How Many Robots Does it Take to Make a Burger?

Apparently, just one.

When we talk about the future, there seem to be a number of certainties. Self-driving cars, smart homes, virtual reality and of course artificial intelligence. However, nobody dared to dream of technology like the Burger Bot. Everybody except Alex Vardakostas that is.

burger bot maker

Conceived in the centre of the tech world, silicon valley, the Burger Bot is Alex Vardakostas’ brainchild. The son of Greek migrants, Alex grew up slaving away in his parents fast food joint. Clearly, burgers have been a part of Alex’s life since day dot and the Burger Bot is the culmination of his life’s work.

assembly process of burger

The Burger Bot is a completely automated robot that assembles, cooks and packages around a 100 burgers an hour. Inside the new San Fransisco restaurant “Creator”, customers design their burger on their smartphone and watch as the surprisingly affable looking robot creates their dinner. The whole process takes around 4 minutes and burgers come in around $6-$7 USD each.

assembly process of burger bot

Alex is the CEO of Momentum Machines and his uncompromising vision of the future has been met with skepticism by many. Whilst some argue that creating a world devoid of burger flippers and line cooks is a bad thing, Alex insists that he is not destroying jobs but creating opportunities for a more skilled work-force.

cooked patty

“People say, oh, flipping burgers is the only thing they can do. That’s f*cking bigoted. Dude, no, we can do a lot more than flip burgers. We just haven’t had a chance.” – Alex Vardakostas

make finished burger bot

Not since Marty McFly and the pizza Hydrator have we been more excited about the food of the future. Check out the video and article over at Wired and let us know what you think in the comments.

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