Amazon Finds May 2018 – Home Office

If you’re among the growing number of men who work from home, then you already know that a quality home office set-up is downright essential to your operation. Sure, you can scour the zillions of products on Amazon and scrap something together, or you can save yourself some legwork by scoping our curated list below. Each product will have you doing business with tremendous efficiency and style. Presenting our Amazon Finds for May 2018 – Home Office.

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nuans iphone & ipad lightning charging dock

NuAns iPhone & iPad Lightning Charging Dock

Kill all sorts of birds with one stone by grabbing the NuAns iPhone & iPad Charging Dock. Not only can it charge your precious devices, but it additionally functions as both an LED light source and worthy speaker.

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full circle vision globe

Full Circle Vision Globe

These days, a rotatable globe is more a decorative piece than a functional resource, and with its brilliant black and grey colourway, the Full Circle Vision Globe makes for one heck of a decorative piece.

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get shit done motivational poster

Get Shit Done Motivational Poster

When you work from home, it can take a little extra push to get motivated each day. Here to deliver that extra push is this motivational poster, which keeps things beautifully straightforward.

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rite in the rain all weather trekker pen

Rite in the Rain All-Weather Trekker Pen

Equipped with proprietary ink and a pressurised cartridge, the All-Weather Trekker Pen writes diligently, no matter what the obstacle or environment.

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amovee acrylic headphone stand

AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand

Sleek, sturdy and ergonomic, the AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand works like a charm, and blends perfectly with any modern decor.

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block pegboard with wooden pegs

Block Pegboard with Wooden Pegs

Don’t let your most valuable resources (scissors, headphones, etc) get lost in a drawer–hang them from this block pegboard instead. That way they’ll always be within sight and reach.

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knowledge in the brain bookends

Knowledge in the Brain Bookends

Noted industrial designer Karim Rashid modelled these rubber coated stone resin bookends after a 3D representation of his own head. Do you really need another reason to buy them?

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umbra cubist floating shelf succulent planter

Umbra Cubist Floating Shelf with Built-In Succulent Planter

Shelving units don’t get more modern than the Umbra Cubit Floating Shelf, which comes with a built-in succulent planter. As eye-catching as it is functional, this shelf will instantly enrich the dynamic of your home office decor, especially when put up on the wall.

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vornado zippi personal fan

Vornado Zippi Personal Fan

Stay cool in steadfast style with the Zippi Fan from Vornado. The compact, but powerful fan comes equipped with soft cloth blades, making it both safer and quieter than the competition.

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rain design 12031 ilevel 2 notebook stand

Rain Design 12031 iLevel 2 Adjustable Height Notebook Stand

Give your laptop some desktop functionality with this adjustable height notebook stand from Rain Design. Sturdy and adjustable, the stand employs a tilt design to keep your computer from overheating.

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canon 5093b002 x mark i wireless keypad calculator

Canon Office Products 5093B002 X Mark I Wireless Keypad Calculator

Touting an elegant aesthetic, the Mark I Calculator utilises Bluetooth technology to sync with both PCs and Macs. You’ll be crunching those numbers like a king.

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intelligent change productivity planner

Intelligent Change Productivity Planner

More than a mere organiser, the Productivity Planner from Intelligent Change is backed by tons of pointed research, and subsequently designed to help increase your productivity. With this tool at your disposal, you’ll get busy and stay busy.

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wonenice retro flip down clock

WoneNice Retro Flip Down Clock

Bolstered by a brilliant vintage design and accurate quartz movement, the WoneNice Retro Flip Down Clock is another game-changer for your home office decor. Get it. Love it.

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