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Best Barbers in Australia: Complete Guide

The best barbers in Australia are at the top of their game and ready for you whether you’re looking for a clean skin face, beard trim, or a full head makeover. Our guides below are specially curated to offer you a selection of each city’s preferred place to get trimmed, as chosen by our team of experts. We’ve ranked the best barbers in Australia based on their shop’s experience, expertise, and expense (cost) to bring you the most comprehensive list of barber shops in the country. Let’s check them out below.

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Tate and lyle
Tate & Lyle | Image: Supplied

Best Barbers in Sydney

Our list of the best barbers in Sydney captures some of the country’s best trim gods. This is our home town so it’s fair to say we have our favourites, but we can personally recommend any of these barber shops on the list to bring you the best skin fades, prices, and service in the industry. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call any of the top spots on this list the best in Australia, but sometimes the best barber shop near you is less than convenient so we’ve included shops all around the Harbour City. Check out the complete list via the link below.

Best Barbers in Bondi

The same can be said for the best barbers in Bondi. This is a tourist destination so sometimes narrowing down the list will make your life that little bit easier when you’re on vacation, check out the best barber shops in Bondi via the link below.

Men and co melbourne
Men + Co. | Image: Supplied

Best Barbers in Melbourne

Australia’s style capital is home to some of the best barbers in the nation. These Melbourne barbers below tend to offer you a beverage or two with your fresh fade, so why not stop in at any of the spots to get your fix? We’ve curated the list to include those at all ends of the price spectrum, but one thing stays the same, you’re guaranteed a good haircut.

The mens room adelaide
The Men’s Room Adelaide | Image: Supplied

Best Barbers in Adelaide

Adelaide is an untapped state featuring some of the best wines, food, and barbers in Australia. We’re focused on the hair-trimming specialists in our roundup below and our list includes everything from modern shin digs to cultured step-back-in-time type joints that give you that classic cutthroat vibe with vintage furniture, hardwood floors, and chairs.

Best barbers in perth
Gentlemen’s Hair Lounge | Image: Supplied

Best Barbers in Perth

Our list of the best barbers in Perth highlights the best of the distant Aussie capital with some seriously stylish spots. You’re promised to find a new place for a top-notch skin fade, beard trim, and general service. You’ll also find some barber shops on the list that include a pool table, a colouring room, and a few cheeky beers.

Jimmy rods brisbane
Jimmy Rods | Image: Supplied

Best Barbers in Brisbane

Like Perth and Adelaide, Brisbane is hiding some of Australia’s best barbers. If you’re looking for the best barbershop to visit while you’re in Queensland on holiday or you’re just looking to take advantage of your time while on business, we promise you’ll find a new favourite on our list below.

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Your FAQs Answered

Who is the best barber in Australia?

Matthew Clarke from Esq. Male Grooming in Brisbane is the best barber in Australia. He won the Barber of the Year award at the Australian Modern Barber Awards (AMBA) in 2023.

Do you need to tip a barber in Australia?

No, you don’t have to tip a barber in Australia. However, if you appreciate their service and you’re happy with your haircut, it’s not a problem if you want to tip, but it’s not expected.