwatering treat.

Our Predictions for The Bear Season 3

Amidst the chaos and triumphs of opening night, Carmy, Sydney, Richie, and the rest of the crew have proven they can make it work. But running a new restaurant is a constant juggling act, and Season 3 is sure to throw up new challenges and hurdles. Will they generate enough revenue to repay their loan? Will the ever-shifting dynamics between Sydney, Carmy, and Richie threaten to derail their progress? And as Carmy’s relationship with Claire appears to be crumbling, how will his emotional well-being fare?

Marcus, too, is in for a difficult time. The strong hints in Season 2 regarding his mother’s passing suggest a period of deep grief and introspection. Meanwhile, the Berzatto family’s history remains a shadowy presence, and the absence of Mikey continues to mould their lives in profound ways. And then there’s the burning question: will Carmy and Sugar ever discover that their mom made an appearance at the opening? Whether they do or not, it’s sure to lead to some intense and emotional moments.

Matty Matheson in 'The Bear' (2022) | Image: FX
Matty Matheson in ‘The Bear’ (2022) | Image: FX

Where to Watch The Bear?

If you’re eager to indulge in The Bear‘s culinary and family adventures, look no further than Disney+ Australia. With both seasons at your fingertips, it’s your gateway to an immersive and delectable viewing experience. The Bear Season 3 will debut on June 27.

The bear fx series season 2
Ayo Edebiri in ‘The Bear’ | Image: FX