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Liquor Loot Australian Whisky Advent Calendar | Image: Liquor Loot

13 Best Alcohol Advent Calendars: Wine, Beer, Whiskey and More

The Christmas season has officially begun. We are already well into December. That means, if you celebrate the holiday, you don’t have that much longer to buy gifts for your friends, family, or co-workers. It’s a stressful time. What are you going to buy for your cranky uncle who doesn’t like anything? What could you possibly get for your new baby niece? How about your overworked boss? What kind of gift says, “I appreciate you and please give me a raise” at the same time? It’s enough to drive a person to have a drink (or three).

Luckily, there’s an Advent calendar for that. Yes, that’s right. Advent calendars are for more than tiny, waxy pieces of inedible chocolate or tiny toys and ornaments. They are also for wine, beer, whiskey, and more. The best part? Since we’re already a week or so into the month, you’ll have some catching up to do.

Don’t believe us? Below, you’ll find some of the best examples of boozy, alcohol-filled Advent calendars on the market. We found thirteen that are perfect for any palate. Wine, whisky, beer, and even rum, there’s something for everyone to help you navigate this month of stress and anxiety while you wait to see if your loved ones like the gifts you give them. Keep scrolling to see all the calendars.

Best Alcohol Advent Calendars at a Glance

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Liquor Loot Australian Whisky Advent Calendar
Liquor Loot Australian Whisky Advent Calendar | Image: Liquor Loot

1. Liquor Loot Australian Whisky Advent Calendar

  • Brand: Liquor Loot
  • Alcohol: Mixed Whisky
  • Price: AUD$369

If staying home and sampling all that Australian whisky has to offer is more your thing, you’ll love the Australian Whisky Advent Calendar. Also known as the “26 Days of Australian Whisky”, it features twenty-four mini bottles of whisky from the likes of Starward, Cape Byron, Spring Bay, Upshot, Backwoods, and seemingly countless more.

Flaviar The Lost Art of Distillation
Flaviar The Lost Art of Distillation | Image: Flaviar

2. Flaviar The Lost Art of Distillation

  • Brand: Flaviar
  • Alcohol: Mixed Whisky
  • Price: AUD$335

Flaviar is a big name in the alcohol world. That’s why it should come as no surprise that this iconic brand launched a special spirits-based calendar for Advent. Specifically, this Advent calendar features twenty-four 50ml whisky samples as well as two Glencairn glasses so you and a friend can enjoy sipping said whisky. As a little background, this calendar includes award-winning whiskies from eleven different countries.

Good Pair Days - 12 Wines of Christmas Advent Calendar
Good Pair Days – 12 Wines of Christmas Advent Calendar | Image: Good Pair Days

3. Good Pair Days – 12 Wines of Christmas Advent Calendar

  • Brand: Good Pair Days
  • Alcohol: Wine
  • Price: AUD$295

Proving that “Christmas isn’t just for kids”, the Good Pair Days 12 Wines of Christmas Advent Calendar is a mix of new wines as well as two of the brand’s most well-known wines. They don’t disclose which wines are selected since the mystery is part of the fun, but they guarantee there is a range of styles to fit every drinker. Not only does this calendar consist of 12 full-sized bottles, but it also has recipes, wine pairings, tasting notes, and even matching sparkling flute tumblers to drink all the wine with.

Qantas Wines Christmas Advent Calendar 2023
Qantas Wines Christmas Advent Calendar 2023 | Image: Qantas Wines/Scott Holliday

4. Qantas Wines Christmas Advent Calendar 2023

  • Brand: Qantas Wines
  • Alcohol: Mixed Wine
  • Price: AUD$258

For only $258 or 42,000 frequent flyer miles points, you can get your hands on Qantas Wines Christmas Advent Calendar 2023. This mix of premium wines includes a Barossa Valley cabernet shiraz, an Adelaide Hills pinot, a Margaret River chardonnay, and a handful of other curated award-winning, highly prized wines. Did we mention that this mix of reds, whites, and rosés are all full-sized bottles? We think that will make your season at least a little bit brighter.

Beer Cartel Beer Advent Calendar
Beer Cartel Beer Advent Calendar | Image: Beer Cartel

5. Beer Cartel Beer Advent Calendar

  • Brand: Beer Cartel
  • Alcohol: Mixed Beer
  • Price: AUD$169

We’ve been through wine and whisky, and now it’s beer’s turn. There are myriad beer-centric Advent calendars and one of the best comes from the folks at Beer Cartel. This Advent calendar is no joke. It features myriad exclusive beers and they’re all from Australian breweries. Beer Cartel has partnered with twenty-five breweries to make this calendar, including Hawkers, Deeds, Akasha, Mountain Culture, and more.

The Wine Store Advent Calendar
The Wine Store Advent Calendar | Image: Laithwaites

6. The Wine Store Advent Calendar

  • Brand: The Wine Store
  • Alcohol: Mixed Wine
  • Price: AUD$150

While some of the wine-centric Advent calendars contain a handful of full-size bottles (usually 12), the Wine Store Advent Calendar is made up of 23 mini bottles (187ml). You’ll also find a mix of reds, whites, rosés, and even a special 375ml bottle of Italian Prosecco to truly celebrate the holidays. What better way to enjoy the holidays and ring in the New Year than with such a diverse selection of wines?

Craftzero Advent Calendar
Craftzero Advent Calendar | Image: Craftzero

7. Craftzero Advent Calendar

  • Brand: Craftzero
  • Alcohol: Mixed Non-Alcoholic Beer
  • Price: AUD$134.90

If you’re taking a break from alcohol or you simply don’t drink for whatever reason, but you still want to celebrate this month, Craftzero has a great option for you. This curated box is filled with twenty-five days of non-alcoholic beer, wine, and zero-proof spirits. Celebrate the holidays hangover-free thanks to the folks at Craftzero.

The Whisky Club Advent Calendar 2023
The Whisky Club Advent Calendar 2023 | Image: The Whisky Club

8. The Whisky Club Advent Calendar 2023

  • Brand: The Whisky Club
  • Alcohol: Mixed Whisky
  • Price: AUD$1,295

Not all boozy Advent calendars are wine-centric. Another great choice is a whiskey-themed calendar. This is the Advent calendar for the true whisky aficionados, especially those interested in sampling all the world has to offer. This includes twenty-four whiskies including a 42-year-old, 30-year-old, and award-winning whiskies from Japan, Scotland, Ireland, the US, and other far-flung countries.

Wine Academy Advent Calendar – All Reds
Wine Academy Advent Calendar – All Reds | Image: Wine Academy

9. Wine Academy Advent Calendar – All Reds

  • Brand: Wine Academy
  • Alcohol: Red Wine
  • Price: AUD$260

Many of these Advent calendars are a mix of various types of wines (whites, reds, rosés, and sparkling wines). If you’re a fan of only red wines what are you going to do with all the other wines you don’t prefer? Well, this Advent calendar from Wine Academy consists of only red wines. This calendar is made up of 12 full-sized bottles of all Southern Australian red wines (including a sparkling red).

White Possum Australian Whisky Calendar
White Possum Australian Whisky Calendar | Image: White Possum

10. White Possum Australian Whisky Calendar

  • Brand: White Possum
  • Alcohol: Australian Whisky
  • Price: AUD$299

For the sixth year in a row, White Possum has curated an Advent calendar featuring twenty-five drams of small-batch Australian whisky. Each whisky comes in the brand’s signature 30ml matte-black bottles. The Calendar features a wide range of notable, award-winning whiskies including Archie Rose, Timboon, Lisandras, Cape Byron, and more.  

Brewquets Beer Advent Calendar
Brewquets Beer Advent Calendar | Image: Brewquets

11. Brewquets Beer Advent Calendar

  • Brand: Brewquets
  • Alcohol: Mixed Beer
  • Price: AUD$164.99
Cask Cartel Bourbon & Whiskey Holiday Gift Box
Cask Cartel Bourbon & Whiskey Holiday Gift Box | Image: The Spirit Co

12. Cask Cartel Bourbon & Whiskey Holiday Gift Box

  • Brand: Cask Cartel
  • Alcohol: Mixed Bourbon
  • Price: AUD$617

Referred to as the “most sought-after bourbon & whiskey holiday gift box in the world” according to Cask Cartel, this Advent calendar features twenty-four different 30ml drams of bourbon, rye, Tennessee whiskey, and more. If you want to enjoy all that the American whiskey world has to offer, this is the whiskey-centric Advent calendar for you.

Drinks by the Dram Rum Advent Calendar
Drinks by the Dram Rum Advent Calendar | Image: The Spirit Co

13. Drinks by the Dram Rum Advent Calendar

  • Brand: Drinks by the Dram
  • Alcohol: Mixed Rum
  • Price: AUD$240

If rum is more of your thing, Drinks by the Dram has the Advent calendar for you. The 2023 version features twenty-four bottles of wax-sealed 30ml bottles just waiting to be enjoyed. These rums of various ages came from large and small distilleries in fifteen different countries. What better way to take a tour around the world of rum than with this amazing, curated Advent calendar?

Things to Consider for Alcohol Advent Calendars

When it comes to purchasing an alcoholic advent calendar, there are a few key things to consider. Here is what you need to keep front of mind when you select your festive brew.

Delivery Times

If you are searching for an advent calendar while it is already a week or so into December, then you’ll likely have to catch up on your missed days as it won’t arrive right away (look into how quickly it will be shipped or wait until next year and order early). While it’s likely not a good idea to drink all of the missed days at once (you’ll probably regret that fairly quickly), a better idea would be to set them aside to enjoy in the week leading up to (and during) New Year’s Eve. This doesn’t affect the boxes that are only “twelve days” of wine, beer, or whiskey.

Drink Responsibly

Just because you have an Advent calendar featuring a new dram of whiskey, a can of beer, or a sample of wine every day, that doesn’t mean you need to drink it all. You can sample it, share it with friends, or save it for a later day. Especially during the holidays, responsible, social drinking is extremely important. Don’t make a choice you’ll regret later just because a calendar told you to drink a bottle of wine.


If you’re a person who simply enjoys all wine and doesn’t have a real preference for style, dryness, acidity, or other variables or someone who just loves all types of beer or whiskey, you won’t need to worry much about what each Advent calendar contains. If you are a picky person or someone with particular tastes, you’ll want to take a deep dive into what whiskeys, wines, beers, or non-alcoholic offerings each box contains before purchasing.

Alternatives to Alcohol Advent Calendars

If you are looking for something a little different this year, consider if some of our other Christmas-theme gift guides are more up your alley.

Alcohol Advent Calendar FAQs

Is Aldi doing a wine advent calendar?

Yes, Aldi is selling a wine Advent calendar this year. The grocery chain is also selling hot sauce and cheese-based Advent calendars if you’re into that. But the brand doesn’t stop at wine when it comes to boozy Advent calendars. It’s also selling a gin-based calendar, an Irish cream calendar, a German beer calendar, a “Hoppy Christmas” advent calendar, and more.

Do you start with 1 or 24 on the wine advent calendar?

Just like with any Advent calendar (boozy or otherwise), you start with the first day of December and work your way to Christmas on the 25th. If you missed a few days, open up those doors and catch up (and likely hold onto those missed bottles of whiskey, wine, or beer for a later date).

Why are there only 24 days on an advent calendar?

Christmas isn’t on the last day of the month (that’s New Year’s Eve). It lands on the 25th. This is why many Advent calendars have twenty-four or twenty-five days instead of thirty-one.