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every man should own grooming product

What Grooming Products Should Every Man Own?

Hair products are kind of like drugs: the right ones could change your life and the wrong ones could destroy you. Therefore when it comes to choosing the grooming accessory that’s right for you it’s best not to mess around. Don’t rely on the local clerk at the pharmacy to steer you in the right direction or else you risk facing two handfuls of hair and a bad case of dandruff. Listen to the experts with veritably awesome names instead, renowned stylists like Phoenix Thomson and Anthony Nader, Murdock London’s Master Barber and 2015 Men’s Hairdresser of the Year Jules Togini. Oh, what a nice coincidence–we happen to have those very same men on hand to answer some questions for us!

Previously we wanted to know “which grooming products should every man have”, but this time around we got a little more specific. We asked our experts: should guys use hair gel, putty, wax or pomade?

The answers went far beyond a simple “yes” or “no” and took personal style into account. In other words, products like pomade are beneficial largely depending on variables like hair volume, style, texture and polish, and even things like what clothes you plan to wear or how quickly do you need your hair to dry. Read on for a detailed breakdown of which hair product is right for that lustrous head of yours.

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1. Anthony Nader – International Stylist and Founder RAW Anthony Nader Salon, Surry Hills

– Sea Salt Spray: Gives a gritty texture that looks natural
– Dry Clay: Used for separation and creating chunky texture
– Pomade: To keep hair looking high sheen and has some hold
– Clarifying: shampoo and conditioner – Think of this like tuning up your car and giving it a new start.

2. Master Barber at Murdock London

Our Beard Moisturiser has become a daily essential for many of our clients and customers. Softening, hydrating and protecting both facial hair and the skin underneath, it minimises irritation commonly suffered during the growth stages and combats brittle hair, leaving it soft and healthy.

For the non-bearded chap, Sea Salt Spray should be a must for a daily boost of natural texture to your hairstyle. In terms of skincare, do moisturise daily after washing to waken and uplift your face, while protecting the surface when facing environmental elements.

3. Jules Togini – Philips Shaving and Grooming ambassador and Men’s Hairdresser Of The Year

Hair: A comb or your fingers, a salt spray and putty are the essential products to keep your hair looking good for all occasions. Use salt spray and putty on slightly damp hair, distribute evenly and style with a comb as you wish. Take your fingers with you as this will allow you to style and restyle throughout the day.

Facial hair: A comb, beard oil and a good set of trimmers are must-haves to keep your facial hair well-groomed throughout the day and into the night. The Philips Vacuum BeardTrimmer is my product of choice, as it has a number of amazing features that help achieve even stubble, including double steel blades that can shave the thickest of facial hair.

4. Phoenix Thomson – Stylist at American Crew

The right shampoo and conditioner are a MUST have. Scalp hair and health is essential for keeping your hair on your head for longer. A strong shave product regimen is vital for keeping your skin looking young and rash-free.

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