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Pokemon x Baccarat Collaboration Fragment Pikachu

Iconic French crystal-maker Baccarat has celebrated 25 years of Pokémon with its most dazzling new collaboration. The Pokémon X Baccarat collaboration not only honours an iconic fan favourite but also features an added surprise. Guess that Pokémon!! … Pika-Pika! It’s Pikachu.

Baccarat x pokemon 1

Image: Baccarat

For almost a quarter of a century, Pikachu has been shocking its way through the many regions and numerous opponents with its lightning-fast moves. The new collaboration sees Baccarat team with Japanese artist and Fragment chief Hiroshi Fujiwara to transform the electric type into an exceptional object for fans but collectors alike. The limited Pikachu fragment features imposing dimensions standing at 30 cm and weighing a hefty 8.3 kilograms. The fragment is multi-faceted and is carefully crafted and finished with an engraved “Electric” logo.

But if the prospect of one Pikachu collectable doesn’t whet your appetite, you’re in luck. Baccarat has also crafted a second collectable figurine that sees Pikachu with its arms wide open, ears alert and highly recognisable tail at attention. Standing at 14.5 cm and weighing 950 grams, this little Baccarat figurine may not have the presence that its big brother does, but it is as endearing as the famous Pokémon itself.

Naturally, the Pokémon X Baccarat collaboration wouldn’t be complete with the one item any Pokémon trainer needs, the humble Poké Ball. This iconic item is used by Pokémon Trainers to capture Pokémon. This collaboration brings the Poké Ball to life. The radiant Poké Ball has been transformed into a collector’s item by the talented Baccarat artisans and is dressed in a gold mesh to finish. This Poké Ball is the ideal gift for all fans and collectors of the Pokémon franchise as it can be used as a paperweight as it weighs 550 grams or it can be placed alone on a shelf for all to see.

While celebrating the Pokémon phenomenon on its 25 anniversary with one of Baccarat’s glittering creations sounds fun, you may have already missed your shot. The limited run of 25 pieces, which were each priced at USD$25,000 have apparently already sold out, but with a titan of streetwear teaming up with the legends of crystal for a pop-culture legend, it’s not surprising. After all, you gotta catch them all.

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Baccarat x pokemon 2

Image: Baccarat

Baccarat x pokemon

Image: Baccarat

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