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Fender’s New George Harrison ‘Rocky’ Stratocaster Was Made to Gently Weep

As the lead guitarist for the Beatles, George Harrison was one of the most unique and iconic players the world has ever known. Now you can get your hands on his most recognisable guitar (and maybe even a little of his ‘60s mojo) with Fender’s release of the George Harrison “Rocky” Stratocaster.

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George harrison fender rocky 6

George Harrison with his iconic Fender ‘Rocky’ | Image: Fender

Fender’s new run of guitars offers an exact recreation of Harrison’s original Sonic Blue Strat, which the man himself hand-painted using Day-Glo paints and nail polish in between sessions for some of the most influential recordings of all time. “Rocky,” as the guitar came to be affectionately known, first appeared on the Beatles’ landmark 1965 album Rubber Soul and remained in the Quiet Beatle’s rotation throughout sessions for Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The White Album, Get Back and Abbey Road.

It was sometime between Sgt. Pepper’s and the June 25 live global telecast of “All You Need is Love” that Harrison got busy with his paints. He later added “Bebopalula” to the upper body, “Go Cat Go” to the pickguard and “Rocky” to the headstock, all of which are lovingly recreated for this release.

George harrison fender rocky 1

George Harrison Fender ‘Rocky’ | Image: Fender

In fact, according to Fender, each guitar mimics the original so precisely that they’ll all be hand-painted with exact replicas of Harrison’s brushstrokes – don’t ask us how they’ll manage to do that. The back of each guitar’s headstock will even sport a replica decal from Grimwoods, which was the original music store where Harrison’s guitar was purchased.

Offering more than just their striking looks, each “Rocky” will pack a trio of vintage-style ‘60s Stratocaster pickups, a vintage-style 6-saddle synchronised tremolo and a Mid-’60s “C”-shaped maple neck. While we can’t guarantee that owning a “Rocky” will inject Harrison’s magic into your fingers, we’re pretty confident it’ll look cool no matter how well you play it. The George Harrison “Rocky” Stratocaster retails for USD$1,999 or AUD $3,949.

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George harrison fender rocky 2

George Harrison Fender ‘Rocky’ | Image: Fender

George harrison fender rocky

George Harrison Fender ‘Rocky’ | Image: Fender

George harrison fender rocky 4

George Harrison Fender ‘Rocky’ | Image: Fender