Butter Teams with Rising Sun Workhsop for Special Noodles

Ramen has an image problem. Because of its cheap price and how simple it is to make, it’s often viewed as the mainstay for broke university students and not so much as a main course at a popular restaurant. Butter, a popular restaurant in Sydney known for its fried chicken and champagne, is bucking that reputation. They’ve invited one of Sydney’s greatest ramen chefs, Nick Smith of Rising Sun Workshop, to put together an epic version of Tantanmien ramen soup.

Tantanmien ramen soup is traditionally made with dry noodles, beef or pork mince, and Sichuan pickles. The spicy dish is a favorite among ramen connoisseurs. For a limited time, Butter will be offering a stepped up version that will feature ground chicken and a sesame based chicken broth. The soup will also feature Japanese sesame tare that has been spiced up with Ray, a Japanese chili oil. The dish will come with Butter’s fried chicken tenders, hot and numbing ground chicken in Neri Goma chicken broth with fermented bamboo, picked wasabi leaf and marinated egg.

Described simply as a “hybrid sneaker, fried chicken and champagne bar in Surry Hills, Sydney,” Butter has been serving up ramen dishes as a part of their Fried Chicken Ramen series. Rising Sun is a café but also a workshop—it’s a community where you can come for good food and a place where you can book a bay to work on your motorcycle. Both businesses have become popular in Sydney, with a strong following to back them.

The Tantanmien ramen soup will stay on Butter’s menu for only four weeks, starting September 3. Time’s running out to give this spicy dish a try. If you’re looking for your chance, then you’ll need to head to Butter’s Surry Hills or Parramatta locations. You can also find it at the Butter x Mrs Sippy, Double Bay.

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