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Three men on ramp wearing Spring clothes

11 Best Men’s Fashion Trends for Spring 2020

Over the past few years, men’s fashion has seen a shift away from structured, traditionally masculine silhouettes in monochromatic neutral colours and boxy streetwear in block colours, towards more delicate, sexually ambiguous clothing; silk shirts, v-necks, high waisted trousers, and sheer garments feature prominently.

Try the latest in men’s fashion with our list of men’s fashion trends for Spring 2020.

Intimate Outerwear mens fashion trend

1. Intimate Outerwear

Take your styling cues from the girls who have been doing this since the slip dress resurgence of 2015, and wear your underwear as outerwear. Designers like Versace, Etro, Giorgio Armani, and Prada have amped up the pre-existing short shorts trend by creating pieces that look like boxer shorts. For Spring 2020, think short shorts in silky satins and shirting fabrics, either teamed with t-shirts and sweatshirts, or worn as a matching set.

Orthopedic Chic mens fashion trend 2020

2. Orthopedic Chic

Minimalist pool slides have had their moment, but for Spring 2020, sandals should be super chunky. If your sandals aren’t reminiscent of someone who’s just escaped a hospital ward or a gladiator (minus the leg wrapping part), you’re not doing it right. Pair your sandals with loose suiting, satin shorts (see above), loose trousers, or matching co-ord sets. Wear socks if you’re feeling sartorially adventurous, or go without if you’re hesitant.

Sheer Shirting mens fashion trend 2020

3. Sheer Shirting

Organza, tulle, and mesh; sheer shirting is all the rage for Spring 2020. Once reserved for the rock stars of yesteryear and Mardi Gras attendees, sheer attire has now gone mainstream for men. If you’re not feeling as confident as Harry Styles at the Met Gala,

If you haven’t yet attained that Harry-Styles-at-the-Met-Gala level of confidence, try out a mesh trench coat or sheer jacket before diving into sheer shirting.

Game Set Match mens fashion trend 2020

4. Game, Set, Match

Pretty much just a matching pair of shorts and a short-sleeved shirt, coordinated sets – or co-ords – have become standard warm weather wear. Find a material you love, whether it be satin, linen, or printed cotton, and team your co-ords with sneakers or sandals. The versatility of the co-ord set allows them to be worn as separate pieces, essentially doubling their wearability. If you’re reluctant to wear a co-ord set out, try wearing one to a festival first; pretty much anything goes there!

High Waist Low Expectations mens fashion trend 2020

5. High Waist, Low Expectations

Party like it’s the 1940s with high waisted trousers. An (almost) universally flattering style, high waisted trousers are back this Spring, thanks to the likes of Gucci, Lanvin, and Dolce & Gabbana. Pair loose high waisted trousers with a loose button down shirt, or try a tapered style with a t-shirt.

Loosen Up mens fashion trend

6. Loosen Up

Traditional fitted tailoring has been ushered out in favour of laidback suiting that places comfort at the forefront. Try loose tailoring by opting for suits with a relaxed fit (cotton and linen work best for Spring) and team them with a t-shirt or roll neck skivvy, and sneakers, sandals, or loafers.

Insouciant Ensembles mens fashion trend 2020

7. Insouciant Ensembles

Plain, buttoned up neutrals have given way to pattern laden pieces with relaxed silhouettes in luxurious boudoir-esque fabrics like silk and satin. Channel the hedonists of the Victorian era this Spring 2020 by adopting pyjama style dressing, low cut v-neck shirts, and floaty harem pants.

11 Best Men's Fashion Trends for Spring 2020 - Pin stripe mens fashion trend 2020

8. Pin That

No longer relegated to the wardrobes of bankers and businessmen, the humble pinstripe has made its way back in fashion for Spring 2020. Unlike the rigid tailoring sported by 20th century white collar workers, the pinstripes of today are worn mismatched, on silk or satin sets, and skinny suits. Try wearing a slim fitting pinstripe suit with a black shirt and leather monk strap shoes to work, or a pyjama-style pinstripe set with horsebit loafers to lounge about in on the weekend.

Cuban Cool mens fashion trend 2020

9. Cuban Cool

A key men’s fashion trend for Spring 2020 is the Cuban collar shirt or bowling shirt. With their boxy shape and exaggerated notch lapel collars, both the Cuban collar and bowling shirt are able to be worn in the warmer weather with a few buttons undone. This Spring, try wearing a silk bowling shirt with tapered trousers, or a printed cotton Cuban collar shirt with tailored shorts.

Animal Instinct mens fashion trend 2020

10. Animal Instinct

Florals for Spring? Overdone. Animal print is the new pattern of the season, with leopard print and tiger stripes making a comeback. Whilst an all-over animal print ensemble could potentially hurt your eyes, incorporating a piece of animal print clothing is a good way to inject some fun into your Spring outfits. Try wearing a leopard print shirt with tan chinos or throw a tiger print raincoat over your suit for the work commute.

Utilitarian Perfection mens fashion trend 2020

11. Utilitarian Perfection

No bag? No problem. An excess of pockets are in fashion this Spring 2020, with several fashion houses releasing chic takes on utilitarian garments. Field jackets, safari jackets, chore coats, and shirt jackets are all viable ways to wear this trend; team an unbuttoned shirt jacket with a t-shirt and chinos, wear a belted safari jacket with tapered beige trousers, or opt for a military green field jacket worn over boxer-style shorts.

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