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Damen seaxplorer 105

Damen SeaXplorer 105’s Massive Helipad Doubles as a Basketball Court

They say that it’s the motion of the ocean and not the size that matters, but evidently, Damen Yachting didn’t get the memo. Their new SeaXplorer 105 measures 341 feet, and this transoceanic explorer is filled to the brim with luxury.

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341′ ice class superyacht

The SeaXplorer 105 is large enough for the ship to house two owner’s suites, and still have room left over for 24 guests as well as storage garages for two twin-engine helicopters. Then there are the five tenders for other toys plus space for a submarine. Plus, there’s plenty of room for enough fuel to take this yacht out for 8,000 miles without needing to refuel. Yet even all that space doesn’t account for the real driving force behind the design.

The SeaXplorer 105 is designed to bring your focus to spending time outdoors. A water sports centre with a scuba deck helps with that, or there’s the 3,229 square-foot helideck that also works for social gatherings or as a tennis and half-basketball court. The rear of the deck also has a swim platform and offers an open bar with an upstairs lounge.

When you do come inside, you’ll enjoy the Observation Lounge that allows groups to enjoy the views thanks to the open layout and large windows on all sides. A 3,000 square-foot indoor spa includes a gym with a foldout terrace, whirlpool, steam room, massage area, hairdresser, and a beauty salon. And for when it’s too cold to swim outside, you can always enjoy the heated interior pool.

341′ ice class superyacht 2

Powering the SeaXplorer 105 is a hybrid diesel-electronic propulsion system that offers plenty of power while minimising emissions—enough so that the yacht is IMO Polar Code category B compliant for environmental protection. And speaking of polar regions, the hull is Polar Class 7, making this yacht capable of breaking the ice. Evidently, size really is the deciding factor, especially when that size lets you cut through the ocean’s motion like a knife through butter.

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341′ ice class superyacht 8
341′ ice class superyacht 5
341′ ice class superyacht 3
341′ ice class superyacht 4

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