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How often should men shampoo their hair

How Often Should Men Shampoo Their Hair?

Industry experts are frequently asked how often should men shampoo their hair and the verdict is in: once every 2-3 days and no more than 3 times a week. Meanwhile, some barbers don’t want you using shampoo at all but we’ll leave that off the table for now. As for the general consensus, that recommendation wasn’t arrived upon haphazardly. In fact it’s backed by all sorts of hair science. Accordingly, the advice comes with plenty of asterisks, and specific washing recommendations can vary significantly depending on everything from hair type to climate. Hence, for all you fellas out there wondering how often should men shampoo their hair, don’t stop at this paragraph alone. Read on for a breakdown.

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Back of a shampooing his head
Image: Men’s Journal

Why Not Everyday?

Shampoo is soap and soap is good. That might lead some men to ask why they can’t use shampoo every day. The answer has to do with the relationship between shampoo and the oils necessary to maintain healthy hair. Every day the scalp produces nourishing oils that keep the hair from drying out. And while these oils aren’t affected by water and moisture (in fact it’s recommended you rinse and exfoliate your hair and scalp daily), they are affected by shampoo. The absence of healthy oils can dry your follicles out at their roots. That means excessive shampooing might keep your hair clean but it will potentially weaken it structurally in the process.

Naturally, there are variables. In fact, when some industry experts were asked how often should men shampoo their hair, they explained that men who use lots of hair product should actually be shampooing more. That’s because too much hair product can lead to clogged pores. Hence, the overuse of shampoo becomes a lesser of two evils whereas it combats the overuse of hair product. Again, this is for men who use lots of hair product. If you’re simply applying a small amount each day, then a solid rinse will take care of it. Meanwhile, men who produce a healthy amount of natural oils and have exceptionally resilient hair should consider cutting their shampoo routine down to just once or twice a week.

A man looking in mirror cleaning himself with a towel
Image: Honor Body Scrubs


Men’s hair is a versatile entity that changes from person to person. Heck, the same individual might undergo various hair styles and types within his lifetime. In other words, there are plenty of remaining variables that go into how often men should shampoo their hair. Even the weather can play a major role. For instance, warmer weather leads to perspiration which leads to the release of toxins from the skin. Hence, in the summer months, you might consider shampooing more to fight off toxins. By contrast, you should shampoo with less frequency when it’s cold and dry out while being sure to use a hydrating shampoo.

What probably matters most, however, is hair type. Men with straight hair, for example, can get away with shampooing on a near daily basis. Such a maneuvre might suck out the natural oils and lead to a flat aesthetic (depending on how much conditioner you use), but with straight hair that can be a desirable outcome. For men with wavy hair, most experts suggest sticking to the recommended three times a week shampoo regimen. This will fight the build-up of oils and a subsequent greasy texture without weakening the hair at its roots. The same wavy haired men should also use conditioner, but with slightly less frequency than shampoo and/or whenever the hair looks too dry. Lastly, men with curly hair should shampoo twice a week at most and more or less exclusively use a moisturising shampoo to prevent frizziness. Curly haired men should use conditioner once or twice a week, but not on the same days they shampoo.

A man shampooing his hair

How Often Should Men Shampoo Their Hair Again?

Hair is a complicated thing and men’s hairstyles have never been more important than they are now. What’s crucial is that most men strike a balance. You want clean, non-greasy hair but simultaneously want to maintain the natural oils that keep those follicles healthy and hydrated. And remember, you should still rinse and exfoliate every day to eradicate dead skin cells and excess oils. Furthermore, feel free to use hair product for texture and a lustrous shine. But when it comes to the straight suds, once every 2-3 days is just right.

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