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top 9 coolest keychain bottle openers

Top 9 Coolest Keychain Bottle Openers

While the best keychain bottle openers might not sound like the most exciting topic in the world, don’t scoff just yet because frankly, it’s amazing what some brands are doing without favourite keychain accessory these days. And let’s not forget about all those ladies out there who need someone to open their beer for them. Are you not only man enough to perform the task, but smart enough to use one the best keychain bottle openers in the world? One that will make you a true hero for the night in the eyes of all? Let’s find out.

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Groovemade Brass Bottle Opener

1. Groovemade Brass Key Ring Bottle Opener

Wielded from a slab of solid brass comes a bottle opener/key ring that’s durable enough to be handed down from generation to generation. Hook it onto your belt loop and sling it out when your next beer cap needs a-poppin’.

Material: solid brass
Weight: 1.3 oz.
Dimensions: 1.93″ x 1.37″ x 0.28″
Price: $60

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futurerelic cnc brass keychain tool

2. FutureRelic CNC Brass Keychain Tool

Small, sturdy and affordable, these minimalist handmade keychain bottle openers look like they were forged from brass bullets. FutureRelic’s latest is a fifth generation model that improves on predecessors to deliver more consistency so you don’t look foolish after failing to open that beer the first few times.

Material: naval brass
Dimensions: diameter 5/16″ (8mm); length 1.25″ (32mm)

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everyman edc porter key knife

3. Everyman EDC Porter Key Knife

Part knife, part bottle opener, part stainless steel key ring, the Everyman Key Knife quite literally looks like a small trusty tool that you can take on the go. Don’t leave home without it.

Color: stainless steel / black / brass
Material: 3CR13 Stainless Steel
Weight: 1 oz.
Dimensions: edge length – 30.6mm / 1.2″; edge thickness: 3.58mm / .1″; overall length: 64.2mm / 2.5″
Price: $24

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machine era keysquare

4. Machine Era KeySquare

The folks at Machine Era put a lot of thought into the KeySquare and it shows. Their unmistakable keychain bottle openers are cut from trusty stainless steel, blasted for a matte finish and designed to hook onto your belt. Whip one out next time you want to make a big impression.

Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 1 oz.
Price: $28.80

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machine era multi

5. Machine Era Multi

Machine Era aims for the best of form and function with the Multi. This tiny titanium beast won’t just hold keys and pop bottle tops, it could very well fix leaky faucets and install equipment thanks to the inclusion of a Philips head screwdriver among other miniature tools. Finally an answer to the question: when are keychain bottle openers more than just keychain bottle openers?

Material: 6al-4v titanium
Features: two screwdrivers; bottle opener; pry wedge; 1″ ruler
Price: from $32

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s Biner patent pending

6. Ahhhh…S-Biner

Who doesn’t love a product which fashions itself after an expression of enjoyment? The Ahh…S-Biner is a multi-functional carabiner that employs gate closures to do everything from open bottles to carry camping gear. A perfect resource for the modern man!

Color: stainless / black
Material: stainless steel
Weight: 1.16oz | 33.00g
Dimensions: 3.18″ x 1.76″ x 0.28″ | 80.95mm x 44.73mm x 7.32mm
Price: $4.49

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pangea designs pico

7. Pangea Designs PICO

Touting itself as one of the world’s smallest keychain bottle openers, this Kickstarted success story is made of solid titanium and features a heavy-duty steel split ring. The PICO is the perfect example of great things coming in really small packages.

Material: 1″ heavy duty steel split ring
Price: $11

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pangea designs beertop delta

8. Pangea Designs Beertop Delta

Pangea is committed to delivering products like no other and the Beertop Delta surely fits the bill. Basically looking like nothing you’ve ever seen outside of a honeycomb, this handy little eye-catcher is a spinning top, bottle opener, wrench and keychain wrapped into one.

Material: grade5 Titanium frame; fixed press-fit ball; Titanium Color Anodizing; Black DLC Coating
Features: bottle opener and 3/8″ wrench
Price: $55

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hand forged mini keychain bottle opener

9. Hand Forged Mini Keychain Bottle Opener

Another offering that can be filed under the category of “whoa, I’ve never seen anything like this before”, the Hand Forged Keychain Bottle Opener is made from stock round iron that’s reinforced by welding. As if that wasn’t 19th-century blacksmith sounding enough for you, the opener is then secured by copper wire. It doesn’t get much manlier than this!

Material: 1/4-inch stock round iron, welded and wrapped with a copper wire
Price: $30

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