Buffy’s Cloud Comforter is a Sustainable Dream Come True

Home goods e-commerce company Buffy comes to us from Leo Wang, whose family has been in the bedding business for decades. The brand launched in 2017 with the admirable goal of providing sustainability, comfort, and quality in equal measure. Its flagship product is the Cloud Comforter and it delivers feel-good vibes on every conceivable level. Between its silky texture and ample cosiness, you’d never know this product was made from plant-based lyocell and reclaimed PET bottles. Welcome to the new frontier of sustainable living.

Buffy Comforter

Wang and his team developed the Cloud Comforter in an effort to achieve the “holy grail” of softness, weightlessness, and fluffiness. We’ve been using the comforter for a few nights in a row and can say with confidence that his mission was most definitely accomplished. As previously mentioned, one would never know that the product was crafted using plant-based and repurposed materials, whereas it delivers a tier of luxury that has heretofore eluded most sustainable goods.

Specifically, the Cloud Comforter features an outer shell of lyocell, a 100% natural textile made from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees. For the inner fill, Buffy went with an eco-fiber spun out of reclaimed PET bottles. The eucalyptus uses up to 10 times less water than standard cotton when it’s being turned into fabric, while the recycled inner fill has spared approximately 6 million plastic bottles from reaching the ocean. The resulting product is sustainably sourced, ecologically sound, and executed to perfection.

Buffy Comforter bed

Not only is the Cloud Comforter’s outer shell smooth as silk, but it’s also hypoallergenic and designed to repel mold, mildew, dust mites, and other microbes. And we can’t reiterate enough just how luxurious the comforter looks and feels. Making a great thing even greater is the unbeatable price point of US$150, which seems like an absolute steal from the moment you put this quality product to use.

Buffy’s Cloud Comforter is currently available in the US only, though hopefully, that will change over the coming months and years. After all, the world can definitely use more sustainably-sourced products of this calibre. Put simply, this is eco-friendly living done right.

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