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1 Highest Paid NBA Players 2021 - LeBron James 1

10 Highest Paid NBA Players for 2021

Despite one of the most disrupted seasons in history, the highest paid NBA players still managed to rake in some impressive dough over the past 12 months. LeBron James and the gang more than just secured the bag, they took off running with it. Now that the 2021-22 season has tipped off in more familiar fashion, we’re expecting to see the ridiculous salaries, bonuses and endorsements that the NBA is willing to fork out continue to swell. And trust us, they are insane.

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1 Highest Paid NBA Players 2021 - Kevin Durant

The Business of Buckets

While the current season remains a contentious topic, the mass appeal is there. Thus far, 22 games have been postponed for safety reasons with several teams playing on significantly weakened rosters. For the players, however, the incentive to play is extreme. Over the past 30 years, NBA player salaries have exploded, with average pay sitting at around USD$9.5 million per player last year. While that’s an insane amount of money for the average bloke, it pails in comparison to the enormous figures the highest paid NBA players are receiving. According to Forbes, there are 35 NBA players expected to make at least USD$28 million in salary this season before escrow payments, well ahead of the MLB and NFL. But one stalwart stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Los Angeles Lakers star and reigning Finals MVP LeBron James is not just making a fortune playing games, he’s well on his way to becoming a billionaire. For the seventh-straight year, James has been named by Forbes as the highest paid NBA player including off-court income, with expected earnings set to top USD$95.4 million. Why is that so important? Well, with that figure King James should exceed USD$1 billion in career earnings, making him just fifth sportsperson in history to reach the three-comma mark while still an active athlete.

But hot on his heels is long-time rival Steph Curry. The lord of the 3-ball’s stocks are rising daily and a strong showing so far this season is proving his worth. A solid assortment of endorsement deals and partnerships are getting the Golden State Warriors’ star to an impressive tally and his adversaries are coming along for the ride. Truly, this season, more than any other shows just how ludicrous NBA players’ salaries really are.

Highest Paid NBA Players 2021

The skills are excellent, the god-given gifts enviable, but perhaps most impressive are the earnings. From King James to Dame Dolla, the richest NBA players are knocking on the three-comma door, some harder than others. Here is a list of the 10 highest paid NBA players for 2021, according to Forbes.

Highest Paid NBA Players 2021 - LeBron James 2

1. LeBron James (USD$95.4 million)

Unsurprisingly, the King still reigns supreme. While the coronavirus put a slow on new endorsements across the board, LeBron James was able to generate an impressive USD$64 million in earnings through this avenue. That number, combined with his USD$31.4 million salary was enough to put him in top spot in Forbes’ 2021 highest earning NBA players list

Most notably, James moved away from his long-term deal with Coca-Cola this year, signing a massive contract with PepsiCo. He still retains endorsement partnerships with AT&T, Beats, Nike, Walmart, Rimowa, GMC and Blaze Pizza.

Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Total Earnings: USD$95.4 million
Salary: USD$31.4 million
Endorsements: USD$64 million

Highest Paid NBA Players 2021 - Steph Curry 1

2. Steph Curry (USD$74.4 million)

Coming in second for this year’s highest earning NBA players list is shooting god Steph Curry. The two-time MVP and Golden State Warriors star raked in a cool USD$74.4 million over the period, including a whopping USD$40 million off the court. The biggest development for Curry this year was the announcement of his new Under Armour backed Curry brand.

Featuring a mixture of footwear, apparel and accessories across multiple sports, the new venture is worth around USD$20 million dollars a year, but will pick up should the brand take off. It’s a great return for Curry, who missed all but five games last season after recovering from a broken hand.

Team: Golden State Warriors
Total Earnings: USD$74.4 million
Salary: USD$34.4million
Endorsements: USD$40 million

Highest Paid NBA Players 2021 - Kevin Durant

3. Kevin Durant (USD$65.2 million)

Kevin Durant’s contract is almost as big as he is, but the former MVP really scored in December. Massive tech company Uber bought food-delivery service Postmates for USD$2.65 billion, a start-up that Durant had invested in back in 2016. According to Forbes, Durant turned his initial USD$1 million into USD$15 million thanks to the buyout.

Team: Brooklyn Nets
Total Earnings: USD$65.2 million
Salary: USD$31.2 million
Endorsements: USD$34 million

Highest Paid NBA Players 2021 - Russell Westbrook

4. Russell Westbrook (USD$58.1 million)

It’s been an interesting few years for Russell Westbrook. Several teams and a run of streaky form may have lowered the former MVP’s stock, but it hasn’t impacted his earnings. Over the last year, Westbrook secured an impressive USD$58.1 million, with his Nike partnership accounting for most of that.

Team: Washington Wizards
Total Earnings: USD$58.1 million
Salary: USD$33 million
Endorsements: USD$25 million

Highest Paid NBA Players 2021 - James Harden

5. James Harden (USD$50 million)

The Beard has locked up one of the biggest contracts in NBA history and it shows. James Harden’s huge USD$33 million salary has kept the now-Brooklyn Net in fine form, however, in December, Harden announced he had joined fragrance brand Pura as an investor and creative director. Harden also enjoys endorsements from Stance, Art of Sport and BodyArmor.

Team: Brooklyn Nets
Total Earnings: USD$50 million
Salary: USD$33 million
Endorsements: USD$17 million

Highest Paid NBA Players 2021 - Giannis Antetokounmpo

6. Giannis Antetokounmpo (USD$49 million)

It’s no surprise that two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo makes an appearance on the highest paid NBA players 2021 list. Back in December, the Greek Freak signed the richest deal in NBA history, securing a five-year contract extension with the Milwaukee Bucks worth a whopping USD$228 million. At just 26 years of age, Antetokounmpo is definitely one of the youngest players on this list, so you can expect to see his stock rise in the next few years, particularly if Disney has anything to do with it. The entertainment giant has reportedly locked up the rights to a movie about his life, following his journey from Greece to NBA stardom. According to Forbes, the film will be released in 2022.

Team: Milwaukee Bucks
Total Earnings: USD$49 million
Salary: USD$22 million
Endorsements: USD$27 million

Highest Paid NBA Players 2021 - Klay Thompson

7. Klay Thompson (USD$43.3 million)

He might be going through one of the most unlucky injury runs in sports history, but Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson is still making some serious coin. This year, the All-Star joined Alex Morgan, Travis Pastrana and Paul Rodriguez to launch a CBD brand, Just Live. Further to that, the injured star has endorsement deals with Tissot, Mercedes-Benz, Kaiser Permanente and a monster deal with Chinese shoe partner Anta.

Team: Golden State Warriors
Total Earnings: USD$43.3 million
Salary: USD$28.3 million
Endorsements: USD$15 million

Highest Paid NBA Players 2021 - Kyrie Irving

8. Kyrie Irving (USD$43 million)

It’s been an interesting start to the year for Kyrie Irving, but it hasn’t impacted his earnings too much. Earlier in 2021, he copped a nearly USD$900,000 infringement for missing games and a $50,000 fine for violating COVID-19 protocols. Nevertheless, lucrative endorsement deals and a monster salary are keeping the Brooklyn guard more than comfortable.

Team: Brooklyn Nets
Total Earnings: USD$43 million
Salary: USD$26 million
Endorsements: USD$17 million

Highest Paid NBA Players 2021 - Chris Paul

9. Chris Paul (USD$40.1 million)

The Point God gets his. Chris Paul managed to net a cool USD$40.1 million this year, despite having the lowest endorsement earnings on the list. The current NBA Players Association president has an enormous contract that has carried him to his third team since signing and it could be getting bigger. Paul has an option next season worth USD$44.2 million that any man in his position would surely take up.

Team: Phoenix Suns
Total Earnings: USD$40.1 million
Salary: USD$33.1 million
Endorsements: USD$7 million

Highest Paid NBA Players 2021 - Damian Lillard

10. Damian Lillard (USD$39 million)

Portland Trailblazers star and perennial All-NBA guard Damian Lillard rounded out the top 10 in this year’s highest earning NBA players list. He earned much of his USD$39 million through endorsement deals and a new partnership with Gatorade’s Bolt24 product line. Perhaps more impressively, Lillard also launched an annual internship program last year for a half-dozen disadvantaged students at high schools in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

Team: Portland Trailblazers
Total Earnings: USD$39 million
Salary: USD$25 million
Endorsements: USD$14 million

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General FAQs

Who is the highest paid NBA player for 2021?

As usual, King James has won out. According to Forbes, LeBron James is the highest-paid NBA player for 2021 with total earning of USD$95.4 million. James’ wealth was accumulated through a mixture of salary and several lucrative endorsement deals.

Who has the richest contract in the NBA?

According to reports, Milwaukee Bucks star and two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo has the richest contract in the NBA. In December 2020, the power forward signed a five-year, USD$228 million contract with the Eastern Conference team.

How much does LeBron James make in endorsements?

According to Forbes, LeBron James made an impressive USD$64 million form endorsements in 2020. His high-profile work with Nike, Beats and a new deal with Pepsi helped him to achieve the ridiculous figure.

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