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INTERVIEW: Pragmatic Australian Label MAN-TLE

Speaking to the rugged nature of the land on which they find inspiration, Perth-based label MAN-TLE creates technical apparel inspired by the Australian environment. With a backbone in materials, design, and practical style, MAN-TLE is placing Australia on the world stage with some of the highest quality and sought-after outerwear money can buy.

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Lookbook r9 1

Image: MAN-TLE (Collection: R9)

We reached out to founders Larz and Aida Harry to see what makes one of our favourite brands tick. Australian, made in Japan, yet designed for Australia, we love everything about MAN-TLE.

Founded in 2016, it was a trip to a family-run fabric mill in Japan where the label was first realised. Holding the idea of circularity and sentimental value at its core, the brand’s use of materials was a focal point from the beginning.

“We simply wanted to produce hard-wearing, long-lasting over-shirts that are both versatile and totally original. The project began when we met a particular Japanese family-run cotton chambray mill” said Aida.

Instead of benchmarking itself for industry success by way of cost-cutting alternatives, Larz and Aida chose to experiment with a 120-year old family-run Japanese fabric mill. Something that – on paper – might only be appreciated by the nerdiest of fashion heads, but one that is immediately realised by those who wear it.

“The most important element is the people behind the cloth. The fact these mills are so old, shows they have been able to evolve and innovate through the times. That energy to keep trying new things has meant we can develop fabrics that are surprising and unique,” said Larz.

The pairs roots are greatly ingrained in Japan, and after spending some time at one of the countries most well-known labels – Commes Des Garcons – you might be mistaken for thinking these garments lay anywhere but inside consumer landscapes like Tokyo.

Man tle r11 lookbook 2

Image: Traianos Pakioufakis

Rest assured, that is anything but the case. At its core, each and every MAN-TLE piece is specifically designed for Australian conditions, while not specifically considered ‘workwear’.

“Australia informs what we make. We moved back here for the lifestyle and to have clarity. Our products are certainly existing outside the trends and being so far removed from a consumer landscape like Tokyo has helped us to maintain that position. Designing clothing as a product, rather than fashion is not a new idea, but it requires space and distance to do so authentically,” said Aida.

As mentioned, a key focus for MAN-TLE is producing original apparel and hardware that are designed to adapt with the wearer over time. Not just by way of scuffs and stretches, but through the fabrics interaction with the natural environment, an “inherently Australian pragmatism” that MAN-TLE values.

“The harshness of the natural landscape has created a resourceful, toughened national disposition. That has definitely inspired our work,” said Larz.

“Fabric is central to our way of working. We have a lot of repeating fabrics which we use season after season. Through that repetition, we are getting better at using each one, as all materials have their limitations!” said Aida.

Lookbook r9 2 1

Image: MAN-TLE

Looking to the future, fabrics remain central in the process, however, experimenting with different shapes, and drawing attention to different highlights play a key role in their latest R11 collection. Personal favourites of ours including the R11M4 SILVER, and the R11O3 BLACK NUBI – a special, very sought-after piece that uses traditional Korean techniques in its construction along with army buttons and car seat-belt tape.

“R11 is our first monochromatic collection. With producing strong colours every single season, we felt like a reset, drawing attention to our shapes and finishes,” said Aida.

As for what we can look forward to with R12, Larz and Aida are keeping things close to their chests. Noting collections currently follow the Nothern Hemisphere calendar, however, with overshirts remaining a core piece, we should look for other climate-relevant pieces becoming mainstays in the future.

“We follow the northern hemisphere calendar which always presents challenges in Australia. We generally launch Winter collections in Spring and Summer in Autumn. Going forward we are trying to always have products relevant to both climates in each collection,” said Larz.

The latest R11 collection is available online via the link below. MAN-TLE also stocks a range of hardware and a number of hard-to-find Japanese labels such as Cav Empt and PORTER. For a full list of stockists refer to – this link – for details.

Lookbook r10 2

Image: MAN-TLE (Collection: R10)


Service options: In-store shopping
Address: 266 William St, Perth WA 6000
Hours: Tue-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 10am-4pm
Phone: (08) 9227 9719

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