Amazon Finds November 2017 – Light Wood

For centuries, quality wood has remained a cornerstone of both structural and artisanal craftsmanship. Even now, in the age of carbon fibe, aluminium alloy and stainless steel, wood still has its seat at the table, a table most likely made out of wood. Being men who respect their wood, we’re all too aware that the material comes in a massive range of varieties and colours. That’s why we’ve decided to narrow things down a bit for this month’s Amazon Finds, looking for products made out of light wood in particular. Wearing its own creation on its sleeve, each entry on the list exudes a kind of rugged beauty that hasn’t gone out of style for eons. Presenting our Amazon Finds for November 2017. Because you can never have too much light wood in your life.

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amazon modway fathom plywood lounge chair

Modway Fathom Plywood Lounge Chair

Made from moulded plywood, the Modway Fathom Plywood Lounge Chair touts a remarkable wood grain pattern and steadfast ergonomic design. Thanks to a lightweight veneer and sturdy construction, the chair retains a scratch-free lustre over the course of years. Rubber foot pads at the bottom absorb shock and keep the chair from moving around.

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amazon tomons led desk lamp

Tomons Led Desk Lamp

Inspired by Scandinavian design, the acclaimed Tomons LED Desk Lamp is a minimalist stunner of impeccable versatility. Pairing light, natural wood with braided nylon cable and metal components, the lamp delivers sturdy, long-lasting performance. Also featured are three adjustable joints that allow you to maneuvre the lamp’s angles anyway you like. Set this baby up and watch it breathe new life into the workspace.

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amazon fruit knife with wood cover

Kotobuki Fruit Knife with Wood Cover

Japan’s Kotobuki gives their 420 series stainless steel Fruit Knife a refined home of its own by housing it in a light wooden cover. That’s joined by a matching wooden handle, rounding out the blade’s artisanal and aesthetic distinction. Throw in a completely affordable price tag and this offer becomes too good to refuse.

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amazon osaka pour over coffee dripper

Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper with Wood Stand

Start your morning in timeless style by using the Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper to brew your java. The beautiful set includes a double-layered stainless steel cone filter, a 20oz borosilicate glass carafe and an eye-catching base of light wood.

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amazon umbra promenade bench

Umbra Promenade Bench

The Umbra Promenade Bench utilises ashwood and perforated metal to organise your shoes in clean, modern fashion. Set the sturdy two-tiered bench up in your entryway and make it part of the family.

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amazon umbra toto storage caddy

Umbra Toto Storage Caddy

Touting the same clean aesthetic as the Umbra Promenade Bench is the equally attractive Umbra Toto Tall Storage Caddy. The caddy features a natural wood structure and metal drawers. Use it to store grooming products or office supplies or anything in between.

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amazon hinoki toothbrush holder

Tosaryu Hinoki Toothbrush Holder

Far more than an elegant, wood-based bathroom accessory, the Hinoki Toothbrush Holder is downright optimal. That’s because hinoki wood has natural anti-bacterial properties, making it resistant to mold, mildew and rot. Thanks to holes at the bottom, the holder is also supremely quick drying. And did we mention it also smells nice? Indeed, this seemingly simple toothbrush holder is all kinds of crafty.

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amazon areaware bottle opener

Areaware Bottle Opener

A surefire way to be the life of the party? Roll in with the coolest bottle opener. On that note, consider putting an Areaware Bottle Opener in your pocket before the next shindig. Made using Beech wood and a bent nail, the opener is a minimalist triumph and guaranteed conversation starter.

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amazon goodwell bamboo plus binchotan toothbrush

Goodwell Bamboo Plus Binchotan Toothbrush

In the spirit of light wood, we present: the wooden toothbrush. Equipped with sustainably sourced bamboo wood and naturally deodorising charcoal bristles, the Goodwell Bamboo Plus Binchotan Toothbrush will balance the ph levels in your mouth while warding off germs and bad breath.

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amazon samdi wood cell phone stand 

Samdi Wood Cell Phone Stand 

Your smartphone might be squarely 21st century, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dock it on a sculptured slab of trusty wood. The Samdi Wood Cell Phone Stand boasts an ergonomic design, multi-function compatibility, and a sturdy, unmoving base. Honestly, what more could you ask from it?

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amazon field notes cherry graph 3 pack

Field Notes Cherry Graph 3-Pack

Hosting real cherry wood on the front and back covers, the Field Notes Cherry Graph 3-Pack packs even more wood inside–and by that we mean 48 smooth pages of graph paper. What? Paper is a form of wood, too (when you really think about it).

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