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Drop the Smartphone for Good and Meet the Calm Alarm

The Loftie is a thoughtfully connected alarm clock designed to help you get more sleep by breaking up with your smartphone alarm. With features such as a dimmable display that offers a full ‘blackout mode’, this clock is designed to help you maintain a completely dark sleeping space. Customisable and boasting a host of features to get you out of bed, this is one of those life-changing devices we’ve come to love.

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So how does it work? A two-phase alarm clock gently wakes you up, the first sound gently lulls you awake, while a second sound gets you out of bed. And for those of us who can’t stand either, the Loftie features a customisable alarm, including alarm tone, volume, and day of the week.

Size: 2.75″ L x 6.5″ W x 2.75″ H.
Weight: 1.8 pounds.
Material: Polycarbonate shell, Steel top grill, Lithium-ion battery, USB-C cable and power adapter.
Price: $149 USD

Bluetooth connectivity means you’ll be enjoying your own music and a built-in adjustable night light provides a warm glow, with a sleep timer and blackout mode to create a perfect sleeping environment. Last but not least, a high-quality white noise machine will have you sleeping in a natural soundscape alongside wellness content, including; breathwork, sound baths and guided meditations.

Housed in a polycarbonate shell with a steel top grill, the clock measures 2.75″ L x 6.5″ W x 2.75″. Designed, primarily, to be connected at a wall outlet via USB-C cable and power adapter, the Loftie does include a rechargeable backup Lithium-ion battery should the power go out. You’ll also have to have a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection for updates and some features alongside a dedicated app. What more could you ask for from an alarm clock?

To purchase a Loftie alarm of your own, check out the link below.

Buy it here

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Image: Loftie

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