Be an Instant Expert with Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

Mastering the grill is an art that can take years to perfect—or you could just pick up the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub and start cooking to perfection now. Weber is continuing its partnership with smart cooking device company June, releasing the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub.

weber Smart Grilling Hub

The hub takes any grill and turns it into a smart grill. With the hub, you’ll get expert grilling advice as you grill. The hub allows you to connect wired thermometers to it so that you can monitor the temperature of your meats and other foods as they cook. You can attach up to four different dishes at once using the hub. The hub connects to your smartphone through the Weber app, providing you with up-to-date info about the current internal temperature of whatever you’re cooking. When your meat is ready to be pulled off the grill at whatever level of doneness you desire, the app will let you know.

weber connect Smart Grilling Hub with mobile on the table

Cooking is more than just monitoring temperatures, though, and the hub has you covered there as well. With the hub, you’ll have access to step-by-step cooking instructions. You’ll also be alerted to when you should flip your meat if needed. Plus there are plenty of tips and tricks from the best grillers in the world that will help you become a master griller yourself. And if that wasn’t enough, Weber says that they are working on adding Alexa support to the hub as well.

weber connect Smart Grilling Hub

The Smart Grilling Hub is the second project that Weber has partnered with June on. The first was Weber’s first-ever pellet grill, which comes with a similar technology as that offered in the hub. The Smart Grilling Hub is priced at $129.99 and is slated to launch in more than 30 countries sometime in early 2020.

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