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Adrian portelli crane mclaren in penthouse

Millionaire Cranes Rare McLaren Senna GTR Into $39 Million Penthouse Just to Flex

What’s being dubbed the greatest flex in Australian history, millionaire property and LMCT+ raffle magnate Adrian Portelli has craned his McLaren Senna GTR racecar into his newly acquired $39 million Melbourne penthouse.

The $2.6 million McLaren Senna GTR is 1 of 3 examples currently in the southern hemisphere and 1 of 75 available globally. It produces more than 800HP and is winged-out with more than 1000kg of downforce and a DRS system (similar to an F1 car) that helps the Senna GTR reach a top speed of 340km/h. Due to strict ADR rules, the car cannot be registered for road use, only adding to the flex.

In a statement on his Instagram, Portelli explains the flex, “The McLaren was sitting in a factory and I can’t drive it on the road so I decided to have it craned up there instead, it’s now an art piece.”

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Mclaren gtr being craned into penthouse

McLaren Senna GTR being craned into the Melbourne penthouse. | Image: @adrian_portelli

According to records at, it seems the car in question was the same one that previously lived at The Bend Motorsport Park just outside of Adelaide, South Australia as part of the Pitlane Garage collection. Living its life at the racetrack as a track toy for millionaires, it seems Portelli purchased the car for an undisclosed sum, took it to the racetrack, did a few shed skids, and then installed it in his penthouse. “If I’m spending $3 million on a car, I’m using it the way I want to,” said Portelli in a post.

As for the penthouse, Portelli says he’ll use the place “as a weekender.” Located at 308 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, the penthouse has aptly been named ‘Sapphire by the Gardens’ and measures 1200 sqm. The new owner will spend roughly $6 million customising the space on the 57th floor.

You can watch the full video of the McLaren Senna GTR being craned into the Melbourne apartment below.

Mclaren gtr in penthouse

Owner Adrian Portelli posing with McLaren Senna GTR | Image: @adrian_portelli

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