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Nba city edition jersey 2021 steph curry 1

All 30 NBA City Edition Jerseys Ranked for 2020-2021

The NBA City Edition Jersey’s are here, and we’ve ranked all thirty. The jersey’s give teams the flexibility to rep their home town and showcase themes and ideas that their city is proud of.  While most teams explore city-based themes and ideas, others throw it back to the jersey’s of old, and some don’t change anything at all. We’ve rounded up all thirty jerseys and ranked the best NBA City Edition Jerseys.

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1. Miami Heat

The Heat are bringing an end to their famous ‘Miami Vice’ series uniforms with the Vice-Versa city edition jerseys. Since the start of the series, these jerseys have brought fans back to the late ’80s where neon signs lit up the city’s night clubs and venues.

Colours: Pink to Blue Fade
Theme: Miami Vice


2. Orlando Magic

The Magic put a twist on the uniforms of the past with their city edition jerseys for the 2020-2021 season. The orange pinstripes are a nod to the sunshine and citrus industry, synonymous with the state of Florida.

Colours: White, Orange pinstripes
Theme: Throwback pinstripes, orange acknowledges the citrus regions in Florida


3. Phoenix Suns

The Suns honour the metropolitan areas of Phoenix referred to as ‘The valley of the sun’.

Colours: Black, Purple, Red, Orange
Theme: ‘The valley of the sun’

Trail Blazers

4. Portland Trail Blazers

Celebrating the spirit of Oregon, the Blazers acknowledge the regions beautiful landscapes and the tribal nations who have called these lands their home since the beginning. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Native American Youth and Family Center by the Trail Blazers and Biofreeze.

Colours: Black, Red, Yellow, Blue
Theme: Regions native ancestors and the lands they call home


5. Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks will be honouring Dr Martin Luther King this upcoming season. Dr King was born and raised in Atlanta and the Hawks have partnered with the King Estate Foundation to create a signature Jerseys this season. The proceeds from the sale of these jerseys will support the economic empowerment of Atlanta’s community programs of colour.

Colours: Infinity Black, Vintage Gold, Fidelity White
Theme: Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

6. Cleveland Cavaliers

Several Rock and Roll bands grace the chest of the Cavaliers City Edition Jersey. They honour the city’s status as the home of rock and roll with this ransom style city jersey, featuring logos from bands and artists such as Pink Floyd and David Bowie.

Colours: Black, Wine, Gold
Theme: Honour the City’s connection with Rock and Roll


7. San Antonio Spurs

A tribute to the team’s fiesta logo era, the Spurs are turning away from their monochrome uniforms and  regenerating some much-needed life into their game-day attire. The colours and logo featured were never seen on the court, but they were found on the practice and warm-up jeseys throughout the 1990s.

Colours: Black, Teal, Pink, Orange
Theme: 1990s merchandise throwback

Nba city edition jersey 2021 golden state warriors 1

8. Golden State Warriors

The dubs will bring back a throwback jersey of sorts this year. They will honour the fans across the bay who haven’t forgotten about their place of origin. Having played in Oakland for 50 years prior to moving across the bay, these jerseys are a fitting tribute.

Colours: Gold, Black, Orange
Theme: Oakland throwback

9. Brooklyn Nets

The Nets will honour famous local artist Jean Michel Basquiat with there city edition jerseys this year.

Colours: Black, Multicolour
Theme: Jean-Michel Basquiat

10. Chicago Bulls

In a bid to give tribute to the architecture of Chicago, the bulls implement a black and gold theme in their city edition jerseys. City planner Daniel Burnham is quoted along around the waste with the quote “no little plans”, a nod to the infrastructure they built.

Colours: Black, Gold, Red
Theme: Architecture of Chicago, City planner Daniel Burnham

11. Boston Celtics

The Celtics have won more championships than any other team in the NBA. They’ll look to flex their championship heritage this year with a city edition jersey resembling the multitude of championship banners they have displayed in the rafters of the TD Garden. In the bottom corner of the jersey is a quote from Red Auerbach that states, “The Boston Celtics are not a basketball team, they are a way of life”.

Colours: White, Green
Theme: Championship Heritage

12. Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte was the home to the first U.S. Brand Mint, and they’re looking to show that off to the world with their 2020-2021 city edition jerseys. The jerseys pay tribute to the mint as well as the Carolina Gold Rush that occurred in the 19th century.

Colours: Mint, Gold, Granite
Theme: First U.S Brand Mint, Carolina Gold Rush, Granite is the state rock of North Carolina

Nba city edition jersey 2021 milwaukee bucks 1

13. Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee has been referred to as “The Gathering Place by the water” and their new city edition jerseys look to expand on that theme. These all blue uniforms feature a wave-like design.

Colours: Blue, Navy
Theme: Milwaukee, “The Gathering Place by the water”


14. Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets bring an end to their famous skyline series uniforms with the “Flatirons red” city edition. Red is a reference to Colorado’s landscape.

Colours: Red
Theme: Skylines edition red, Colorado landscape


15. Houston Rockets

The light blue is a nod to the City of Houston’s home flag.

Colours: Light Blue, Red, White Logo
Theme: Houston City’s flag

Nba city edition jersey 2021 indiana pacers city edition 1

16. Indiana Pacers

The Pacers reminisce on the famous pinstripe jerseys worn throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. There is a quote that state “we grow basketball here”, a nod to the state seal of Indiana.

Colours: Blue, Yellow Pinstripe
Theme: 1990’s Throwback pinstripe


17. New Orleans Pelicans

With three gold fleur de lis across the chest, the Pelicans are repping the city to the fullest.

Colours: White, Red, Blue stripe
Theme: New Orleans city flag

18. Dallas Mavericks

Dallas will make the 10th anniversary of their 2011 championship this year. The jersey features wings up the side which acknowledge the wings of a pegasus, the mythological creature which watches over Dallas city.

Colours: White, Gold, Silver
Theme: 10th Anniversary of 2011 Championship, Pegasus

Nba city edition jersey 2021 la lakers 1

19. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers honour the great Elgin Baylor with their city edition jerseys that continue the ‘Lore’ series.

Colours: White, Silver, Blue
Theme: Elgin Baylor throwback


20. Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis native Isaac Hayes is paid tribute to with the Grizzlies city edition jerseys for 2020-2021. The singer and songwriter was a legend in the soul, funk and disco movements.

Colours: Black, Gold, Teal trim
Theme: Isaac Hayes

21. New York knicks

The Knicks join forces with New York staple brand KITH to sport a flagrant city jersey for the upcoming season. They also pay tribute to the city’s ‘Never Sleep’ moto.

Colours: Black, Orange and Blue Gradient
Theme: KITH, City Never Sleeps


22. Minnesota Timberwolves

Frequently referred to as “The North Star State” the Minnesota Timberwolves take that theme and run with it. The star is in reference to the old hockey team, and the Timberwolves also pay tribute to that.

Colours: Black, Bright Green
Theme: ‘The North Star State’


23. Detroit Pistons

If it wasn’t already clear, Detroit loves automobiles. They’ve once again honoured the city’s history of auto manufacturing with yet another ‘Motor City’ design. In a quote from the team, they state how the uniform is “reminiscent of vintage auto emblems, bold highway-like striping, and gears surrounding the Pistons logo”.

Colours: Red, Blue
Theme: Motor City


24. Oklahoma City Thunder

Celebrating the great state of Oklahoma, the OKC Thunder city jersey is designed in a similar style to the states flag. The states map is featured on the waistband of the shorts, and the words UNITE are written along the waistband.

Colours: Black, Blue, Orange
Theme: Celebrates the state of Oklahoma


25. Philadelphia 76ers

The team responds to superstar Ben Simmons request for the team to bring back black uniforms. Phillie had one small caveat, Ben had to win the Rookie of the year and he would have his wish granted, he did. The design grabs inspiration from the houses along Phillies Boathouse Row and throws it back to Allen Iverson’s era of uniforms in the late ’90s.

Colours: Black, Red and Blue stripes
Theme: Ben Simmons ROY Challenge, Boathouse row, Allen Iverson throwback


26. Sacramento Kings

The Kings mash-up many of their uniforms from the last three decades for their city edition jerseys this year. A trip through memory lane of sorts, the jersey sees the teams 1980s powder blue set remixed with the ’90s checkerboard and the black road set of the 2000s.

Colours: Black, Powder Blue, Red, Grey checkerboard
Theme: A trip through jersey history

27. Toronto Raptors

Drake contributes to the team’s uniforms again with a colour scheme featured throughout his OVO fashion brand. There is a familiar Toronto print across the chest and a raptors slash on the shorts to finish off the OVO branded look.

Colours: Black, Gold
Theme: Drake OVO Collab


28. LA Clippers

The Clippers have flipped their jerseys from last year. Partnering with artist Mister Cartoon and graffiti artist Royyal Dog they look to celebrate the spirit of LA street culture.

Colours: Black, White
Theme: LA street culture

Nba city edition jersey 2021 utah jazz 1

29. Utah Jazz

The Jazz recolours their existing city edition jerseys this year. Featuring the same gradient effect of years past that give tribute to the red-rock state of Utah.

Colours: Black, Red to Orange gradient
Theme: Red-rock state of Utah

Nba city edition jersey 2021 washington wizards 1

30. Washington Wizards

We’re not really sure what the Wizards were going for here, but they’ve underwhelmed fans for a second straight season. Nonetheless, the stars and stripes on the side are a nice touch.

Colours: Grey
Theme: Stars and Stripes

General FAQ

When does the 2020-2021 NBA season start?

The 2020-21 NBA season will begin on Dec. 22

How much is Lebron's new contract?

Klutch Sports agent Rich Paul announced Lebron James agreed to a two-year, $85 million maximum contract extension.

Who is on the NBA logo?

The current logo outlines the silhouette of a great LA Lakers player Jerry West, who is 81 years old. The logo was designed by Alan Siegel.

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