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13 Best HIIT Gyms in Sydney | Man of Many

If you’re in need of that little bit of motivation to get you moving, look no further than Soultrain. Your time at the gym is split between ‘Lift’ and ‘Sweat’ classes, made of small groups with personalised coaching. The Lift classes focus on strength training, while the Sweat classes consist of the fat-burning HIIT we all know as love. With classes running throughout the day, you’ll have no excuse to not come along.

1. Soultrain

Starting halfway across the world in the USA, Barry’s Bootcamp has been successfully running (and lifting, and sweating it out) in Australia for some time now. Again, you’ll find classes at Barry’s Bootcamp run by dedicated and encouraging trainers. You can enrol in either cardio or strength classes depending on your goals. Strength classes change daily, to allow for rest and recovery in certain muscle groups.

2. Barry’s Bootcamp

You might have seen Mark Wahlberg in Australia recently vouching for how good the F45 Training gyms are in Australia, so what more do you need to hear? Have you seen the biceps on that man? The gym is approachable and affordable, making it one of the best gyms in Sydney for beginners. They’re also everywhere, so no matter where you go you can use your F45 Training gym pass. No excuses. While we’ve listed the details for the York Street gym below, there are more than 15 F45 training gyms across Sydney, check out the website for your local HIIT gym.

3. F45 Training Sydney

12RND Fitness runs a little differently from other gyms on our list of the bestHIIT gyms of Sydney. Firstly, there are no set class times, so you can turn up as you like and be mentored by an in house performance coach. The workout itself is based on the physical demands that twelve rounds of boxing involve. This means twelve, three-minute rounds of hard and fast exercise back, to back, to back. Like F45, there are a number of 12RND Fitness gyms in Sydney, so head to the website for your closest venue.

4. 12RND Fitness

Founded by former AFL champion Josh Gibson, REVL Training is a new take on the Sydney HIIT gym scene. The format takes evidence-based strength and conditioning training methods and breaks them down so they’re accessible to anyone. The group fitness focus is ideal for building accountability, meaning you’ll be more likely to hit those health goals.

5. REVL Training

Orange Theory takes your workout beyond just your time at the gym. Using a combination of science and technology, the trainers at Orange Theory track your health and exercise ability, so that you can statistically see your improvement over time. The workouts have lasting effects long after your session has ended, which means you’ll be burning calories at home too (now that’s science). Don’t believe us? Book a session and see for yourself. Another gym chain, there are several Orange Theory gyms in Sydney.

6. Orange Theory

Shelter looks more like a health retreat or spa than a HIIT gym. For workouts, you can choose from ride, box, and sculpt classes, that cover cycling, boxing and Pilates/body conditioning respectively. All classes are driven by music, repetition, and rhythm, to get you into the zone faster. After your workout, you can de-stress at the sauna, cool down in an ice bath, or refresh with a juice from the juicery (seriously). For a total workout of the body and mind, check yourself in for a session at Shelter.

7. Shelter

At Fit1, your form and technique are just as important as your workout. The correct form can help you achieve more from exercise and prevent any long term injuries from occurring. At Fit1 you’ll find trainers who will walk you through each step of the circuit training process, watching your technique, and giving tips to improve performance. After that, the exercise is in your hands, and you can go as hard or as heavy as you like.

8. Fit1

Focusing on functional fitness, Body Fit Training is HIIT at its hardest. The brand’s programming is designed to stress every energy system, targeting every muscle fibre type through different planes of movement. The HIIT workouts are structured into 50-minute training sessions overseen by accredited coaches in a dynamic group environment. We’ve listed the details for the Town Hall gym below, but like several other chains on this list, you’l be able to find a Body Fit Training centre somewhere near you.

9. Body Fit Training

Primal NRG Fitness is another one of the best gyms in Sydney for beginners, or those dipping their toes in the waters of HIIT training. With no lock in contracts, no joining fees, and a pay as you go system, this gym is great for those who may not be able to commit long term. For those that plan on sticking around, Primal NRG Fitness’s workouts are designed to help you build and progress over time. Focusing on adaptive and progressive training, your routine will evolve as you do, resulting in long term, sustainable progress. If you’re looking for results from your training, look no further than Primal NRG Fitness.

10. Primal NRG Fitness

Rounding out our list of the 11 best high intensity interval training gyms Sydney have to offer is AGOGA. ‘Agoga’ is the Spartan routine for creating a fierce army of warriors. The trainers at AGOGA take this inspiration from this routine, updating and personalising it to your needs and goals, with science and modern workout technology for the best results. Training in small, like minded groups, you’ll build towards your goal, as well as friendships with group mates and trainers. For a great workout and an even greater community, AGOGA is a Sydney gym you can’t pass up.


The gym floor at Combine Air Training Rozelle is certainly a unique one, made to look like the field of an NFL stadium. This workout space is scientifically modified to mirror an altitude training environment, meaning you work harder with thinner air. In 50 minute, group sessions, you’ll be training with a combination of hybrid, strength, and conditioning training methods, to achieve your best possible athletic potential. Yes, it is as intense as it sounds.

12. Combine Air Training Rozelle

The first rule of Cycology Club, is to tell everyone about Cycology Club. Running 50-minute cardiovascular workouts, the speed and intensity of the cycling routine are made to match the rhythm of the music playing around the studio. Not to worry, your upper body gets a workout too, with choreographed weight routines for your upper body as you ride. We recommend getting a lift or public transport home, because there’s a good chance walking won’t be an option.

13. Cycology Club

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