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This Remake of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘True Lies’ Looks Less Fun Than Back-Alley Dentistry

One of the most disappointing things about director James Cameron’s decision to make Avatar films for the rest of his life is that we can pretty much write off the idea of ever getting a proper sequel to the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger film True Lies. And while Arnie’s upcoming move into the world of TV with Fubar looks to carry much of the same fun-filled spirit that made the original 1994 action comedy such a success, the trailer for a new True Lies TV adaptation suggests the 13-episode series has all the charm of a vomit-filled plastic bag.

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True lies 1
Image: CBS

While the new show features the same basic premise as the original film – boring family man keeps his real job as an international super spy secret from his loved ones – it substitutes the undeniable on-screen charisma of Arnie and Jamie Lee Curtis, not to mention Bill Paxton as one of the all-time greatest cinematic sleazes, with a huge dollop of banality.

The whole thing just looks incredibly sanitised and while there are certainly some elements from the original film that haven’t aged particularly well in the 30 years since its release, the idea of pairing a talented cast and a tight script also appears to have been thrown out the window.

True lies 2
Image: CBS

Of the original cast, it’s probably fitting that the only one to return is Tom Arnold, who’s spent a lot of time over the last few decades bemoaning the fact that there was never another True Lies outing. Replacing Schwarzenegger as Harry is Steve Howey, while Ginger Gonzaga takes on Curtis’ role of Helen. Curiously, it looks like Howey is only in 9 of the series’ 13 episodes, so the narrative’s weight appears to have shifted towards the character of Helen. This isn’t itself a bad idea, but the execution of the whole thing just appears incredibly lacklustre.

While it’s possible we’re being harsh and the show’s far better than the trailer makes it look,  Rotten Tomatoes’ 33 per cent rating would appear to suggest otherwise. Aussie readers can now watch the first episode of True Lies (although we have to ask why you’d do that to yourself?) on Disney+, while U.S. masochists can catch it on CBS. Check out the trailer above or via the link below. Or do literally anything else. We suggest just rewatching the original True Lies.

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True lies 3
Image: CBS