Watch the New Avengers: Endgame Trailer

The Year Of Our Lord 2019 is going to be a big one for Marvel, and thanks to the magic of trailers, we are already exciting our taste buds with an array of irresistible appetisers ahead of the spectacular main course. Following the trailers for Captain Marvel, which seemed to answer once and for all the question we’ve been asking for years – does Nick Fury like cats? – we now get the big one: Avengers Four.

The climactic Avengers flick, subtitled ENDGAME in a suitably ominous fashion, has been teased with a new trailer that naturally does not reveal very much, but gets the blood of any committed Marvelite pumping in the way that only anticipation of a true epic can.

What does the trailer tell us? Well, Tony Stark is floating in space, about to expire, and sending a last message of love and devotion to Pepper Potts. The likelihood of him actually dying up there is almost zero – if Iron Man’s going out, he’s going out in a blaze of glory, not alone in an airless pod – but it’s a poignant sight. Also, Thanos is walking through a meadow, which is…nice for him?

The most startling development we see in the teaser, though, is that Captain America is on deck, and he clearly means business: he’s shaved off his beard. Which is a smart move, because when he grew a beard, half the universe was killed, so better safe than sorry. Cap seems to be joining forces with Black Widow to try again to defeat Thanos, possibly with the help of Hawkeye, who has shown up with a sword to look tortured in the rain. He’s out for revenge, but still refuses to buy a gun. Also, hey look, there’s Ant-Man knocking on the front door, so expect plenty of adorable Paul Rudd comic relief. A lot of heroes are missing from the trailer, but we can reasonably assume that most of our favourites will be back – including Captain Marvel herself, who isn’t going to go through an entire origin story just to sit on the sidelines.

God knows who’ll live and who’ll die in the Endgame, but this trailer has got us tingling and impatient for it to arrive.