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So, with Perth quickly becoming a major player in the coffee stakes, finding a good brew is easier than ever. In fact when it comes to the best coffee in Perth, you can afford to be a little picky. Here is a list of the Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in Perth.
Best Coffee in Perth
This New York City-inspired cafe is a must-visit. Not only does this Perth coffee shop support the locals, with locally sourced furniture, artworks and amazing food., but it also cops beans supplied by Micrology Coffee, an independent local roaster. The coffee has people lining up out the door and with an all-day menu featuring a New Yorker Reuben bagel, açaí bowls and even crumpets come from the local farmers’ market. What’s not to love?
1. Hylin
Hidden inside a heritage building with a weathered exterior, is arguably one of the best cafes in Perth. Offering a selection of beans from Rockingham’s Five Senses as well as other bean types sourced from small roasters mostly based over east. With well-informed staff members that enjoy educating people about various brewing techniques and amazing food from casual dining and something more refined, you’d be a fool not to visit!
2. La Veen Coffee
Grouch and Co sources beans from single-origin farmers from around the world, with different blends depending on the season. The beans are roasted in-house with choice of full cream to cashew milk, giving it a signature taste. Also offering teas all served in handmade ceramic cups made by WA-based Japanese artist Naomi Sugi, what’s not to love.
3. Grouch and Co
Best for: Pets
4. Gesha
Best for: Fast Service
5. Felix & Co
From the house blend coffee to the WA boutique roastery single-origin bean of the month, you won’t be disappointed with Engine Room Espresso. As one of the best coffee shops Perth has to offer, the team provides a quality brew and authentic bagels from The Holy Bagel Co., tasty pumpkin bread, organic crumpets and takeaway granola or muesli breakfast cups.
6. Engine Room Espresso
This petite espresso bar offers it all; coffee and fashion. What more could you ask for? This cafe has a women’s fashion boutique attached, allowing customers to drink amazing coffee and browse through the collections. Using Five Senses beans to create a smooth and silky blend of coffee to satisfy any coffee lover, what more could you ask for?
7. Ooh La La and Ooh Coffee
This specialty coffee shop roasts its own coffee blend, it began with single-origin and now they have many varieties available. But what makes Offshoot’s coffee so good it the high-tech Loring S15 Falcon imported from America. This tumble-dryer like machine applies heat to the air inside the drum filled with coffee beans, roasting them with increased efficiency and accuracy. All that is just a fancy way of saying, you’re going to get one hell of a coffee.
8. Offshoot Coffee
Owners Kaya McCarthy and Juliana Nobre are former Western Australian Barista champions and it shows. With beans sourced from Five Senses, Melbourne’s Proud Mary, Seven Seeds and Mano e Mano. It’s easy to see why people recognise Pixel Coffee Brewers as the best cafe in Leederville. Along with some amazing coffee Pixel’s also offers standout cakes and other showstopping treats.
9. Pixel Coffee Brewers
Humblebee Coffee Roasters is known for its micro-roasting approach. The Perth cafe offers different blends that any coffee lover will enjoy. Coogee Street is the house blend, It’s designed specifically for espresso and presents notes of bittersweet dark chocolate, stone fruit and toasted nuts. Then there’s a range of single origins also available. But what sets Humblebee’s apart from the others is skinny and soy milk isn’t offered, this is due to their effect on taste. Humblebee Coffee Roasters has the ideal coffee-to-milk ratio that has people coming back for more. That is why full-cream coffees only come in two sizes. Pair your coffee with sweet and tasty breakfast doughnuts and your tastebuds will be set alight. Each take-home bag of beans is roasted while you wait, ensuring maximum freshness.
10. Humblebee Coffee Roasters
Standing Room Only embodies the simplicity of Italian cafes. You stand, you drink your coffee and you move on. Coffee lovers from all around Perth will tell you that this is one of the best cafes to visit. Customers can choose between blended and single-origin beans, courtesy of Melbourne’s Small Batch Roasting Co. and the popular Candyman blend. But it doesn’t stop there precision coffee making is taken seriously here, as a series of specialist goose-neck kettles, scales and filtering equipment is used for pour-overs, cold brews and some of the best espressos and iced coffees, all to ensure that every cup is consistent.
11. Standing Room Only
This coffee house in Subiaco attracts many coffee fanatics and for good reason too. The Perth cafe’s philosophy is simple: serve the food the couple wants to eat and the drinks they want to drink. With three regularly changing bean varieties from Melbourne’s Code Black, as well as some Ethiopian and Guatemalan varieties also on offer. With an all-day food menu, serving up dishes like eggs, English muffins and a range of delicious bagel options, it’s not hard to see why this is one of the best coffee shops in Perth.
12. Architects & Heroes
Mo Espresso is known for its coffee and for a good reason. Searching high and low for the best local roasters around the nation, including beans for Loaded and Five Senses, Mecca, Seven Seeds, Dukes and Market Lane you’re spoiled for choice. With Doughnuts from Levi’s Doughnuts, bagels from the Holy Bagel Company and raw treats from Raw By Chris, there really is something for everyone.
13. Mo Espresso
Zac Barrett and his father Neil can’t get enough of the coffee, first came Mo Espresso and then Max + Sons. Still focusing on the love of all things coffee, Max + Sons seeks out the best coffee roasters such as Mecca, Proud Mary and Loaded. Also striving to educate people on all things coffee, offering occasional tastings of various beans from the same farm processed using different methods. But amazing coffee isn’t the only thing on offer here, with many sweets and treats like blueberry bagels from Holy Bagel Co and pastries and cakes from The Little Bakery and even gelato-doughnut burgers supplied by Top Dup and ChiCho Gelato.
14. Max + Sons
It’s no surprise that Lowdown is often referred to as the best coffee place in Perth, the coffee served here is a crowd-favourite, hence why the cafe makes close to 900 coffees a day. The single-origin beans by Perth roaster Fiori will, they’re served both hot and cold. If that doesn’t impress you then maybe the price will. With multiple toasted sandwichs on offer, like in-house corned beef, pickle and mustard; shredded spicy Mexican chicken; and garlic, capsicum and Serrano ham. You’ll be coming back for the coffee and more.
15. Lowdown
Hidden away in O’Connor, you’ll find Pound Coffee Roasters, where ex-chef Justin Gardner is the head roaster and co-owner. His approach to roasting is all about the quality and provenance of the beans, treating them with respect and having a keen sense for balancing their characteristics to give you some of the best tastings coffee. Gardner also holds regular cupping sessions where he will talk you through the assorted beans, helping you understand the ins and outs of your daily cup.
16. Pound Coffee Roasters
Best for: Food
17. Sixteen Ounces
Best for: Aesthetic dishes
18. Typika Artisan Roasters
Over the years Australia’s coffee culture has begun to grow. As the number of cafes began to grow so did our love of coffee, with this so did our taste for it. We began to experiment with different roasts and flavours. Our cafes now offer multiple beans and extraction methods that will excite and satisfy any coffee lover.
Perth Coffee at a Glance
The key factors to keep in mind when deciding where to go:
Key Things to Consider for Perth Coffee Shops
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