Cats Boldly Go in MYZOO’s Spaceship Cat Beds

MYZOO’s Spaceship Cat Beds series provides a cozy perch for your feline friends. The design of the Spaceship Series comes as a result of multiple studies of the past few years, resulting in a safe and secure place for cats to sleep and watch. The bed is available in three different designs: Alpha, Beta, Gamma. Each features the same basic components. First, an acrylic bulb to allow a wider viewpoint for the cat. And second, a round body made of laminated wood with four air holes to create better air circulation and to reduce any echoing. The beds come in either light or dark brown.

cats boldly myzoo spaceship cat beds

The Alpha design is essentially a capsule, with an opening in the middle for the cat to enter and two acrylic domes on either end. Beta stands upright with the acrylic dome on top, looking similar to an observatory. Gamma hangs on the wall, providing your cat with an elevated place to view the world from.

girl with cats boldly myzoo spaceship cat beds

While your cat may not recognize the Sci-fi quality of the bed, you’ll appreciate the design. It matches well with any modern décor and is a conversation starter. What your cat will appreciate, however, is the security and the option of watching from that safe location.

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