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WATCH: Giant Sharks Munch on Hapless Swimmers in Jason Statham’s ‘Meg 2: The Trench’

We like big bites and we cannot lie, so we’re quite excited (if a little bemused) by the launch of the first trailer for Meg 2: The Trench, the sequel to Jason Statham’s admittedly underwhelming but potential-laden 2018 shark showcase, which hits cinemas on August 4.

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Meg 2 the trench 1

Say cheese! | Image: Warner Bros.

This time around, Statham and company are upping the absurdity factor, really leaning into the silliness of the whole affair and apparently having quite a bit of fun while doing so. Hopefully that will enable audiences to do the same. While there were (warning: spoilers for The Meg from here on out) two ginormous sharks last time around, for the second instalment there are at least three of the Jaws wannabes and they look bigger, meaner, and more unstoppable (or should that just be “less stoppable”?).

Emerging from the titular trench – which was only touched on in the original film – it looks like this time the jumbo sharks are bringing a host of their prehistoric friends along to the human buffet, from small land-bound predators to a helicopter-grappling giant squid. Much chaos is sure to ensue as many a hapless swimmer falls victim to the beasties’ ravenous appetites.

Meg 2: The Trench Trailer

“They’re how big?” | Image: Warner Bros.

While the only actor (other than Statham) to return from the first film’s cast is the entirely overqualified Cliff Curtis, at least that means we won’t have to spend another two hours or so watching Ruby Rose “acting”. Plus, entirely more convincing than Rose’s emoting are the special effects, which were no slouch last time and look like they might have received something of a polish for this outing, despite the flick very much operating in B-movie territory.

While we eagerly await the film’s arrival on August 4, check out this incredible footage showing a diver’s close call with a monstrous Great White Shark, but first give the Meg 2: The Trench trailer a look either above or via the link below.

Watch ‘MEG 2: The Trench’ trailer

Meg 2 the trench trailer

Triple trouble | Image: Warner Bros.