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The Supreme ‘Shrek’ T-Shirt is Turning Hypebeasts Green

Supreme is channelling all its “get outta my swamp” energy with the latest drop for FW2021. We’ve already covered our favourite piece of the collection – the Supreme ‘Wheat’ Air Force 1 – so now it’s time to get into the weirdest and most controversial pieces from the collection. And of course, we had to start with that weird and wonderful Shrek t-shirt that has hypebeasts literally painting themselves green – I guess it “didn’t make sense not to live for fun”… as the song goes.

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While many would argue that Supreme is dead (including ourselves) it certainly appears to have its finger and thumb firmly on the culture, with an innate ability to tap into the veins of hypebeasts everywhere. The brand loves to throw a curveball every once in a while in an attempt to prove its heart is still very much beating. It’s done so again with the FW2021 Supreme Shrek t-shirt.

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Controversial collaboration’s like these have fans screaming “this is the best drop in years,” from the rooftops, where in reality the brand does nothing more than blatantly repurpose or rip-off designs from lesser-known fashion labels. That, or it rebrands something. But make no mistake, Supreme copied Dime MTL’s ‘Shrek’ T-shirt from 2019, but we’ll let this Reddit thread do the talking on that matter.

If you thought Supreme blatantly ripping off Dime MTL’s Shrek shirt was bad, wait until you see the video below where one fan (@premeprofitscook) literally turned herself into the visual representation of Fiona after dark. We recommend reading our appropriation of the lyrics to the famous Smash Mouth song “All-Star” below to give you an even greater perspective on the situation at hand.

She was “looking kind of dumb, with her finger and her thumb” wrapped around a Supreme x Shrek shirt. But it “Didn’t make sense not to live for fun,” even if “your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb”. I guess with “so much to do, so much to see, so what’s wrong with turning yourself green?” everything if you ask us.

While the collection has already been released, you can check out the link below to purchase your own Shrek shirt. If a shirt isn’t so much your style, you can also pick from a few knitted beanies and three skate decks. Layers people, layers.

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