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Patient Wolf Distilling Co.

15 Best Distilleries in Melbourne (and Surrounds)

Melbourne may be famed for its brewery scene, but its distilleries, though fewer, are equally impressive. From smooth gins to rich whiskies, bold vodkas and innovative non-alcoholic spirits, Melbourne‘s distillers are making waves on a national and global stage. If you’re keen to get a glimpse into the craft behind the bottle, here’s a list of the best distilleries in and around Melbourne where you can sip, learn and immerse yourself in the art of spirit making.

Best Distilleries Melbourne at a Glance

Patient Wolf Distilling Co. interior view
Patient Wolf Distilling Co. | Image: Patient Wolf Distilling Co.

1. Patient Wolf Distilling Co.

  • Address: 34-36 Market Street, Southbank, Victoria, 3006
  • Opening Hours: Thurs– Saturday: 1-10pm, Sun 1-5pm
  • Spirit: Gin

Patient Wolf Distilling Co. is a must-visit for gin enthusiasts. Founders Matt and Dave have crafted a space that transcends the typical bar, offering immersive gin-tasting flights, educational masterclasses, and a behind-the-scenes look into the distilling process.

Following their move from Brunswick to Southbank in 2019, Patient Wolf expanded into a space that artfully combines the functionality of a working distillery with the comfort and style of a modern bar, all within the walls of a refurbished warehouse.

You can enjoy a range of inventive gin-based cocktails and a selection of light snacks, including gourmet nuts, meats, and cheeses, perfect for enhancing the gin tasting experience.

Starward Distillery | Image: Starward Distillery
Starward Distillery | Image: Starward Distillery

2. Starward Distillery

  • Address: 50 Bertie St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
  • Opening Hours: Thurs 3-9pm, Fri-Sat 12-10 pm, Sun 12-7pm 
  • Spirit: Gin 

Starward Distillery & Bar in Port Melbourne, brings a slice of modern Australia to the whisky scene. In fact, we’ve rated it one of the best Aussie whiskey brands. Starting the journey out of an Essendon Fields Qantas hangar, Starward quickly gained a reputation for quality whisky that’s both crafty and approachable. Now located on Bertie Street, Starward produces up to 1000 litres of spirit daily in a spot that mixes industrial roots with a warm, homely feel​​.

This distillery thrives on innovation, using local red wine barrels and embracing the city’s notorious ‘four seasons in one day’ to age its whisky uniquely. Their bar and dining area offer a unique experience, pairing gourmet dishes with the finest whiskies. You can dive into the world of Starward through tastings, masterclasses, or simply by enjoying a cocktail inspired by Melbourne’s vibrant food scene.

Little Lon Distilling Co outdoor view
Little Lon Distilling Co | Image: Little Lon Distilling Co

3. Little Lon Distilling Co

  • Address: 17 Casselden Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000
  • Opening Hours: Wed 4-8pm, Thurs & Fri 4-9.30pm, Sat 2-10pm 
  • Spirit: Gin

Little Lon Distilling Co. is tucked away in Melbourne’s old red light district and offers a distinct nod to Melbourne’s colourful past, located in the last standing heritage-listed cottage of its kind​​​​.

Little Lon Distilling crafts unique small-batch gins, each with a story that echoes the infamous characters of Little Lon. Whether it’s the gingery kick of Ginger Mick or the exotic touch of Little Miss Yoko, there’s a taste of history in each bottle. You could easily spend the whole arvo nestled up in their cosy bar, or attending one of their gin masterclasses.

Here's Looking at You, Kid interior view with staff distilling alcohol
Here’s Looking at You, Kid | Image: Here’s Looking at You, Kid

4. Here’s Looking at You, Kid

  • Address: 92 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051
  • Opening Hours: Distillery is open for masterclasses, tastings and sales by appointment. 
  • Spirit: Gin & Vodka 

Here’s Looking at You, Kid in North Melbourne is the brainchild of Liz Beech, a veteran in the food and bev biz who fell head over heels for distilling during a stint in Scotland. Swapping Mordialloc for North Melbourne mid-pandemic, she set up shop on Errol Street, in a sunny, two-storey Victorian terrace that’s now home to their beloved copper pot still, Eliza Jane, and a bar brimming with character.

The space is a nod to the classic ‘Casablanca’, with a relaxed Moroccan vibe perfect for sipping on classic G&Ts or diving into an Espresso Martini. Fancy a tipple or keen to broaden your spirit smarts? They offer tasting paddles, local brews, and award-winning spirits, not to mention masterclasses where you can get hands-on and craft your own gin or vodka.

Cedar Fox Distilling Co. interior view with staff distilling alcohol
Cedar Fox Distilling Co. | Image: Cedar Fox Distilling Co.

5. Cedar Fox Distilling Co.

  • Address: 11 Mantell St, Coburg North VIC 3058
  • Opening Hours: Friday 5pm – 11pm
  • Spirit: Gin

Cedar Fox Distilling Co. is a family-owned craft distillery that’s been turning heads since 2010. Craig Westwood is the brains behind the operation, diving into the distilling world after stints brewing at White Rabbit Brewery and Starward.

Cedar Fox keeps it real with premium spirits that have snagged awards left and right. Their contemporary gin is a crowd-pleaser, notable for its delicate and complex flavours. But they don’t stop there. They’ve got an oak gin aged in ex-Starward whisky barrels and seasonal gins that give a nod to Melbourne’s vibrant culture and urban ingredients​​.

While only open once a week, this inner-north Coburg gem is worth the visit. And if gin’s not your go-to, they’ve got cocktails, local beers and wines to tickle your fancy, plus a neat list of snacks like a mezza plates, sardines, olives and nuts. 

Brogan's Way Distillery interior view
Brogan’s Way Distillery | Image: Brogan’s Way Distillery

6. Brogan’s Way Distillery

  • Address: 61 North St, Richmond VIC 3121
  • Opening Hours: Thurs 5-10pm, Fri 5-11pm, Sat 1-11pm, Sun 1-7pm 
  • Spirit: Gin 

Brogan’s Way Distillery in Richmond is a testament to founder Brogan’s journey from science to spirits. The distillery prides itself on creating gins that balance classic and bold flavours. Their range includes ‘Spirited Sensations’ year-round gins and ‘Seasonal Sensations’ limited-release gins, all crafted with unique flavour profiles in mind.

The distillery and bar provide a cosy space for gin lovers to explore their unique gins & gin-based cocktails. They also offer a variety of experiences like tasting flights, cocktail masterclasses, and distillery tours. Plus, with their newly expanded food menu, it’s a perfect spot for a relaxed evening or a fun night out.

Fossey's Distillery Lygon interior view with staff behind bar counter
Fossey’s Distillery Lygon | Image: Fossey’s Distillery Lygon

7. Fossey’s Distillery Lygon

  • Address: 209 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053
  • Opening Hours: Thurs 2-11pm, Fri & Sat 12-11pm, Sun 12-6om 
  • Spirit: Gin & Whisky  

Fossey’s Distillery Lygon is an extension of the original Mildura-based Fossey’s, bringing the spirit and flair of the Mallee region to the city. Fossey’s is renowned for its imaginative approach to small-batch spirits, with unique flavours like desert lime, pepperberry, and even adventurous ones like hot cross bun and Christmas pudding​​​​.

At the heart of its Lygon Street location is the giant copper still where magic happens – here, local botanicals are transformed into Fossey’s distinctive spirit range. And, for those looking to dive deeper, there are plenty of options.

Upstairs, the cocktail bar serves up tastings and craft drinks incorporating their house spirits. They also serve a selection of share plates designed to complement and incorporate the unique flavours of their spirits. Think fries with rum-infused sauce or cider-marinated pork belly with gin-pickled vegetables​​​​. There’s also a gin masterclass every Sunday. 

Alcohol being poured from a bottle on a glass with ice cubes
Bathtub Gin Company | Image: Bathtub Gin Company

8. Bathtub Gin Company

  • Address: 25 Aitken St, Williamstown VIC 3016
  • Opening Hours: Fri 5-10pm, Sat 12-10 pm, Sun 12-7pm 
  • Spirit: Gin

Bathtub Gin Co., based in Williamstown, revives the rebellious spirit of prohibition-era “bathtub gin” with a modern twist. Founded by a retired doctor turned distiller, Wayne Bourke, this distillery crafts unique gins like the juniper-rich Angry Duck and the cherry-infused Best Day Ever, plus other spirits in a historic setting. 

Alongside their crafted gins, they serve a selection of cocktails, wines, beers and a simple, distillery-friendly food menu featuring pizzas and charcuterie from local suppliers. Plus, it’s a dog-friendly venue, and you’ll always gain points in our books for being dog-friendly! 

Puss & Mew Distillery interior view with customers
Puss & Mew Distillery | Image: Puss & Mew Distillery

9. Puss & Mew Distillery

  • Address: 1 Varman Ct, Nunawading VIC 3131
  • Opening Hours: Fri & Sat 4-11pm, Sun 12-6pm 
  • Spirit: Gin 

Puss & Mew Distillery embodies the spirit of innovation and rebellion, inspired by the antics of 18th-century gin-slinger Captain Dudley Bradstreet. Its story begins with a shared passion among friends over a tall glass of gin. This passion turned into a two-year pursuit of the perfect blend of botanicals, leading the founders to leave their careers and dive into the art of gin-making. 

These days, Puss & Mew Distillery offers a relaxed yet distillery, bar and dining experience. The bar features a diverse selection of gin-based cocktails and a menu crafted with fresh, local produce. If you want to stay for a bite, you’ll find a bunch of tasty grazing plates, charcuterie boards and pizzas to complement your gin-based bevvies.

Brunswick Aces interior view
Brunswick Aces | Image: Brunswick Aces

10. Brunswick Aces

  • Address: 124 Weston St, Brunswick East VIC 3057
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
  • Spirit: Gin (non-alcoholic)

Brunswick Aces is a trailblazer in the non-alcoholic spirits space. It’s the brainchild of a group of mates who saw a gap in the market for sophisticated, grown-up alternatives to traditional spirits. Their passion project turned into a delicious non-alcoholic gin for like-minded folks, offering a taste of something genuinely different.

Their Brunswick Aces space offers all the regular distillery things, such as tastings, workshops, and events that celebrate a lifestyle where everyone, regardless of their drinking choices, can enjoy a night out.

Distilleries Near Melbourne

Tiny Bear Distillery interior view with staff behind a table
Tiny Bear Distillery | Image: Tiny Bear Distillery

11. Tiny Bear Distillery

  • Address: 7/10 Henderson Rd, Knoxfield VIC 3180
  • Opening Hours: Fri 12-5.30pm, Sun 1-5pm 
  • Spirit: Gin & Whisky 

When an ex-chemistry teacher turns his hand to spirit-making, you know it’s going to be good. That’s the story at Tiny Bear Distillery, a family-run distillery focusing on producing exceptional spirits without shortcuts. 

At Tiny Bear, it’s all about quality, local botanicals and craftsmanship, and, of course, a touch of science. With “Tiny” reflecting their exclusive production and “Bear” hinting at Damien’s own cuddly persona, if you’re looking for a niche gin & whisky distillery outside of Melbourne, this is the one to visit. 

That Spirited Lot Distillers interior view
That Spirited Lot Distillers | Image: That Spirited Lot Distillers

12. That Spirited Lot Distillers

  • Address: 4/42 Hartnett Dr, Seaford VIC 3198
  • Opening Hours: Sat-Sun 12-5pm 
  • Spirit: Gin, Vodka & Whisky 

That Spirited Lot Distillers sprang to life from a daring idea shared by brothers Jon-Paul (JP) and Chris Willigenburg back in 2016. Since then, the crew have snagged a slew of medals, both locally and on the international stage.

They’re self-proclaimed sticklers for detail, immersing themselves in every step of the distillation process and conducting regular taste tests to guarantee their spirits meet the mark. They’ve also dipped their toes into crafting mixer and tonic syrups (Peninsula BLVD and Tonic X Distillers, respectively) from the remnants of their spirit production.

Four Pillars Gin Distillery interior view with staff showing distillation process to customers
Four Pillars Gin Distillery | Image: Four Pillars Gin Distillery

13. Four Pillars Gin Distillery

  • Address: 2A Lilydale Rd, Healesville VIC 3777
  • Opening Hours: Sun & Thurs 10.30am-5.30pm, Fri & Sat 10.30am-9pm
  • Spirit: Gin 

Four Pillars Gin Distillery was brought to life by the vision of Matt Jones, Stuart Gregor, and Cameron Mackenzie in 2013. Their mission was to revolutionise gin distilling with a distinctive Australian flair. Since its public debut in 2015, the distillery has become a favourite haunt for both seasoned gin enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

The distillery offers an immersive gin experience, with opportunities to sample straight from the tap, savour inventive gin-based cocktails, or indulge in a menu rich with gin-infused delicacies such as gin-cured salmon.  With a huge space to fit 300 guests, Four Pillars also offers comprehensive gin masterclasses and meet-the-maker sessions. It’s an all-round good time. 

Bass & Flinders Distillery interior view with customers
Bass & Flinders Distillery | Image: Bass & Flinders Distillery

14. Bass & Flinders Distillery

  • Address: 40 Collins Rd, Dromana VIC 3936
  • Opening Hours: Fri & Sun 11am-5pm, Sat 11am-6.30pm
  • Spirit: Gin

Bass & Flinders Distillery, tucked away in the Mornington Peninsula, was established by Wayne Klintworth and Bob Laing in 2009. Their mission? To craft unique, grape-based spirits, showcasing the area’s winemaking roots.

This distillery offers a laid-back, friendly vibe where everyone from spirit enthusiasts to curious newcomers can get a taste of their handcrafted gins and brandies. They’re known for blending local botanicals into their spirits, giving each sip a touch of Mornington Peninsula. You can also pop in for a tasting session, or gin-making masterclass.

Penni Ave Distillery interior view with staff behind bar counter
Penni Ave Distillery | Image: Penni Ave Distillery

15. Penni Ave Distillery

  • Address: 43 Peninsula Ave, Rye VIC 3941
  • Opening Hours: Fri & Thurs 6:30 am–12 pm and 5–9:30 pm, Sat 7 am–9:30 pm, Sun 7 am–8 pm Sunday, Mon-Wed 6:30 am–12 pm
  • Spirit: Vodka

Penni Ave Distillery is a relatively new gem on the local spirits scene, having opened its doors in 2020 with the aim of bringing fresh and innovative flavours to the forefront.

It’s also one of the very few dedicated vodka distilleries in Australia. Their beloved copper still, Walter, works his magic on fermented local grain, producing a smooth, high-quality vodka that stands out in a crowd.

The team behind Penni Ave is all about experimentation, constantly playing with different ingredients and techniques to produce unique, small-batch spirits. If you’re interested in discovering something new and locally crafted, Penni Ave Distillery offers a refreshing change of pace.

Staff behind bar counter raising a glass of alcohol in front of customers
JimmyRum Distillery | Image: JimmyRum Distillery

16. JimmyRum Distillery

  • Address:  6 Brasser Ave, Dromana VIC 3936
  • Opening Hours: Thurs-Sat 12-9pm, Sun 12-7pm
  • Spirit: Rum

JimmyRum Distillery is the first dedicated craft rum distillery in Victoria – a pioneering space in the world of Australian rum, offering a unique twist in a market traditionally dominated by spirits from other shores. Their distilling star –  a 1,500 litre copper still named Matilda – is where the magic happens, turning quality local ingredients into smooth, flavourful rum that speaks volumes of its origins.

Using traditional techniques blended with innovative approaches, JimmyRum is producing something genuinely distinct in the Australian spirits landscape. Open daily for tastings and featuring a vibrant bar and restaurant from Friday to Sunday with weekend entertainment, JimmyRum is a must visit.

Why Trust Our List

From the author, Ally Burnie: With over ten years of reviewing bars and restaurants under my belt, I’ve compiled a list of Melbourne distilleries that truly stand out. When selecting these spots, I considered things like creativity, atmosphere, and what’s on the menu. I didn’t just rely on my own experiences; I also chatted with industry experts and looked at Google reviews to get a well-rounded view. My aim is to give you a snapshot of the best places that combine quality and a great vibe, based on a mix of personal visits and thorough research.

Things to Consider for Melbourne Distilleries

  • Variety – Victoria has over 120 distillers across the state, which, fun fact, is more than any other state in Australia. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to narrow down exactly what you are after. There are a plenty of options to choose from, so whether you are after a specific liquid, something more family-friendly or a just a distillery near you, make sure you do your research.
  • Distillery vs Brewery – While both distilleries and breweries produce alcoholic drinks, they are not the same. A distillery focuses on producing distilled spirits like whiskey, gin, vodka, and rum through the process of distillation. Breweries, on the other hand, specialise in brewing beer, which involves fermenting grains or other ingredients to create beer without the process of distillation. So while they both create yummy alcoholic drinks, the methods and end products are different.
  • Cellar Doors – Most distilleries on this list have on-site retail shops where you can purchase bottles of your favourite spirits to take home. Many also offer online sales and shipping options if you can’t visit in person.

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