Amazon Finds March 2018 – Modern Home Bar

Sure, you can go out and deal with the long waits, the overpriced drinks and the lacklustre service, or you can spare yourself the trouble by setting up shop at home. For that, you’ll need a range of modern home bar essentials. Don’t just hop onto Amazon and wing it–let us be your guide instead. Check out our list of Amazon Finds below. Your guests will be glad you did.

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oblique wine bottle holder

Oblique Wine Bottle Holder

Precision machined from aircraft grade aluminium, the Oblique Wine Bottle Holder delivers unfettered functionality and no shortage of minimalist style. This duly modern cantilever holder fits most standard bottles, hovering them perfectly in mid-air.

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areaware bott2b table tiles

Areaware BOTT2B Table Tiles

Touting a downright striking pattern, the Areaware BOTT2B Table Tiles merge to form a brilliant mosaic on your table. Each set was designed by Bower exclusively for Areaware. Find the pattern that speaks to you and display accordingly. It can also conveniently be used as coasters.

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collins ice cube tray

Peak Ice Works by W&P Design, Collins Ice Cube Tray

Calling all collins fans–W&P Design crafted an ice tray just for you. Specifically, the Collins Ice Cube Tray makes four prolonged ice spears designed to fit in a collins or highball glass. Included with purchase are adjoining lid blocks to keep out any free radicals, while an internal, FDA-approved steel frame eliminates the mere possibility of leakage.

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nawrap binchotan dishcloth

Nawrap Binchotan Dishcloth

With high-grade Binchotan charcoal incorporated into its fibres, the Nawrap Binchotan Dishcloth is both naturally absorbent and anti-bacterial. It was made using traditional Japanese weaving methods. Suffice to say, this is not your average dishcloth!

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stemless aerating wine glasses

Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses by Chevalier Collection

Impress the connoisseurs in your life by equipping your home bar with these stemless aerating wine glasses. Each one is made with durable, dishwasher-safe Pyrex Glass, resulting in all the more functionality.

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magisso naturally cooling ceramic carafe

Magisso Naturally Cooling Ceramic Carafe

Rocking an elegant aesthetic, the Magisso Naturally Cooling Ceramic Carafe is the perfect drinking accessory, especially when you taking that drinking outside. Soak the product for a few minutes in water, and then watch (or taste, rather) with relish as it keeps contents cool for hours at a time.

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juice bruce lemon squeezer

Juice Bruce Lemon Squeezer by Monkey Business

No citrus-based cocktail is truly complete without freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice. Give your drink the citrus infusion it needs by grabbing the Juice Bruce Lemon Squeezer from Monkey Business. Not only does it work wonders, but when upright, the handy wooden accessory resembles a figurine named Bruce.

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bloomingville marble hexagon cutting board

Bloomingville Marble Hexagon Cutting Board

Don’t just settle for any old cutting board when you can get this Marble Hexagon Cutting Board instead. The premium marble forms exquisite patterns and feels all kinds of smooth.

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rsvp white marble mortar and pestle

RSVP White Marble Mortar and Pestle

Speaking of marble, the RSVP White Marble Mortar and Pestle is one truly eye-catching way to grind your herbs, spices, grains and pills. Use it to get your muddle on.

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sempli cupa rocks clear whiskey glasses

Sempli Cupa-Rocks Clear Whiskey Glasses

Putting the “modern” in your modern home bar are these Sempli Cupa-Rocks Clear Whiskey Glasses. Flaunting a truly singular aesthetic, each glass is specially designed to give your whiskey or wine a natural swirl, thereby enhancing the flavours and aromas.

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