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Man of Many’s Staff Favourites – 23 July 2022

Who had Foot and Mouth Disease on their 2022 bingo card? With the second third coming of COVID making its presence felt in Sydney and the world starting to wonder if wearing masks in the office is actually a pretty good idea, we’re settling in for a weekend at home. Taking ourselves right out of the equation and microwaving chicken soup, this Saturday is all about self-care..and maybe a little retail therapy. Here’s some of the good stuff we found this week, in Man of Many’s Staff Favourites.

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I don’t usually binge-watch shows, in fact, I really manage to make it to the end of even my favourite series, but there’s just something about Hoarders I can’t get enough of. Since 2009, the SBS series has both delighted and horrified me in ways I never thought imaginable. From the absolute insanity that is some people’s homes to the vicious confrontations that inevitably ensue when someone tries to throw out a bag of month-old human feces, there are twists and turns around every garbage-covered corner that M. Night Shyamalan would be proud of. My favourite episode is probably the one with Hannah, the animal lover who moved herself and her 200 chickens out of her house and into a windowless, unheated trailer. Incredible viewing.

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Black Bird

Scott Purcell – Co-Founder

I’ve been a little bit crook this week but thankfully a PCR has confirmed it’s not COVID, the Flu nor the common cold. So who knows? Given I’ve been sick, I don’t have too much on the product front to discuss but I do have an epic show to recommend if you’re on the lookout for a new series to watch. Black Bird, on Apple TV, is a new crime thriller drama miniseries starring Taron Egerton as Jimm Keen who begins a 10 year prison sentence after being convicted of dealing drugs. But he gets an incredible offer for his freedom, to elicit a confession from suspected killer Larry Hall, and go undercover in another prison. It’s gripping and matches the quality of the other shows Apple TV have been producing of late like Ted Lasso and Morning Wars. The only thing I’m not a fan of is that there is only six episodes.

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Asian beverages at dans and bws
Image: Endeavour Group

Asian Beverages at Dan’s and BWS

Tim Fernandes – Senior Sales & Partnerships Manager

Until last week, I knew absolutely nothing about Sake and had never head of Soju, Shochu or Makgeolli. So if faced with choosing any of those drinks over a wine, seltzer or cocktail, I would certainly have gone with the latter. However after an Asian drink tasting experience with the Endeavour Group, I’ve learnt there are some incredibly tasty beverages I’ve been missing out on, and thanks to Dan Murphy’s and BWS I’ll have hundreds of drinks to now investigate. This week, both companies have literally doubled their range of Asian beverages in store.

“Customers are increasingly looking for more discovery, more new and interesting drinks to try. Drinks made in Asia are particularly popular among premium customers, especially Zoomers and Millennials,” explains Endeavour Group Asian beverages sourcing manager Samuel Lam. Korean drinks are leading the trend, Soju is more than 800 years old, accounts for 97 per cent of the Korean liquor market and attracted global attention thanks to featuring in Korean TV and films like Squid Game and Parasite. Another style to check out is Shochu, a Japanese spirit made from vegetables and grains that is somewhere between whisky and a vodka – enjoy it on the rocks or add mixer. My final tip, if you’re going for Sake make it a “Junmai Diaginjo”, the highest grade sake available. Go to Dan Murphy’s or BWS to check it out.

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Blanco próspero tequila by stella anguiano
Image: Prospero Tequila

Prospero Blanco Tequila

Clelia Niyikiza – Branded Content Assistant

I experimented with making margaritas at home last year like many during the lockdown. I don’t think anyone was making banana bread or thinking about their fitness the second time around. Finding a great quality tequila that’s versatile to drink straight or with mixers is a must. With it being world tequila day, Próspero Tequila, Rita Ora’s tequila brand, has got you covered.
Designed by one of Mexico’s renowned female Master Distillers Stella Anguiano. I’m hooked on Blanco Próspero Tequila, rich in aromas and bright tones. Being someone who always needs salt and lime, this one was a surprise when I could opt out and drink it straight. Highly recommend it if you’re looking for a smooth and exceptional quality tequila for the price. Blanco Próspero is a must.

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Withings scanwatch horizon
Image: Withings

Withings ScanWatch Horizon

Rob Edwards – Branded Content Writer

In the world of health devices, there are a lot of overpriced pieces of kit with underwhelming features and worse designs that’ll immediately mark you out as a stooge suffering from chronic poor taste. Happily, if it’s possible for a device to embody the complete opposite of that, the Withings ScanWatch Horizon is it.

Looking and feeling more like something you’d find in a display case at a luxury watch dealer than a fitness tracker, I’ve found it to be an invaluable tool in assessing the current state of my health (not great) and tracking my progress as I try to improve that sorry situation. Accurately tracking everything from sleep through to my most intense workouts, the ScanWatch provides key insights via the accompanying smartphone app that have been incredibly helpful.

Plus, the watch’s handsome green dial and unidirectional rotating bezel look good with everything, meaning I rarely have the urge to take it off. That’s fortunate, because the more you wear health-tracking devices, the more you get out of them.

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Staff favourites
Image: Pitaka

Flipbook Case

Priya Moran – Intern

As a uni student, I use my iPad to take notes, do homework, read, really anything I would normally do on paper so I don’t have to lug tons of things around with me everywhere I go. The typical run-of-the-mill iPad cases work fine, I’ve never had a complaint, but the PITAKA, iPad bag helps take any case to the next level. It sticks onto whatever case you have and turns it into a bag. The structure has handles that will clip together using a magnet and a pocket where I personally keep my Apple Pencil. Overall, PITAKA, has made using an iPad even more lightweight by eliminating the need to carry your iPad in a separate bag entirely.

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Dockland jacket
Image: Outland Denim

Outland Denim Dockland Jacket- Ecru

Holland Bodner – Intern

Sydney has been pretty cold this month and with that, it gets harder to keep warm. Searching for a quality jacket that not only looks amazing but is also sustainable has been something that I’ve looked more into with trying to opt out of fast fashion. I would suggest Outland Denim’s Dockland jacket if you want a great denim essential that won’t hurt the environment. Made out of Ecru denim, it’s lightweight for everyday wear. Sporting both top and bottom pockets, you’ll always have room to store your phone or your favourite snacks like me. The popular Dockland style is also available in a men’s option as well which makes it a versatile staple for anyone’s closet. Outland has been making considerable efforts to put sustainability at the forefront of its brand while continuing to create quality clothing.

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