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The gospel x mork liquer 1

The Gospel x Mörk Turns Chocolate Waste Into Whiskey Treasure

Leftover chocolate isn’t something we’re too familiar with. As in, we often can’t stop ourselves from finishing off an entire block of chocolate. But if we did manage to keep a few leftovers, we’d love to learn how the rye whiskey fanatics over at The Gospel are transforming Mörk Chocolate into a limited edition new spirit – The Dispensary Cacao Husk Liqueur.

Following a waste-less methodology, this delicious collaboration macerates discarded single-origin cacao husks in a blend of The Gospel’s Straight Rye Whiskey and Solera Rye, resulting in a decadent, savoury Easter treat; a limited edition liqueur we cannot wait to try.

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The gospel x mork liquer
The Gospel x Mörk | Image: Ben McKimm / Man of Many

“We’ve taken something that was once considered waste and turned it into something truly delicious,” said The Gospel’s R&D Distiller Ellie Ash. For anyone unfamiliar with how chocolate is made: Cacao husks are the shells that encase cacao beans and are separated from cacao nibs during processing.

These husks, previously discarded and handled as a byproduct, contain a variety of nuanced chocolate flavours. To leverage these previously untapped flavours, The Gospel is collaborating with Mörk, Melbourne’s craftsmen of expertly made drinking chocolate, to create this limited edition Cacao Husk Liqueur, one of the many secret ingredients inside The Gospel’s experimental Dispensary line of drinks.

“The fruit and vanillin aromatics of the rye whiskey complement the darker, more savoury profile of the cacao husk. It’s been amazing to experiment with Mörk’s cacao husks on this release, particularly using waste products to make something totally unexpected and delicious.”

To bring out the inherent flavours of heirloom-certified Chuno beans (Trinitario cacao variety from northern Nicaragua in San Jose de Bocay), Mörk roasts the cacao inside a vintage ball roaster before winnowing the shell, a process of removing the outer shell from the cocoa beans, which are then used to produce The Dispensary Cacao Husk Liqueur.

Flavours include dried orange, toasted hazelnut, cranberry, spearmint, crème caramel, orange flower, and apricot preserve. To get the most out of this innovative liqueur, Ash suggests sipping it alone or in The Gospel Brooklyn, a cocktail made especially for the new release.

The gospel x mork liquer 2
The Gospel x Mörk liqueur | Image: The Gospel

The Gospel Brooklyn Cocktail Recipe


  • 40ml Cacao Husk Liqueur
  • 20ml The Gospel Solera Rye
  • 20ml Maidenii dry vermouth
  • 10ml Luxardo Maraschino


  1. Stir down over ice,
  2. Strain into a coupe,
  3. Serve with a maraschino cherry.

To get your hands on the Cacao Husk Liqueur in The Dispensary range, visit the Gospel’s website right now via the link below. But be quick, because only limited quantities are available.

Buy The Gospel x Mörk here

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