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Christmas Gift Guide 2022 – Boozehound

ristmas is a time for getting together and enjoying great food, fine wine and good company, so naturally, your drop of choice means a lot. Whatever your poison, whether it be whisky, beer, wine or gin, the work shackles are off and you’re free to enjoy as much (or as little) as you like. However, a good drink is more than just entertainment for the big day. In fact, it also makes for a pretty stellar gift. If you’ve got a family member or friend who doesn’t mind a tipple from the top shelf, we’ve got you covered. These alcoholic gift ideas are perfect for the boozehound in your life, Santa guarantees it. Here’s Man of Many’s Christmas Gift Guide 2022 – drinks edition.

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Christmas Gift Guides 2022

Oak eden 1 copy

Oak & Eden Bourbon & Vine | Image: Oak & Eden

Oak & Eden Bourbon & Vine

In partnership with Oak & Eden

Texas-based Oak & Eden have distinguished themselves through the clever innovation of placing a wood spire inside each bottle as part of a unique finishing program. Bourbon & Vine was the label’s first small-batch infused whiskey and it became an instant triumph. Originally released as a limited edition item, it was so immediately popular that it now makes up part of the brand’s flagship range. One might even call it their perennial sweetheart and thus a perfect representation of their signature craft.

Bourbon & Vine’s journey begins with classic bourbon whiskey, which matures for three years inside new American charred oak barrels. Already rich, deep, sweet, and spicy, the spirit takes on even more character inside the bottle by soaking up the wood of a 5” long spire of French Oak that was previously steeped in a big and bold Cabernet Sauvignon. From this one-of-a-kind finish comes increased complexity and additional notes of cinnamon, allspice, and licorice. Your favourite boozehound hasn’t tried everything until they’ve tried this.

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Brewart giveaway 1

Brew Droid & Brew Flo | Image: BrewArt

BrewArt Personal Brewing System: Enjoy Home-Brewed Hops Via a Perfect Pour

In partnership with BrewArt

Do you know someone with a love of delicious suds? If so, we have just the gift for them. It comes to you from BrewArt and takes the form of an easy-to-use home brewing system and adjoining dispenser (sold separately). First up is the mighty BeerDroid, which allows one to brew up to 10 litres of pub-quality beer within the comfort of their own home. This is the world’s first fully automated personal brewer and it comes fully loaded with advanced features, including temperature control, WiFi connectivity (for firmware upgrades), a backlit LCD, custom brewing programs, automatic storage, and patented End of Fermentation technology. Choose between a wide variety of BrewPrints (i.e. beer styles) and BrewArt Ingredients and you’re ready to roll.

Should you really want to spoil the beer-lover in your life, BrewArt offers a companion unit by the name of BrewFlo. Another groundbreaking invention, it’s the world’s first temperature-controlled beer dispenser that doesn’t require CO2. Set the temperature on the built-in LCD screen and use the BrewArt FloCon to regulate speed and pressure, thereby improving head retention and mouthfeel. A patented kegging system is also part of the package and it prevents oxygen from reaching the beer, thereby extending shelf-life and enabling easy storage. Frothy and fully-carbonated beer of any style is now within reach and you don’t have to trek to some distant pub to find it. That’s the BrewArt way. – AU$799.00 & AU$799.00

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Buy BrewFlo

Manly spirits coastal stone whisky noreaster 2

Manly Spirits Co.s Distillery’s Coastal Stone Whisky: Nor’easter | Image: Manly Spirits Co.

Manly Spirits Co Coastal Stone Whisky Nor’easter

In partnership with Manly Spirits

Drawing influence from the local NSW coastline, Manly Spirits churns out some of the nation’s best gin and whisky. This delicious Aussie single malt of rich colour and complex flavour is certainly no exception. Pop the top and you’re greeted with smooth aromas of stone fruit, chocolate, spring flower, hints of vanilla, and maritime accents. The taste is creamy in texture and similarly decadent, riding waves of dark fruit and five-spice into a long and elegant finish.

A terrific gift for your favourite boozehound, Coastal Stone Whisky Nor’easter goes from grain to bottle at the Manly Spirits Northern Beaches Distillery. Speaking of the bottle, it’s a bespoke work of art unto itself, having been forged from sculptured glass and sealed with a locally crafted sandstone stopper. Of course, the real treasure is waiting inside. This is the taste of Sydney done right with an approachable character and maritime influence to show for it. – AU$99

Buy it here

Penfolds 1 copy

Thiénot x Penfolds Champagne Brut Rosé NV | Image: Pendolds

Thiénot x Penfolds Champagne Brut Rosé NV

In partnership with Penfolds

The fourth collaboration between iconic winemaker Penfolds and French Champagne House Thiénot represents the best of two masterful worlds. It’s the first Champagne Brut Rosé that Penfolds has ever released, which draws upon a classic French style without losing sight of its local Aussie influence. Perfect for the festive season, it imparts a bright and vivid pale-salmon hue with a refreshing taste to match.

“This Champagne Brut Rosé ticks every box,” said Penfolds Chief Winemaker Peter Gago. He worked alongside Thiénot chef de cave Nicholas Uriel when bringing this non-vintage bubbly to life. A true balancing act in every possible sense, its crisp and vivacious palate rides out on a delicate finish. It arrives ready to drink and—like so many things in life—is best enjoyed whilst still young. – AU$80.00 

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Capital brewing alc less beer

Image: Capital Brewing ALC-LESS | Capital Brewing

Capital Brewing ALC-LESS

With the rise of non-alcoholic beverages, it’s great to see some Aussies get behind the movement with one of our favourite non-alcoholic beers to date. Made in Australia’s capital city, Canberra, there’s a good chance you’ve tried Capital Brewings XPA, Hang Loose Neipa, and Summer Ale but this is the drink that we’ve been diving into the cooler for as of late. We love the full-flavoured tropical Pacific Ale flavours with Citra, Motueka, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops. In short, it’s everything you want in a brew, without the tomfoolery.

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White claw surge 1

Image: White Claw Surge in Blackberry flavour | White Claw

White Claw Surge

Just when you thought the White Claw range couldn’t get any cheekier, the brand unveiled its latest offering, the White Claw Surge. This little can offers 6.5% ABV per 330ml can alongside the same classic White Claw taste we’ve come to expect. That means natural flavours, low carbs (2g), no artificial sweeteners and naturally gluten-free.

We reckon this one’s perfect for summer afternoons catching golden hour at rooftop bars and jamming at local gigs. Crafted with sparkling water, alcohol and a hint of natural fruit flavour, get ready for pure refreshment with a kick because this is a hard seltzer like no other.

White Claw Surge is available now at Aussie bottleshops around the country, priced at $30 for a 4-pack.

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The art of japanese cocktail book

The Japanese Art of Cocktail Making | Image: Amazon

The Japanese Art of Cocktail Making

Want to elevate the Christmas cocktail list? This 2022 James Beard Foundation Beverage with Recipes Award-Nominated book explores the fabled flavours of award-winning mixologist Masahiro Urushido. Renowned for his work at acclaimed Japanese-American cocktail bar Katana Kitten in New York, Masahiro’s ability to not only capture traditional flavours but reinvent them has become the stuff of legend. In The Japanese Art of the Cocktail, Masahiro shares his extensive knowledge of Japanese cocktails, while dishing out 80 recipes that best encapsulate Japan’s contribution to the cocktail scene. – AUD$25

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Starward solera

Starward Solera | Image: Starward Whisky

Starward Solera

You already know we love Starward Vitalis, but Solera is a surefire winner. The Port Melbourne distillery is renowned for excellent whiskies and this absolute banger as among its very best. A unique journey through traditional whisky production, Solera makes use of the classic Spanish method originally used to age Sherry, which typically involves blending a fractional amount of each young cask with a more mature spirit.

For Starward’s Solera whisky, the brand sources entirely local ingredients and components, including Apera casks mostly come from McWilliams Winery and Australian malted barley, which is then fermented with brewers’ yeast for a craft finish. A world-class product from a local icon, Solera delivers bright tropical and orchard fruits, caramel and vanilla notes on the nose, finishing with a juicy lingering dry spice. Just delightful – AUD$139

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The gospel whiskey single cask rum

The Gospel Whiskey Single Cask Rum | Image: The Gospel

The Gospel Whiskey Single Cask Rum

Released earlier this year, the Single Cask Rum for Melbourne whisky icons The Gospel is one to be savoured. Double distilled in direct-fired pot stills from Australian sugarcane, the new release was aged for most of its life in a re-coopered Australian red wine cask. According to the brand, this handy little addition was charged in the alleyway behind the South Melbourne distillery and kept at ground level to ensure a slow, gentle maturation. With notes of dried apricot, brown sugar, toffee, crème caramel, roasted hazelnuts, orange marmalade, nutmeg, cinnamon, jasmine and leatherwood honey, you can’t go wrong with this one. -AUD$135

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Coravins new timeless six 2

Coravin Timeless Six+ bundle | Image: Coravin

Coravin Timeless Six+ Bundle

Got a wine-lover in the family? Here’s a gift that will help them get the most out of their next bottle of vino. The Coravin Timeless Six+ Bundle takes the already-ingenious wine preservation system and streamlines the whole process. Now, you never have to worry about opening up a good bottle of red and having it go to waste. The new Timeless Six+ Bundle adds a patterned grip, smart clamps and an overall sleeker package highlighted by colourways such as ‘piano black’ and ‘midnight blue’. -AUD$699.95

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A night on earth

The Macallan A Night On Earth | Image: The Macallan

The Macallan A Night On Earth

A whisky designed to celebrate the very story of Scotland’s world-famous Hogmanay festivities, celebrated annually on 31st December, The Macallan’s A Night On Earth is something to behold.  This premium drop is littered with vanilla, baked apple, plum and almond notes on the nose. From there, it leads into a soft velvety sweetness on the palate, finishing with sweet butterscotch and freshly baked biscuits. Truly decadent. –AUD$249

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Riedel tumbler collection shadows

Riedel Tumbler Collection Shadows | Image: Riedel

Riedel Tumbler Collection Shadows

Designed by Maximilian J. Riedel, the Shadows Tumbler by Reidel is the pinnacle of classic glassware. A versatile piece of drinking equipment, these tumblers are perfect for complimenting any table setting, from elegant to casual. Designed to mimic a reflective shadow with its linear pattern, this drinking vessel is seriously high-class. –AUD$55

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Lark whisky tasting flight

Lark Australian Whisky Tasting Pack | Image: Lark Distilling Co.

Lark Australian Whisky Tasting Flight

The whisky house that started it all, Lark Distilling Co. is known for making some incredible drops, from the one-off Lark Legacy to the staple Muscat Cask, but they ain’t exactly cheap. If you want to spoil a special someone in your life this Christmas without breaking the bank, there is another option. The Lark Whisky Tasting Flight gift pack brings together three of Lark’s best-loved releases in one place. The flagship Classic Cask single malt, the label’s first-ever blended malt SYMPHONY Nº1, and the distinctive Cask Strength single malt all join forces for a 3 x 100ml set that also comes with a laser-etched Lark Glencairn Glass. Best of all, this ode to Tasmanian whisky will only set you back AUD$180. – AUD$180

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Lg 8 bottle wine fridge

LG 8 Bottle Wine Fridge | Image: LG

LG 8 Bottle Wine Fridge

Perfect for the wine collector who is short on space, the LG 8-Bottle Mini Wine Fridge is a serious piece of kit. The mini wine fridge measures 282mm wide by 497mm high and 534mm deep, which is enough room for eight bottles of wine. The fridge also includes double-glazed glass, adjustable temperature settings, and an LED Electronic Temperature Display Window so you can monitor the temperature without opening the door. -AUD$599

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Licor 43 coffee christmas pack

Licor 43 Coffee Christmas Pack | Image: Good Day People

Licor Lucy Christmas Pack

Want to kick to your Christmas mix? Spanish liqueur brand Licor 43 has teamed up with Australian gifting platform Good Day People to create the ultimate coffee lover’s gift pack. Inside, you’ll find a 200ml bottle of Licor 43, a limited edition Licor 43 reusable coffee cup, Nahm & Co Colombian coffee chocolate, a Lily & Bird coffee scrub, a Sonder & Soul Coffee Travel Candle and two cans of St Ali Cold Brew. One for the coffee fiend in your life. -AUD$60.99

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Personalised johnnie walker black bottle 1

Personalised Johnnie Walker Black Bottle | Image: Johnnie Walker

Personalised Johnnie Walker Black Bottle

Know a whisky lover with a penchant for the personal? This year, famed Scotch producer Johnnie Walker has launched a limited edition personalisation feature for Black bottles across Australia. The feature, accessible via QR code on select bottles allows you to record a personalised message to your loved ones with their bottle of Johnnie Walker Black this year. Best of all, every personalised bottle sold goes into the running to win the whisky trip of a lifetime to Scotland, the home of Johnnie Walker. The prize includes two return airfares to Edinburgh, Scotland, 5 nights’ accommodation, a Johnnie Walker experience including meals at fine dining restaurants and gastro pubs, a distillery experience, executive mini coach transfers and $1,000 spending money.

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Tom dixon tank decanter

Tom Dixon Tank Decanter | Image: Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon Tank Decanter

This mouth-blown decanter is one gift that can’t be surpassed. Made in Poland, this wine decanter is ornamented with hand-painted copper detailing and presented in beautifully designed packaging. The Tom Dixon Tank decanter takes its sculptural inspiration from the functional shapes and volumes of scientific glassware, and features a cold-cut and polished edge and an etched Tom Dixon logo. -€186.00

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Latelier du vin oeno sommelier set

L’atelier Du Vin Oeno Sommelier Set | Image: MR PORTER

L’atelier Du Vin Oeno Sommelier Set

Does anyone in your family consider themselves a serious oenophile? If you’re not quite sure what that means, don’t worry, we had to look it up as well, but it’s worth noting this sommelier set down for future reference. Describes as the ideal gift for any budding wine connoisseur, L’atelier Du Vin’s Oeno Sommelier Set comes with the brand’s signature felt-lined wine rings and a sturdy chrome corkscrew. -AUD$146

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Ralph lauren home leather canvas ice bucket

Ralph Lauren Home Leather Canvas Ice Bucket | Image: MR PORTER

Ralph Lauren Home Leather Canvas Ice Bucket

There’s nothing quite like a bit of luxury at the dining table. This equestrian-inspired ‘Garrett’ ice bucket from Ralph Lauren Home will give yours a sense of old-world glamour, courtesy of its stunning and unique leather-trimmed canvas construction. It also comes with a glass vessel and gold-tone prongs. –AUD$557

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8 rimowa one bottle case silver

RIMOWA One Bottle Case | Image: RIMOWA

RIMOWA One Bottle Case

What happens when German luxury house RIMOWA wants to celebrate? You wind up with the single greatest wine travel companion ever made. The RIMOWA One Bottle Case is the latest in the brand’s top-tier luggage range, allowing you to bring one bottle of whatever you’re hoarding onto a plane, train or automobile safely. It features an aesthetic anodised grooved aluminium, a minimalist shell with high-gloss corners and a sleek leather handle for added comfort. Better yet, there are also two TSA-Approved locks to stop any pesky opportunists from getting their hands on your precious drops .

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Man of many exclusive westward whiskey

Man of Many x Westward Single Barrel Whiskey | Image: Man of Many

Man of Many Exclusive Westward Whiskey

Call us biased, but we happen to think the Man of Many Exclusive Westward Whiskey Single Barrel Release is pretty darn good. Created in collaboration with the award-winning Portland-based Westward distillery, the whiskey uses an exclusive barrel selected by Man of Many co-founders Scott Purcell and Frank Arthur. It balances notes of malted barley, crème brulée, and rich toffee, with an underlying beer-based character that’s become one of Westward’s calling cards. Sweet malt carries through the stout-like finish, which goes big on chocolate, coffee, and toasted almond. There’s only a limited amount available to snag, so if you know a whisky lover that is hard to buy for, this one is a sure-fire winner, if we do say so ourselves. -AUD$175

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The whisky set subscription

The Whisky Set Subscription | Image: The Whisky Set

The Whisky Set Subscription

This is a gift that keeps on giving, literally. The newly formed Whisky Set Subscription sees one single cask Scotch whisky delivered to the lucky gift recipient’s door per quarter, but there’s more. Each drop also features a unique artwork commissioned by a local artist to interpret the whisky in the bottle. Each annual release of four whiskies will complete the set of four unique whiskies complete with four unique labels.

Best of all, you can expect these to be top-shelf drops. The inaugural Whisky Set has been hand selected by Whisky & Alement’s Brooke Hayman and Julian White, with the four single casks representing a range of flavour profiles. Set 1 features original artworks from Melbourne artist and close friend Peter Davidson. One for the art and whisky lovers. – AUD$230 per bottle + postage

Buy it here

Dr3 x st hugo south australian shiraz 2020

DR3 x St Hugo South Australian Shiraz 2020 | Image: St Hugo

DR3 x St Hugo South Australian Shiraz 2020

Well, he might not be in the driver’s seat right now, but Daniel Ricciardo is still dishing up good vibes. The Aussie F1 legend has teamed up with revered winemaker St Hugo for a selection of drops and we think the South Australian Shiraz 2020 is among the very best. This release of individually created parcels was sourced from various South Australian regions, matured in oak for 14 months and then blended. It cops dark berry fruit undertones, leading to a strong and illustrious finish – Something we’re hoping for Danny Ric’s career. -AUD$70

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Poor toms pina colada gin

Poor Toms Pina Colada Gin | Image: Poor Toms Gin

Poor Toms Pina Colada Gin

Who doesn’t love a good Pina Colada? For Christmas this year, give the gift of good times with Poor Toms stunning new Pina Colada Gin. A beautiful blend of pineapple and coconut has been expertly distilled down with juniper, lime, pandan, nutmeg, allspice, and a whole lot more. Let’s get tropical. -AUD$82

Buy it here

Bondi liquor co saltwater gin

Bondi Liquor Co. – Saltwater Gin | Image: Bondi Liquor Co.

Bondi Liquor Co. – Saltwater Gin

Bondi’s own distillery has dished up a solid release just in time for Christmas. Saltwater Gin is crafted using seaweed and rock salt, and is finished with a touch of citrus. Better yet, it features artwork from Parisian photographer Amaury Tréguer, who has served as Bondi local since 2010.

Check it out

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