The Holy Caramel-Choc Paddle Pop Has Returned

The humble Paddle Pop has long reigned supreme as one of the best Aussie ice creams to cool you down on one of our impossibly hot summer days, but, for some time, one of the best flavours in the range has been absent from servo freezers and supermarket shelves: Caramel Choc.

Originally released in 1989, the delicious combination of caramel and chocolate, which was layered one-over-the-other, will bring back fond memories to anybody who grew up in Australia in the nineties. Sadly, however, the flavour slowly disappeared over time before eventually getting phased out. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of its release, however, Streets has announced it will make a triumphant return.

As of today, albeit for an undisclosed limited time, the legendary ice cream has returned. Available in Coles, as well as convenience stores throughout the country, fans of the classic Caramel Choc Paddle Pop will be able to enjoy their favourite childhood frozen treat once again.

“We’re so pleased to announce the return of the caramel choc, fondly remembered by those growing up in the ’80s and ’90s”, said Samantha Jarmul, Brand Manager at Streets.

“Now they have the chance to enjoy their childhood memory of caramel goodness with their own children, and it tastes just as great.”

To add to the nostalgia-factor, Streets have packaged the tasty treat in exactly the same livery as when it first hit the shelves three decades ago, meaning you can either relive a past Streets moment down to a T, or, better still, share the joys of the Caramel Choc Paddle Pop with somebody too young to have had a taste the first time around.