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2024 mg 4 xpower feature

MG 4 XPower Review: Face-Melting Performance Bargain

There’s a car on sale in Australia that’s less than AU$60,000 and gets within an inch of the national speed limit in under four seconds. Sound dangerous? Mildly. However, the MG 4 XPower is one of those cars you can’t help but love. In a world where electric cars feel identical, soulless even, the XPower is a hot-rodded hatch that’s built for traffic light drag races. That’s OK because under the skin is one of the best value-for-money EVs currently on sale in Australia, it’s just been turned up to eleven.

Fundamentally the MG 4 XPower is the same car that we loved driving at the Australian launch. The model line-up remains great value for money with an entry price of just AUD$38,990 plus on-roads for the basic single-motor variant. Here in top-spec dual-motor trim it now delivers 320kw of combined power – with a 150kW motor up front and 170kW in the rear – and up to 600Nm of torque. The result is a face-melting 0-100km/h time of 3.8 seconds in a car that costs just $59,990 before on-road costs.

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2024 mg 4 xpower rear end on race track
2024 MG 4 XPower | Image: MG

Let’s Talk About the Speed

We’ve come to expect insane acceleration times from EVs, but it’s the way the MG 4 XPower delivers power that keeps us coming back for more. Vehicles like the Tesla Model Y Performance and Polestar 2 Dual Motor are equally quick, but they’re silent and somehow dull as they reach these ridiculous speeds. You can hear the motors in the MG spin up as you accelerate, it’s involving, fun, and blisteringly quick. Oh, it’s also mildly terrifying and very irresponsible. All we could think about was how some inexperienced person is going to have a massive accident and put that 5-star ANCAP-rated chassis to the test.

Thankfully it’s not all about power, however, as you’ll find the brand’s all-new Dynamic Cornering Control System that debuts here. It’s a fancy phrase for torque-vectoring and combines with the locking electronic differential for a more dynamic driving experience when you’re pushing the limits of the car. We’d be lying if we said it’s a noticeable change, but that’s a good thing as an invasive system can ruin a car’s natural chassis dynamics.

Driving impressions mg 4 xpower
2024 MG 4 XPower | Image: MG

Changes Are More Than Skin-Deep

On the other hand, the new suspension tuning with revised damper, spring, and anti-rollbar settings creates a noticeable difference on the road. Simply adding stiffness (25 per cent increase) does create a sportier drive but it’s less enjoyable on a day-to-day basis and we’d prefer the standard suspension tune in this application or an adjustable set-up like you have in the Volkswagen Golf GTI. You have to consider how often you’ll be pushing this 1,803kg vehicle through bends for pure enjoyment, but it is capable and the new Bridgestone Turanza tyres don’t kick up much of a fuss when pushed.

The added orange caliper covers hide the ‘real’ brakes underneath, however, they’re uprated with ventilated 345mm discs on all four corners that help reduce the MG4 XPower’s 100-0km/h stopping distance to just 33.9 metres. An independent test from our friends at CarExpert shows 38.75 metres which is very respectable.

What’s the Catch?

On the inside, there are no significant changes to the simple layout from the stock standard MG 4. You get the same 10.25-inch digital touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto but it now comes with a Track Mode display for checking lap times. The seats are comfortable and the black Alcantara material centre keeps you from moving around.

So what’s the catch? Well, as far as battery, charging, and range are concerned the MG 4 XPower doesn’t get the brand’s largest 77.4kWh battery. It’s left with the smaller 64kWh which means the most powerful MG4 only has a range of up to 400km (WLTP) and slower 6.6kW AC capabilities for home charging. This means a full charge will take around 11 hours vs. 7 hours for the three-phase capable 77.4kWh equipped vehicle.

When you’re on the road, however, you can charge at up to 140kW which means a charge time of 26 minutes from 10%-80% using a 150kW DC rapid charger.

2024 mg 4 xpower front end on race track
2024 MG 4 XPower | Image: MG

Should You Buy One?

If you’re in the market for a new electric vehicle and you want something with blistering acceleration for an affordable price the MG 4 XPower is your best option. Priced from AUD$59,990 plus on-road costs, it’s super quick, handles well for its weight, and remains a great all-around EV.

That being said, the updated 2024 Tesla Model 3 (from AUD$61,900 plus on-road costs) is our choice for driving every day with smoother, more comfortable suspension.

Look within the MG 4 family and the 64kWh Excite model boasts 450km of range and starts from AUD$44,990 plus on-road costs, making it a great alternative for those who don’t need the face-melting acceleration. Other options from competitors like the GWM Ora and BYD Dolphin cannot compete with the speed of the XPower. You can find out more about MG 4 XPower at the MG Australia website linked below.

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