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Hard solo australia

Thirst Crushing Hard Solo Alcoholic Lemon Squash Unleashed

Solo, the thirst-quenching champion of Aussie summer days, is back with a twist that’ll knock your board shorts off—introducing “Hard Solo,” the lemony legend you loved in your youth, but instead of crushing your thirst, Hard Solo is ready to crash the grown-up party scene.

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Remember when you’d knock back a can of Solo after a challenging game of backyard cricket or a rough ride on the waves? Hard Solo is that golden memory but with a 4.5% ABV kicker at 1.4 standard drinks. It’s the swig ready to bring the wild times roaring back, and you don’t even have to break out the good ol’ esky.

It’s almost as if the geniuses that invented Solo thought there should be an extra line to “when life gives you lemons” and felt a vodka was missing. But here’s the best bit: it even has less sugar than its alcohol-free sibling. That’s right! You can relive those mischievous days without having to count calories.

So, what’s in the can? 375ml of citrusy joy that’ll make your taste buds shimmy and shake as the memories groove. Take a sip, and suddenly you’re that young larrikin again, diving headfirst into the water without a care in the world.

You don’t have to take our word for it. TikToker Russ Eats (check out his video here) got his mitts on a few cans and threw down the gauntlet. Get in quick and pick up your 10 or 30-pack. They’re going faster than a wave at Bondi!

Over at Dan Murphy’s, the reviews are pouring in as lively and refreshing as a can of Hard Solo itself. Customers are raving about how it “goes down easy, maybe even a little too easy,” with an “unreal” taste akin to classic Solo but with that added alcoholic buzz. It’s not all sun and surf, though; one loyal Solo sipper noted it’s missing that “big punch of lemon” from the original.

First Choice Liquor Market is riding the same wave, with glowing praise from proud Aussies. Reviewers say Hard Solo is “Easy to drink” and “Definitely a good drink for summer.” Some even likened it to a liquid version of the iconic Australian anthem ‘True Blue,’ while others with gluten-free diets are giving the thumbs up to Hard Solo as a superb alternative to their beloved craft beer. A handful found it “friggin amazing” and worth the impulse purchase, a sentiment echoed by many who relish the taste that’s “just like ordinary Solo” with a cheeky kick. The verdict’s in: Hard Solo seems to be a true blue hit!

While the Hard Lemonade section of your local has seen the likes of Suntory Minus 196 remain relatively unchallenged, we look forward to seeing Hard Solo topple the competition with that distinct lemony zing we Aussies know and love.

So what are you waiting for? You can pick up a slab of 10x 375ml cans for $43.90 AUD via the link below. Here’s to the good times; here’s to Hard Solo!

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