instagram girls of the month february 18

Instagram Girls of the Month – February ’18

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and yet most Instagram babes have us reaching for the same few adjectives, such as “smoking hot”, “gorgeous” and “scantily clad”. That’s followed by a series of drool-induced grunts and noises that arguably don’t count as words at all. Hence, while the English language might indeed offer a vast cornucopia of applicable descriptors, we can’t help but keep things painstakingly simple when gazing upon these smoking hot, gorgeous and scantily clad babes. Besides, what says more than the pictures themselves, each one offering a striking glimpse into a world we can only dream about? Presenting our Instagram Girls of the Month for February ’18. Enough said.

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chanel stewart eating fruit

Chanel Stewart

Catch Australia’s own Chanel Stewart in the right pose and you might discover she’s got a Gal Gadot thing kind of going on. Of course, the sexy Instagram babe is also a wonder woman in her own right, with assets to die for.



fiona barron standing under the tree

Fiona Barron

Apparently, all it takes to score a date with the painfully hot Fiona Barron is worldwide superstardom and millions of dollars in your bank account. More to the point, the Instagram babe was spotted out and about with Justin Bieber last year. Knowing how the Biebs operates, he’s since moved on, which obliges us to ask: is the lovely Fiona looking for a rebound?


wilhelmina model effy harvard native texan

Effy Harvard

Slim, blonde and stunning, Wilhelmina model Effy Harvard is a native Texan currently residing in Australia. We might get outdoors a little more just to increase our odds of running into her.



pia cattapan boxing pose

Pia Cattapan

The lovely Pia originally hails from London, but if her Instagram feed is any indication, she makes the entire globe her home. It seems that every other post from the natural beauty has her in a different location. In other words, she definitely gets around, though probably not in the way you were hoping.



saskia jenkin simply sharing her tan skinned beauty

Saskia Jenkins

When Instagram babe Saskia isn’t painting, eating, or travelling, she’s looking straight into the camera and simply sharing her tan-skinned beauty with the world. And for that, we thank her.


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