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Popcake automatic pancake maker machine

Automatic Pancake Maker Machine

Who doesn’t love a good pancake? That golden-brown disc of wholesome goodness, fried up on a pan from thick batter—there’s not many ways that are better to start your day. POPCAKE company has developed a way that you can enjoy a fluffy pancake without having to do any of the cooking yourself The POPCAKE Automatic Pancake Maker delivers your breakfast to you at the push of a button.

Popcake automatic pancake maker machine
POPCAKE Automatic Pancake Maker | Image: POPCAKE

The pancake maker can make three different sizes of pancakes—mini, medium, and large. It will also cook said pancakes to whatever level of doneness you desire. Admittedly this product probably isn’t actually meant for your kitchen counter, but rather for a full-blown restaurant or food service. That being said, the training video shows just how easy it is to make pancakes with the POPCAKE Automatic Pancake Maker. All you have to do is fil the provided stainless steel bottle with water, then pour the water into the bag of mix. Shake the bag and burp out the air. Then let the mixture rest before burping out the air again. Now you’re ready to load the bag into the machine. There’s a six-minute warm-up, but then the machine is ready to start popping out pancakes. You can even program the machine to make a certain number of pancakes, freeing you up to go and take care of other morning chores while your breakfast is being made.

Popcake automatic pancake maker machine
POPCAKE Automatic Pancake Maker | Image: POPCAKE

The automatic pancake maker isn’t just limited to pancakes. You can also make turnovers, canapes, crepes, and more. The only catch is the price—more proof that this isn’t meant to be a household item, even if it only about the size of your microwave oven. The POPCAKE Automatic Pancake Maker sells for $3,700. But can you really put a price on the golden deliciousness of a good pancake that comes with all the convenience of not having to cook it yourself?

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Note: The ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine is no longer available which is from a similar brand.

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General FAQ

How much is an automatic pancake maker?

The ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine costs US$3,500.

How much is a Popcake pancake machine?

The Popcake automatic pancake machine costs US$3,700.

How does a pancake machine work?

Popcake is a pancake machine brand that can produce 200 pancakes per hour. It runs pancake batter through a heated conveyor inside of a box unit