Rogue Industries Makes a Wallet for Your Front Pocket

Wallets might be the most understated but important part of your day to day lifestyle. First of all, they carry your money, ID and cards. Second of all, they fit uncomfortably in your pockets. If you’re like me, you carry your wallet in the front pocket for ease of access and so that you don’t permanently create an outline in your back pockets without realizing. The only problem is that most wallets are not designed for the front-pocket male out there. Rogue Industries is out to change that.

rogue industries front pocket leather border wallet

Rogue makes a series of excellently crafted wallets which are designed to fit perfectly in the front pocket. With a pointed/curved combination on the side, the wallets slide perfectly into your front pocket on either side. For those of us who wear pants on the more tailored side, this is much appreciated, as the wallet is subtle and slides right in, rather than being a big fat cube smashing through the fabric. Rogue is based out of Portland, ME, and many of the wallets are made in-state. The quality is high, with tight stitching and smart design, allowing you to hold three cards easily and many more in internal slots. And with RFID-blocking technology, you don’t need to worry about any cyber-thieves stealing your card info. If you’re part of the front pocket gang and want a great wallet that looks good, fits great and carries everything you could need, look no further than Rogue Industries.

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rogue industries front pocket leather wallet

rogue industries leather pocket wallet

rogue industries front pocket wallet open view