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Gozney dome review

Gozney Dome Review: We Tried the World’s Most In-Demand Outdoor Oven

While we get to try some of the most exciting products in the industry here at Man of Many, sometimes a product comes through the door that’s so great we can’t help but put our money where our mouth is and buy one. Enter, the Gozney Dome. We’re breaking down everything you need to know about the most in-demand outdoor oven in the country because you’ve probably heard or seen one of these revolutionary ovens somewhere but what are they like to use? How much do they cost? And is it worth it? Let’s check it out.

Gozney dome review on the deck
Image: Ben McKimm

Guide to the Gozney Dome in Australia

How Much Does the Gozney Dome Cost?

First things first, the Gozney Dome isn’t cheap – but neither is any quality outdoor oven – and you really get what you pay for when it comes to the Dome. It would be rude to even call it a ‘pizza oven’ (although that’s what it excels at) because with such a myriad of cuisine and cooking options you’re investing in a real entertainment piece, but more on that later.

There are two versions on offer, a wood-only and a dual-fuel gas;

  • Wood-only Gozney Dome – $1999 AUD
  • Dual-fuel Gozney Dome – $2499 AUD

We got our hands on the dual-fuel variety because gas takes some of the skill and time out of the equation. The Dome takes about 1-hour to heat up, but sometimes you just want to whip up a quick pizza after work and that’s where the dual-fuel comes in handy, however, if you only see yourself cooking woodfired pizzas and steaks (and you have time on your hands), check out the wood-only version.

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What Accessories Do You Get in the Box?

Here’s what you get in the Gozney Dome box;

  • Gozney Dome outdoor oven
  • Detachable flue and cap
  • Dock and Accessory Port
  • Digital thermometer, display unit and batteries
  • 2 x temperature probes for checking the internal temperatures of food items
  • Manual Air Regulation Vent and Ashtray Module
  • Manual

Dual fuel Gozney Dome also includes;

  • Integrated gas burner and regulator
  • Ignition and flame regulation dial
  • 1 x stone floor puck to switch between wood and gas

What Accessories Do You Actually Need?

Gozney offers a range of accessories after purchase and we got our hands on almost every accessory money can buy so we’ll briefly explain what we’d consider somewhat mandatory. First and foremost is the Dome Stand ($399) that’s compulsory if you don’t have an outdoor kitchen with a very strong (and large) bench. The stand features flip-up sides that come in handy when handling very hot pans and pizza trays. In our experience, we found that a very hot pan didn’t mark the wood, although we did find some weathering overtime on the wood after long periods of rain (but nothing some treatment can’t fix). The Dome Cover ($99) is equally as important for keeping your oven out of the weather.

Next, comes the ‘nice to haves’ and we’ve listed them in our order of importance. First, the Turning Peel ($99) that not only turns your pizza but provides a strong metal device to clean the ash off the surface before placing the pizza on the raw stone. The Placement Peel ($139) is equally as important but it’s often out of stock and you could probably find one cheaper. The Pizza Rocker ($39), Pizza Server ($59), and Dome Wood Loader ($65) are not things we found particularly necessary although they’re very well made.

Gozney dome on stand
Image: Gozney Dome and Stand

How Big is the Gozney Dome?

It’s big… the oven weighs 58kg (68kg in packaging) and measures 660mm H x 630mm D x 732mm W externally. We’re explaining the delivery process below, but you’ll want a decent-sized apartment with a large balcony or a house with a deck or outdoor entertaining area to fit the dome comfortably in your entertaining space. If you’re more of a hobby cook or you’re living in a 1-bedroom apartment with a small balcony there’s absolutely no way you’ll have room for the Dome so we’ll immediately steer you towards the Roccbox. It’s a smaller version that’s become a go-to for mobile pizza chefs at beer gardens and breweries.


The delivery process is seamless. You simply order the oven online and a delivery driver or two show up at your door with the Dome.

If you order the Gozney Dome with the stand and accessories it comes on a standard palette that’ll have to be disassembled if it doesn’t fit through the front door (our case). Unfortunately, the drivers are unable to bring the oven into a suitable location for insurance purposes. In the case of just a Dome without a stand, it will simply arrive in a large box on its own and be left on the porch. You must be at home for the scheduled delivery.

How Do You Setup the Gozney Dome?

Thankfully, Gozney Australia provides a range of setup instructional videos – here.

It’s extremely important to note here that you must follow the instructions for ‘firing’ the Dome the first time you use it. You might be excited to get cooking, but the exposed stone base inside the oven has to cure under heat and can crack if you don’t follow the instructions carefully. Cleaning, igniting, maintenance, and storing wood couldn’t be easier with special slots and devices for each. More information can be found in the videos linked above.

Cooking in the Gozney Dome

Is the Dome Easy to Start?

There’s a trick or two we’ve learnt from our time with the Gozney Dome, especially when it comes to starting the wood fire. Choosing the right wood can be confusing at first because you simply can’t load logs of firewood into the Dome due to space constraints. There’s also no such thing as ‘pizza wood’ so you’re pretty much left with kindling that burns at a very high temperature. What wood do we use in the Gozney Dome? We use this hardwood kindling from Bunnings and we recommend storing it in a very dry place so you don’t get damp wood flavours in your food. Is it the best? No, but it’s not treated and there’s very little access to better wood for your average consumer.

Starting the woodfire for pizza is far easier than those campfires you might’ve started in the past. How do we start the fire? Placing six pieces of hardwood in a stacked square design (teepee won’t be possible) with these natural firelighters underneath will start the fire quickly. The whole process is very fool-proof considering the small internal space inside the Dome and the heat that the stone can withhold.

Is it Hard to Cook in the Dome?

The beauty of the Gozney Dome is the ease of cooking. Here’s how we get it ready.

  • Start your fire with the method above.
  • Once the digital temperature gauge is reading 350 degrees, push the wood pile to the right over the ashtray.
  • Clean/ brush the ash from the surface of the oven with the turning peel by sliding it back and forth.

Challenges of cooking in the Dome will occur but that’s all a part of the learning process. We highly recommend practising with Pizza first because the temperatures don’t matter nearly as much as with raw meats or vegetables. Keeping the oven at a suitable temperature for cooking is the hardest aspect as it can drop or rise dramatically with the amount of flame, wood, and heat you’re cooking with. There’s no better way to put it, but practice, practice, practice. And if all else fails, use the gas.

What Can You Cook in the Gozney Dome?

The Gozney can cook everything from steak to pizza, bread, naan, smoked ribs, and whisky pork belly (our favourite) to a range of vegetarian and plant-based meals that all taste absolutely delicious. We’ve had so much fun cooking on the Dome but have yet to explore all the recipes provided on their website by acclaimed chefs and industry figures. It’s worth noting that some of these recipes can take hours to marinate in the fridge so read the recipe ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

To see what you might be able to create for yourself, we’ve included a few pictures of some of our own personal creations below.

Gozney dome pizza
Image: Ben McKimm – Don’t forget to turn the pizza… Whoops!
Gozney dome pizzas
Image: Ben McKimm
Gozney dome garlic pizza 2
Image: Ben McKimm

Should You Buy the Gozney Dome?

If you have the space and the passion for cooking then the Gozney Dome is absolutely worth the investment. It’s not only the best-looking outdoor oven on the market but it’s very easy to use and accommodates everyone from amateur cooks to professional chefs who want to bring the taste of the kitchen into their own homes.

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General FAQ

How Much Does the Gozney Dome Cost?

In Australia, the Gozney Dome is available in two different versions. Wood only is priced at just under $2000 AUD and the Dual Fuel or 'gas' Dome is priced at just under $2500 AUD.

Is the Gozney Dome easy to use?

The Gozney Dome is easy to use and accommodates everyone from professional chefs to amateur cooks. We recommend purchasing the dual-fuel version with gas if regulating temperature with fire isn't something you're comfortable with.