A Bionic Motorcycle Arm for Amputees?

It’s tragic when someone loses a limb. The things they used to love doing are sometimes no longer an option. Industrial designer Tom Hylton is rectifying that situation for motorcycle enthusiasts. Hylton has designed a bionic arm system that works for trans-humeral and trans-radial amputees and that connects directly with a motorcycle.

“The bike and the prosthetic communicate with each other and the rider to calculate the appropriate lean angles and aid body positioning,” explains Hylton. “It will also eject with the rider in the event of an accident. It is modular to suit trans-humeral and trans-radial amputees and I’m currently designing a leg to go with.”

Honda Bionic Motorcycle Arm

The arm attaches to the rider at the shoulder and then plugs into the handlebar of the motorcycle. The bionic arm allows the rider to accelerate and decelerate without the use of a hand to twist the traditional throttle. The prosthetic makes use of Honda’s research into mechanical, robotic, and automotive advances. The arm creates a spatial connection with capacitive ability, providing communication between the rider and the motorcycle.

honda bionic motorcycle

The arm is only in the concept stages, but the project holds a lot of promise. As more and more advances are made, more and more disabled individuals will be able to get back to the things they love, with motorcycle racing being at the top of the list.

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