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J.W. Anderson’s $1,260 Pigeon Clutch Can Pigeoff

JW Anderson’s $1,260 AUD Pigeon Clutch would be stupid if it wasn’t so perfect. The Irish provocateur of fashion is well known for his swift ascension to stardom through his self-titled brand JWA and the creative direction of LWMH stronghold LOEWE. And while he’s remained fairly restrained in his direction of the aforementioned brand, his own label has often been used for experimentation with pieces such as the Cap Bag and Penis Coin Purse dominating runways for years. Now, we have the $1,260 Pigeon Clutch.

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Jw anderson pigeon clutch open wing

Image: JW Anderson

There’s no doubt you’ve seen the onslaught of Balenciaga ‘meme bags’ in the last 16 months. We’ve covered everything from the $2500 trash bag to the $2550 trashed sneakers, but it wouldn’t be fair to leave J.W. Anderson out of the conversation in the process. His perception of a leading designer in today’s fashion landscape has led to the success of his brands, and it’s maybe the most honest we’ve read.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Anderson described one of his roles as the head of a major fashion label, “We have this perceived illusion of what the fashion designer does. I am just the big salesman. Ultimately, I think to be successful in fashion, you have to turn into the most incredible HR person. It’s about politics. I’m massaging egos and keeping everyone happy.”

The success of the brand certainly speaks to this, with J.W. Anderson’s sales growing by double digits since Anderson signed on to Loewe, according to Simon Whitehouse, J.W. Anderson’s CEO. “The critical acclaim of Loewe and J.W. Anderson has seen global exposure grow rapidly for Jonathan,” said Whitehouse to The Wall Street Journal. Up to 2016, Loewe had garnered 40 new points of sale worldwide and overhauled the e-commerce site. Business Korea ranked LOEWE inside the top 30 for brand reputation rankings in June 2021.

Our only question is, “What’s cooler than the $1,260 Pigeon Clutch?” In the same interview, there’s a snippet from Jonathan Anderson’s mother, Heather, who said “Jonathan was animal crazy. Every day he would come back with a bird of some sort. He had an aviary – lovebirds, canaries, etc.” Whether or not it was an obsession with birds that led to the 3D printed pigeon clutch, I guess we’ll never know.

There’s no handles or straps for this clutch as the piece is meant to be held in the hand as if you just picked up a bird off the streets. To stash your belongings, simply open up the bird’s wing to access an internal cavity where all your daily essentials can be stored. It won’t be long before someone pairs the pigeon clutch with some pigeon dunks, but we’re waiting…

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Jw anderson pigeon clutch

Image: JW Anderson

Jw anderson pigeon clutch side on

Image: JW Anderson

Jw anderson pigeon clutch top down

Image: JW Anderson

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