23 best bakery shops in sydney sourdough bread to croissant

23 Best Bakery Shops in Sydney

Bread is a staple of most of our diets and Sydney surely provides a plethora of bakeries that offer some of the best bread and baked goods in the country. If you ever find yourself in need of carb-full delights then Sydney is the right city to be in. From the swanky upmarket bakery cafes to the humble side alley early birds, this selection of bakeries ain’t so crumby. Take a peek at the best bakery shops Sydney has to offer.

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bourke street bakery surry hills street view

1. Bourke Street Bakery Surry Hills

One of the best bakeries Sydney has to offer is none other than the highly popular foodie icon Bourke Street Bakery. Sweet treats, savoury bites and some of the best sourdough you can wrap your mouth around are just some of the delights you’ll find at the Bourke Street Bakery.

Known for: pork fennel sausage rolls, ginger brulee tart, chocolate tart
Address: 633 Bourke St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone: +61 02 9699 1011
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-6pm, Sat-Sun 7am-5pm

Bourke Street Bakery Surry Hills

iggys bread showcase

2. Iggy’s Bread

In the beachside suburb of Bronte, Iggy’s Bread is often littered with hungry customers patiently waiting for a turn to get their daily bread, and the wait is certainly worth it. Iggy’s uses old school methods, i.e. the best methods, to make their bread with naturally leavened simple ingredients that are hearth baked and delicious.

Known for: croissants, sourdough, bagels
Address: 145d Macpherson Street, Bronte NSW 2024
Phone: +61 02 9386 1370
Trading Hours: Mon-Thur 7am-4pm, Fri-Sun 8am-Sold out

Iggy’s Bread

flour and stone interior

3. Flour and Stone

The hugely popular Flour and Stone Bakery in Woolloomooloo is known for its dreamy baked goods and warm inviting atmosphere. Try the renowned lamington, a vanilla sponge soaked in panna cotta with a berry compote centre and dark chocolate or the famous lemon drizzle cake, a rich moist lemon almond cake with lemon drizzle icing.

Known for: lemon drizzle cake, lamington, panna cotta
Address: 43 Riley Street, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
Phone: +61 02 8068 8818
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat 8am-4pm

Flour and Stone

berkelo exterior

4. Berkelo

Berkelo’s motto is ‘simple food is the best food’ and that’s exactly why it’s one of the best bakeries in Sydney, because it’s does simple so well. Try their long fermented signature white sourdough or the banana cake for a sweet treat. Want to learn to bake yourself? You can take a class and learn the art of the humble sourdough.

Known for: croissants, butter bun, banana bread
Address: 8 William St, Brookvale NSW 2100
Phone: +61 02 9905 3455
Trading Hours: Mon-Sat 7am-2pm, Sun 7am-1pm


sonoma bakery glebe interior

5. Sonoma Bakery Glebe

Sonoma Bakery uses only the very best ingredients of freshly milled flour, filtered water and sea salt, you’re sure to fall in love with their simple but perfectly executed breads. For something sweet try their signature treat, a croissant pastry scroll sprinkled with cinnamon or a deliciously gooey hazelnut brownie with Belgian chocolate.

Known for: baby sourdough rolls, ricotta hotcakes
Address: 215a Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037
Phone: +61 02 96602116
Trading Hours: Mon-Sun 7am-2pm

Sonoma Bakery Glebe

breadfern bakery interior

6. Breadfern Bakery

At Breadfern Bakery you’ll find the very best of local ingredients lovingly made into some of the finest artisan breads and sweetest pastry treats you can get in Sydney. Step inside for a tasty breakfast croissant or grab a loaf of tasty sourdough to take home, whatever you grab you won’t be disappointed.

Known for: sourdough, almond croissant
Address: 306-308 Chalmers St, Redfern NSW 2016
Phone: +61 02 8065 3959
Trading Hours: Mon-Sun 6am-3pm

Breadfern Bakery

organic republic bakery street view

7. Organic Republic Bakery

One of the best bakery shops in Sydney and a bustling one at that, Organic Republic Bakery is on a mission to deliver gluten free loaves to the masses. Beautifully located at Bondi Beach, take a break from the waves and head over for an almond croissant, a custom sandwich made with delicious Organic Republic’s bread or a spelt carrot cupcake.

Known for: chocolate almond croissant, hazelnut muffins
Address: 100 Glenayr Avenue, Bondi Beach NSW 2026
Phone: +61 02 9300 8804
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri 5am-3pm, Sat-Sun 5am-4pm

Organic Republic Bakery

oregano bakery pastries

8. Oregano Bakery

Oregano Bakery is one of the best bakery shops in Sydney and for good reason, their selection of tasty sweet scrolls. Cinnamon, cookies and cream, red velvet, fig and almond, tahini and pistachio and chocolate with raspberry and coconut are just some of the delicious flavour combinations you can expect.

Known for: cinnamon scrolls, savoury scrolls, zaatar
Address:  56 Connells Point Rd, South Hurstville NSW 2221
Phone: +61 02 9546 3666
Trading Hours: Mon 6am-3pm, Tue-Sat 6am-4pm, Sun 6am-12pm

Oregano Bakery

rollers bakehouse street view

9. Rollers Bakehouse

Rollers Bakehouse is the place to be if you have a hankering for anything baked that comes in rolled form i.e. croissants, sausage rolls or in other words all the best things about baked goods. Get in early as everything is rolled and baked daily and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Known for: ham and cheese croissants, sausage rolls, choc croissant
Address: 19 Rialto Ln, Manly NSW 2095
Phone: +61 0439 489 433
Trading Hours: Mon-Sat 7am-3pm, Sun 7.30am-2pm

Rollers Bakehouse

brickfields showcase

10. Brickfields

A local favourite supplying Sydney with premium sourdoughs, cakes and pastries all from the Brickfields Marrickville shop. Try a chocolate croissant, berry danish, or take home a delicious Danish rye or fig, raisin and walnut sourdough. Got a sweet tooth? Try the salted caramel chocolate cake.

Known for: bacon sandwich, sourdough, salted caramel chocolate cake.
Address: 2 Sydney St, Marrickville NSW 2204
Phone: +61 0420 966 368
Trading Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-4pm


James Partington at staple bakery

11. Staple Bakery

Staple Bakery in Seaforth is one of the best bakery shops in Sydney with their wholesome tasty award winning sourdough. The perfect place to get your ‘staple’ bread for the week and to treat yourself to pain au chocolat or the popular cheese and oregano croissant.

Known for: oregano croissant, sourdough, pain au chocolat
Address: 1/20-28 Montauban Ave, Seaforth NSW 2092
Phone: +61 0414 525 151
Trading Hours: Wed-Sun 7am-2pm

Staple Bakery

goose bakery pastries

12. Goose Bakery

Goose Bakery is not only good for your weekly bread shop, the cakes and baked treats are to die for. Buttery, flaky croissants, crunchy baguettes and deliciously dense chocolate tart awaits. Add in a Five Senses coffee with a side of shortbread and you’re in baked treat heaven.

Known for: Danish, charcoal macaroons, shortbread
Address: 38 Ross St, Forest Lodge NSW 2037
Phone: +61 0416 306 508
Trading Hours: Tues-Fri 7am-3.30pm, Sat 7.30am-2.30pm

Goose Bakery

francois artisan baker different cakes

13. François Artisan Baker

Francois Artisan Baker pumps out the most delicious savoury and sweet baked goods on a daily basis and they’re all hand made with great care. Grab your daily loaf, pop in for a morning croissant and coffee or grab an extra special sweet cake for dessert.

Known for: almond croissant, goats cheese tart, vanilla slice
Address: 91 Bondi Rd, Bondi NSW 2026
Phone: +61 02 8403 4014
Trading Hours: Tues-Sun 7am-5pm

François Artisan Baker

wild cockatoo bakery interior

14. Wild Cockatoo Bakery

A favourite among locals looking for top quality bread and tasty pastries, Wild Cockatoo Bakery is one of the best bakery shops in Sydney. There’s so much on offer from croissants and pies to a wholesome sourdough and more.

Known for: Croissants, pies, sourdough
Address: 30 Botany Rd, Waterloo NSW 2017
Phone: +61
Trading Hours: Tues-Fri 7.30am-5.30pm, Sat 7am-4.30pm, Sun 7am-3.30pm

Wild Cockatoo Bakery

tuga pastries

15. Tuga Pastries

Tuga Pastries offers up a whole range of delicious pastries and bread but the real star of this café is the Pastel de Nata or Portuguese custard tarts. The family recipe passed down is handmade and hand press daily, so be sure to grab one on your next visit.

Known for: Portuguese custard tart, rum and raisin donut
Address: Shop 6/231 Clovelly Rd, Clovelly NSW 2031
Phone: +61 0412 664 165
Trading Hours: Thur-Mon 7am-3pm

Tuga Pastries

sweet belem cake boutique different pastries

16. Sweet Belem Cake Boutique

Another purveyor of Portuguese tarts and equally worth checking out is Sweet Belem Cake Boutique. Made with free range eggs and quality ingredients, you’ll never be disappointed with your choice at Sweet Belem

Known for: Portuguese custard tart
Address: 35B New Canterbury Rd, Petersham NSW 2049
Phone: +61 02 9572 6685
Trading Hours: Mon-Sat 8.30am-5pm, Sun 9am-4pm

Sweet Belem Cake Boutique

shuk bakery interior

17. Shuk Bakery

For Israeli-style cakes and baked goods look no further than Shuk Bakery in North Bondi. A favourite meeting place for locals and visitors, Shuk middle eastern and Mediterranean inspired baked goods for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Known for: bacon egg roll, bagel, almond croissant, shakshuka
Address: 40 Mitchell St, North Bondi NSW 2026
Phone: +61 0403 575 361
Trading Hours: Mon-Tues 6.30am-3pm, Sat-Sun 7am-3pm

Shuk Bakery

the cook baker outdoor

18. The Cook & Baker

The Cook & Baker is one of the best bakery shops in Sydney and offers flavour packed bread and baked goods that are made fresh every day. From savoury tarts to hearty pies and humble sourdoughs to the sweet tasty pastries, you won’t be disappointed.

Known for: croissants, sausage rolls, caramel shortbread
Address: 238 Oxford St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022
Phone: +61 02 9388 0119
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri 6.30am-4pm, Sat-Sun 6.30am-3pm

The Cook & Baker

baked by keiran street view

19. Baked by Keiran

With over 20 years of baking, owner Keiran of Baked by Keiran knows what he’s talking about when it comes to bread. If you’re after good solid bread then Keiran’s sourdough or plain white is the way to go or for something sweet try one of the danishes with fruit and custard.

Known for: sourdough, lamington, caneles
Address: 455 Marrickville Rd, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203
Phone: +61
Trading Hours: Mon-Sat 6.30am-2pm

Baked by Keiran

stoneground bakery interior

20. Stoneground Bakery

Stoneground Bakery started from humble beginnings as a shopfront and is now one of the best bakery shops in Sydney as a bustling café with an in-house bakery and menu that keeps locals coming back for more.  The pies are a real winner with patrons along with the Kytherian custard tarts.

Known for: chicken and sage pies, sausage rolls, sourdough
Address: Shop 7/52-56 Gladesville Rd, Hunters Hill NSW 2110
Phone: +61 02 9817 7000
Trading Hours: Mon-Sat 6.30am-3.30pm, Sun 7am-3.30pm

Stoneground Bakery

brasserie bread interior

21. Brasserie Bread

Feeding Sydney-siders their daily bread since 1995, award winning Brasserie Bread offers all the bready delights you can think of. Pastries, sourdoughs, buns, sliders and rolls, at Brasserie you’ve got your bread sorted for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Known for: sourdough pancakes, cultured butter
Address: 1737 Botany Rd, Banksmeadow NSW 2019
Phone: +61 1300 966 845
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-3pm, Sat-Sun 8am-2pm

Brasserie Bread

pioik bakery showcase

22. Pioik Bakery

Pioik Bakery (pronounced pee-oyk) in Sydney’s Pyrmont is a little family run bakery that offers big flavour. Everything is made from scratch using the best market fresh ingredients with zero preservatives. Try the Epooro “The King” signature bread, a blend of whole wheat and rye and weighing in at a hefty 2kg.

Known for: almond croissant, chocolate sourdough, egg sandwich
Address: 176-178 Harris St, Pyrmont NSW 2009
 +61 02 9660 0343
Trading Hours: Thur-Sun 7am-11am

Pioik Bakery

bake bar showcase

23. Bake Bar

If organic ingredients are your bag then Bake Bar in Randwick is the place to grab a sweet or savoury snack. Grab a tasty almond croissant fresh from the oven, with coffee of course, or try their renowned hot cross buns (even if it’s not Easter).

Known for: gluten free sourdough, almond croissants, hot cross bun
Address: 67 Frenchmans Rd, Randwick NSW 2031
Phone: +61 02 8021 0728
Trading Hours: Mon-Sat 6am-4pm, Sun 7am-4pm

Bake Bar

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General FAQs:

Where is the best bakery in Sydney?

Some of the best bakeries in Sydney are Bourke Street Bakery, Flour and Stone and Iggy’s Bread.

Where can I get sourdough bread in Sydney?

Sourdough is available at many bakeries across Sydney but the best place for a solid sourdough is Iggy's Bread.

Where is the best bakery near Marrickville?

Brickfield in Marrickville is a great Bakery to sample tasty baked treats and grab a sourdough loaf for home.

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