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Obama Rolex

Barack Obama’s Rolex Flex is a Lesson in Subtle Style

If there is one thing we’ve learned from the last 15 years of political ogling, it’s that former President Barack Obama is quite clearly a man of taste. From the tremendously cut, but much-maligned tan suit, to the endless cavalcade of coach jackets and workwear, the 44th President of the United States has proven to be one of the more fashion-forward world leaders. The recent inauguration of his former deputy and now current President, Joe Biden, was no exception.

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Obama Rolex

In an embrace that adorned tabloids across the globe, we saw Obama’s Rolex Cellini Time on full display. Spotted by the lads at Dmarge, the 39mm Swiss-made timepiece is one of the more understated Rolex releases, but that’s not to say it isn’t a crowd-pleaser. The 19-carat white-gold watch features a stunning white dial and retails for around USD$15,200, making it one of the more expensive timepieces we’ve seen the former president wear.

A true classic, the Cellini Time displays simply the hours, minutes and seconds, making it the ultimate ‘no-fuss’ watch. Pair that with some subtle highlights, such as the domed and fluted bezel and you’ve got one tidy looking timepiece, fit for a style icon.

Obama Rolex

While Obama’s Rolex flex at Biden’s inauguration was noticeable, it wasn’t an event-exclusive addition. Over the years, we’ve seen him roll out the Cellini Time for big occasions, generally when meeting with other world leaders. In 2017, the then-president was spotted with the iconic Rolex while sitting alongside Prince Harry at Toronto’s Invictus Games. We then saw it emerge again in his official presidential portrait for the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in 2018.

While the Submariner, Daytona and Datejust are arguably more favoured than the lesser-known Cellini, Obama’s consistent showings are enough to push this classic timepiece back into the public view. On display at some of the biggest events in modern history, Obama’s Rolex Cellini Time remains a classic example of subtle sophistication. Needless to say, cometh the hour, cometh the Rolex.

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