23 Stylish Men’s Sunglasses Under $200

It’s time to throw away the service station aviators and upgrade to a pair of men’s sunglasses with real style. Nothing channels your personal style and reminds the world you made it better than a pair of stylish shades. Whether you’re hitting the golf links, cruising into the office, or chilling by the beach, a pair of signature sunglasses instantly tells the world what you’re about. To help you choose, we’re sharing our top 23 favourite men’s sunglasses under $200 and the cities they remind us of. And for a the cool price of less than $200, they are as easy on the eyes (literally) as they are on your wallet.

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raen remmy 52 sunglasses

Inspired by Miami: Raen – Remmy 52

The Raen Remmy 52 captures the beachy, tropical vibe that earned Miami’s title as the Magic City. The Remmy 52 features a super lightweight frame for long days under the sun and trendy horned frame with metal temple details that have been popping up at Miami’s most elite pool parties. Your next getaway won’t be complete without them.

Buy: $135


raen wiley men sunglasses

Inspired by Sydney: Raen – Wiley

We can’t think of a better pair of men’s sunglasses to accompany you around town. The sleek, box frames are the ultimate fashion statement for the modern gentleman. The clean lines and hard edges channel the urban vibe of Sydney’s most up-and-coming neighbourhoods, while the subtle sable shading of the “root beer” frame captures just the right amount of the outback’s wild edge for your next adventure.

Buy: $135


raen arlo sunglasses

Inspired by Los Angeles: Raen – Arlo

The Arlo’s 1950’s-inspired frames perfectly mirror the cool, eclectic vibe of Los Angeles’ Art Deco architecture. These throwback shades will turn heads while you’re popping tags at a local thrift store, sipping craft beer, or catching waves. They’re effortlessly stylish with a casual vintage edge.

Buy: $135

raen vista new sunglasses

Inspired by Hong Kong: Raen – Vista

Bold. Edgy. And just a little over the top. The Vista frames are for the man who wants to make a statement. Reminiscent of the high energy, oversized, super-charged streets of Hong Kong, these men’s sunglasses combine an oversized frame with a unique notch bridge that can’t be ignored. We say, go big or go home.

Buy: $125

komono clement black gold sunglasses

Inspired by New York: Komono – Clement

Luxurious gold arms and temple accents. Midnight black frames with an artistic edge. Cool grey lenses for even the most dedicated weekend warrior. The “Black Gold” Clement men’s sunglasses by Komono are as urban as the city that never sleeps.

Buy: $89

komono dreyfuss sunglasses inspired by berlin

Inspired by Berlin: Komono – Dreyfuss

The Dreyfuss frames are architectural and fashion-forward, just like Berlin. The negative space across the bridge is district and distinguished. This Bauhaus-esque style is fit for the fashionable shops lining Ku’damm (Berlin’s hottest shopping district of course) or your vintage roadster convertible.

Buy: $69

illsteva leonard ii model sunglasses

Inspired by Santorini: illsteva – Leonard II

We couldn’t resist this ultra luxurious splurge. The violet mirrored lenses on the Leonard II men’s sunglasses are as blue as the waters off the coast of Santorini and pack some serious Mediterranean style. You’ll be breaking hearts in no time with these baby blues.

Buy: $290

abeo classic sunglasses

Oblyk – Abeo

Somewhat studious, always classic, and limitlessly chic, the Oblyk Abeo captures the refined style of a true “Oxford man.” They channel the right amount of on-trend urban edge to take you out of the classroom and onto the town. Because the tortoise frames and gradient, black polarised lenses will never go out of style, you’ll be wearing these men’s sunglasses long after school’s out.

Buy Now $179.00 

illsteva's hr sunglasses

Inspired by the Gold Coast: illsteva – HR

Illsteva’s HR sunglasses have quicksilver mirrored lenses with a distinctly carefree vibe, just like Australia’s Gold Coast. The slightly rounded frames and subtle horned rim refresh traditional surf shades with a new twist on an old classic.

Buy: $220

illsteva hallandale sunglasses

Inspired by Cancun: illsteva – Hallandale

The festive, two-toned Hallandale men’s sunglasses are fun and flirty just like Mexico’s sultry party city. These shades are never uptight and always ready for an adventure…just like you. Even though the unbeatable Italian craftsmanship is imported directly from Italy, you’ll be hoping to find yourself with a cold Cerveza on the Playa Delfines once you slip them on.

Buy: $175

pacifico optical buckler sunglasses

Inspired by Sorento: Pacifico Optical – Buckler

Champagne coloured frames (like your favourite afternoon beverage) and deep blue frames (like your favourite ocean) instantly call to mind the breezy, European lifestyle of the Amalfi coast. The frames are one part elegant and one part casual, making them the perfect accessory while yachting or taking a long lunch in Southern Italy.

Buy: $159

pacifico optical blair sunglasses

Inspired by Havana: Pacifico Optical -Blair

Order these beauties in “Choc Havana” with a tawny brown lens. The name really says it all. We can already picture you enjoying a freshly rolled cigar while kicking up your feet in these laid-back men’s sunglasses. Viva the good life.

Buy: $159

han kjobenhavntimeless clip on

Inspired by Oahu: Han Kjobenhavn – Timeless Clip-On

One part classic military sunglasses, one part one way ticket to the tropics. You’ll love how the sleek clip-on aviator lenses overlay the wayfarer tortoise frames for a versatile, vintage vibe. These men’s sunglasses are masculine, without going over the top.

Buy: $180

sun buddies type 04

Inspired by Paris: Sun Buddies – Type 04

The classic shape, thick frames and artful Carl Zeiss lenses are fit for a museum. We’re not saying it has to be the Louvre, but we do think you’d look great walking down the streets of Paris in these sophisticated, timeless men’s sunglasses. An espresso and newspaper in one hand, a gorgeous date on the other? The Type 04 sunglasses are all you need to complete the fantasy…we mean look.

Buy: $175

bailey nelson bronte sunglasses
Inspired by Managua: Bailey Nelson – Bronte

The red mirrored lenses and speckled tortoise frames of the Bronte beg to be worn while catching rays on Managua’s pristine beaches. The sunny colour scheme is the perfect accent to your next tropical vacation and a constant reminder that you probably belong on the beach even though you’re a boss in the boardroom.

Buy: $155

bailey nelson yeats sunglasses
Inspired by St. Bart’s: Bailey Nelson – Yeats

Fashion forward and fun, just like St. Bart’s, the Yeats men’s sunglasses are bold, with a unique charm and hint of luxury. The polarized lenses and anti-glare, anti-scratch coating add an extra layer of protection for your eyes on even your most sun-drenched afternoons.

Buy: $125

bailey nelson tennyson sunglasses
Inspired by London: Bailey Nelson – Tennyson

Nothing could express London’s fast-paced, modern evolution like the thin frames and subtle hues of the Tennyson sunglasses. These are an urban man’s best friend. The modern lines and cool colours are an all-weather companion for rain, shine, and everything in between. And you’ll look pretty dapper while doing it, too.

Buy: $125

bailey nelson wallace sunglasses
Inspired by Rio de Janeiro: Bailey Nelson – Wallace

The thick frames and warm hues of the Wallace sunglasses speak to the vibrant, spirited energy of Latin America. The bold, square lenses and sharp corners are energetic and unique with a sporty elegance that makes them easy to wear no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Buy: $125

schwood newport sunglasses
Inspired by Johannesburg: Schwood – Newport

Crafted from genuine reclaimed wood, the Schwood Newport’s are earthy, while still maintaining a sophisticated urban edge. Think: the sleek lines of the Johannesburg skyline meet the raw, untouched wilderness of South Africa and you’ll start to have a sense of the appeal of these bold, durable sunglasses.

ray ban keyhole man sunglasses
Inspired by Turks and Caicos: Ray-Ban Keyhole

These quintessential men’s sunglasses are as timeless as the name Ray-Ban. The sleek keyhole design, metal arms, and variety of coloured frames are the “everyman’s” sunglasses. You make them unique. Perfect for sipping drinks on the shores of Turks and Caicos in style.

Buy: $150

retrosuperfuture paloma sunglasses

Inspired by Abu Dhabi: Retrosuperfuture – Paloma

These ultra-modern shades are the sunglasses of the future. No surprise, the city of tomorrow comes to our minds when we look at their sleek lines and dark, ebony hue. Perfect for the jet set man who has it all, the Paloma men’s sunglasses are effortlessly edgy.

Buy: $175

retrosuperfuture flat top
Inspired by Tokyo: Retrosuperfuture – Flat Top

These flat top sunglasses are on the cutting edge of individuality and personal expression, much like the Harajuku neighbourhood in Tokyo. Tell the world who you are with these can’t-miss sunglasses. They’re intensely on trend while protecting the funky, authenticity that makes you … You.

Buy: $191

spectre cavour sunglasses
Inspired by Nice: Spectre – Cavour

These charming, old-school sunglasses bring to mind a simpler time when luxury was – well – the time you spent indulging in good food, better wine, and great friends. We think these men’s sunglasses would look great on you as you’re cruising the cobbled streets in the South of France.

Buy: $149

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