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Audi a4 to r8 conversion perfection

Audi A4 Modified to Look Like Audi R8 Gives ‘Stealth Wealth’ a New Meaning

Some cars have the ability to leave you speechless. Whether you’re encapsulated by the gorgeous curves of the MK1 Fiat Panda or experiencing all 9000 rpm’s of the 2022 Porsche 911 GT3, certain vehicles leave nothing on the table to become examples of an engineering masterpiece. This Audi A4 that’s been modified to look like an Audi R8 is one of them. Don’t believe us? Wait until you see the work that’s been put into this conversion.

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Audi a4 to r8 conversion during body on

Image: Reddit | u/EthanCalder

One glance at the car and we’re quick to call it a body shop miracle. It’s like a plastic surgeon has swapped the scalpal for a grinder and we can’t even begin to comprehend how all these parts begin to bolt onto the car... but it’s the backstory on what makes this Audi A4 to Audi R8 conversion so special. In a Reddit post by Ethan Calder, he states he originally posted was a real Audi R8 to a Facebook car spotting group, only to find out from the owner in the comments that this was in fact a fake.

Could’ve fooled us, and in looking at the body parts used in the conversion (images below) it appears as if the person/ shop undertaking the transformation has built the car with genuine Audi R8 parts. Unlike many Pontiac Fiero Ferrari conversions, the taillights, headlights, bumpers, windows, and all vents and trims look to be OEM or OEM replica parts.

One Reddit user was quick to point out that an Audi TT would surely make more sense – when you consider they have roughly the same shape as an R8 – but in speaking with the owner, Ethan Calder said “the reason he went for an A4 was that it was within 3/4 of an inch to the correct wheelbase.” The maths checks out too – a B5 Audi A4 has a wheelbase of 103.03 in. vs. the Type 42 Audi R8’s wheelbase of 104.3 in.

Our only question is “why did the owner decide to use a base-model Audi A4 as their canvas”? The market for B5 Audi S4s is still fairly well priced for what they offer on paper – a twin-turbo V6 making 195kW @ 5800rpm – and surely giving the chop to a few VW Golf GTIs is enough to convince onlookers what you’re driving is a real Audi R8? We’ll also point out that there’s a B5 Audi S4 V10 swapped car out there… hmm.

Regardless of the choice in metal, this conversion is leaving us rather speechless. Bravo.

Check it out

Audi a4 to r8 conversion before

Image: Reddit | u/EthanCalder

Audi a4 to r8 conversion during

Image: Reddit | u/EthanCalder

Audi a4 to r8 conversion during wings on

Image: Reddit | u/EthanCalder

Audi a4 to r8 conversion during 2

Image: Reddit | u/EthanCalder

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