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Best Bucks Party Ideas Sydney

14 Best Bucks Party Ideas in Sydney

There’s no night out in Sydney quite like the Bucks Party. A time-honoured tradition, and a damn good chance to see your ragtag group of misfit friends at their absolute worst best. There are a metric shit-tonne of ways for you and the boys to say goodbye to ol’ mate Trev’s single life.

We’ve taken a solid look at all of the ways that a bucks party can be done, and we’ve got to admit, it’s overwhelming. There are just too many options. So, no matter whether you’re doing a classy bucks night and pretending to be men that you aren’t, or you’re letting your animal self out for the night, we’ve looked at nothing but the creme de la creme of Bucks Party ideas to make your life a little easier.

Here are our 14 best bucks party ideas in Sydney

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Best Bucks Party Ideas Sydney Golf

1. Golf

Starting off on the green can be the perfect way to ease yourself into a night of hedonism. As a bonus note, you and the lads will already be dapper AF, so feel free to take that look into the heart of Sydney.

There’s a variety of ways you can go about getting your golf on.

Hit up the Driving Range and calmly smack the ever-loving hell out of 100’s of undeserving balls. You can drink and drive at Holey Moley, Australia’s best mini golf and bar/club experience.  Get serious about the game at any of Sydney’s Mini Golf spots, or commit as hard as you’re about to do in marriage by doing a full 18-hole day at any of these courses.

Best Bucks Party Ideas Sydney VR Rooms

2. VR Rooms

Zero Latency is not for the faint of heart. It’s a huge warehouse where you don a VR headset, get given a full rig including guns and reactive body armour and then dive headfirst into a series of Zero Latency exclusive gaming experiences. It’s wild, and will make you feel the deepest fear of heights you’ve ever felt with your feet rooted to the floor.

You also get the double joy of helping create history by engaging with the worlds first free-to-roam multiplayer virtual reality, all from Australian minds. For more info, check out what we thought of the Sydney location.Best Bucks Party Ideas Sydney Dinner Out

3. Dinner Out

All work and no games makes Jack a dull boy, but all bucks party drinking games and no food makes Jack a hangry mess. No matter what you’re doing for the bucks party, be sure to include a decent feed in the night’s events. We love big slabs of meat, good beer, and as is tradition, the odd dabble in nudity.

Here are some places in Sydney where you’ll be able to find at least 2/3.

Firedoor is an open-kitchen, wood-fired, meat-charring phenomenon. Definitely on the list for the classier bucks party idea (she’s not cheap), you’ll be stuffed with 5 courses and matched with an outstanding alcohol collection to match.

Meat & Wine Co aren’t here to piss in your pocket and tell you it’s raining. They want to give you meat & wine while you spend some excellent time in good company. If you’re not already dangling from the ceiling in a coveted VIP spot, what better way to start that journey, then on a bucks party.

Best Bucks Party Ideas Sydney Steak and Strippers at Twin Peeks

4. Steak and Strippers at Twin Peeks

Want to have it all in one spot? Don’t want to organise too much? Then steak and strippers at Twin Peeks is the way to go. Does exactly what it says on the tin. The beauty of the perfect nature of ‘twin peeks’ as a pun has been playing in my head for the past month. The way it brings to mind the idea of sneaky glances at one of life’s greatest views is a thing of subtle, punny beauty.

It would be fine to organise dinner here for one right?

Best Bucks Party Ideas Sydney Harbour Cruises

5. Harbour Cruises

Harbour Cruise’s are an outstanding way to have your cake and eat it too. We get it, you’ve been smoking these meats in your backyard for the past 69 hours and need a group of your 20 best mates to come crush tins while you enjoy a solid bit of rump. If that’s how you’re feeling, take the stress out of deciding where to eat, by eating on the water. The views are stunning, and if sun hits it right you’ll have an evening vista you’ll never forget.

Speak to your chartering company first, but a solid list of them will welcome the inclusion of topless waitresses if that’s your idea of a good time. Ask your favourite local establishment about hiring specifics if you’ve found a firm favourite.

Best Bucks Party Ideas Sydney Fishing Trip

6. Fishing Trip

If you’re seeking for more of a getaway, or just hoping to return to your caveman nature roots, or you’re a seasoned pro in the wild world outdoors, take this time as the perfect excuse for that fishing trip you’ve been trying to line up. No one can say no, it’s your bucks do after all. Grab the boys, grab your rods, grab some beers and hit the water. It’s simple, and in some cases that is all you need for the night to be absolutely perfect.

Best Bucks Party Ideas Sydney V.I.P. Bottle Service

7. V.I.P. Bottle Service

You want to be a big dog (woof woof) and go ham with the boys? Then flex on everyone under the sun by grabbing a booth and getting that true V.I.P experience.

Bottles, sparklers, crowds of poor peasants adoring people looking at you from behind a velvet rope. The booth is truly a one-of-a-kind experience for anyone looking for a bucks party you’ll only ever remember in snapshots. Do some research, make your life feel like a movie, and go all out with cooked bucks party pranks for this one.

Give them a call in advance and every club in Sydney will be happy to organise something special for you.

Hyperkarting Best Bucks party ideas

8. Go-Karting

Keeping it high-octane you can tear up any of Sydney’s incredible go-karting locations. Make sure that it’s before the brewery on your itinerary, but what a way to build up the adrenaline as you start your night up. Go early, and yell at kids, or go late and yell at your friends who should know better.

Just feeling the kick from the engine and realising just how little power you need to fly a kart around the course at ridiculous speeds should be enough to kick-start the good times. If not, you can always rip into whoever comes last for being terrible all night. Let’s face it, go-karting is one of the best bucks party ideas in Sydney.

Hyper Karting

Utilising German-made RiMO electric karts that are faster than petrol go-karts this is the best go-karting track in Sydney CBD. Hyper Karting hosts one of the biggest indoor go-kart tracks in Sydney the 460m indoor track feels like a real race track. Suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Address: Level 5 Car Park, 207 Park Rd S, Moore Park NSW 2021
Hours: Tue-Fri 10am-11pm, Sat 9am-11pm, Sun 9am-9pm

Check it out

Best Bucks Party Ideas Sydney Paintball

9. Paintball

Nothing so far has quite hit it for you? The only rush left is seeing crushing defeat in the eyes of your fellow man? Then strike down with a great vengeance and furious anger any who oppose you at these paintball locations. Who doesn’t crave dressing up in camo and slipping into the undergrowth?

Action Paintball are a stalwart of the Australian paintball scene. You know what they’re providing, and they’ve had enough time to hone the perfect paintball experience. Die Hard Indoor Paintball will provide everything you need in an indoor experience. Burnt out cars, dystopian warehouse vibes, and enough incentive in packages to get the ball rolling. Heartbreak Ridge Paintball are absolute veterans of the paintball world. They’ve had more than 5 million games played at their spot and bring every ounce of experience for the best time possible. The only heartbreak you’ll find on a bucks party here will be getting shot in the back by Trevor. Again.

Best Bucks Party Ideas Sydney Axe Throwing

10. Axe Throwing

Bringing the inner viking out of anyone, Kiss My Axe in Alexandria will provide the most ax-ceptional experience you’ll ever find. They’ll bring you under their wing for a two hour session of throwing and banter, coaching you from complete novice to seasoned pro in just a few throws. Following that there’s a brewery next door to quell the lumberjacks thirst you’ve built up.

Best Bucks Party Ideas Sydney Have a Lock-In

11. Have a Lock-In

Do a lil DIY at home by bringing everything you need to you. Gather your closest mates, organise some extra special entertainment for the night, and place everyone’s phones into a lock box. Now you’re all set for the wildest night possible.

Failing that, pop Anchorman on and drink every time Brick says something stupid. You can even bring the nostalgia with a night themed around old-school arcade games. In the comfort of your own home, no one’s going to judge, the night is yours for the taking however you want to take it.

Best Bucks Party Ideas Sydney Barefoot Bowls and Babes

12. Barefoot Bowls and Babes

If you’re not too keen on moving around too much, then hit up Barefoot Bowls and Babes for your chance to try and crack into the Australian bowls team while being delightfully distracted. They’ll organise one hell of a bar tab for you, sort you out with a lovely green, and bring a special friend to the party for your entertainment.

It’s a stripper, they’ll organise you a stripper is what we’re saying. If the name hadn’t told you that. They’re also happy to organise a private party room in case the entertainment becomes too spicy.

Best Bucks Party Ideas Sydney Weekend Away

13. Weekend Away

If you want to leave the world behind for the bucks party, if only just for a weekend there is no shortage of options for the anti-city slicker lifestyle. You can take the boys on an NSW wine tour, with all the hassle well and truly out of your hands. Or, failing that, you can take the swag and hit any of the stunning camping locations throughout this glorious state. Life is exactly what you make of it, and a little time back in nature, with good company, is more rewarding then most of us care to admit. Return to your scout days as a man, before leaving childishness behind.

Best Bucks Party Ideas Sydney Let Someone Else Organise It with 'Get Loose'

14. Let Someone Else Organise It with ‘Get Loose’

If, after seeing just how many options there are, you’ve been left more confused then when you started take the stress entirely out of your hands and outsource the good times to Get Loose. They’re dedicated to bringing you nothing but the good times, so let them take the wheel for the smoothest experience possible. They’ll sort every aspect of your night, guaranteeing the best of times.

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General FAQs

What is a bucks night?

A bucks night is the traditional celebration for a groom that has roots in Sparta in the 5th century. It is a gathering of male friends to celebrate the upcoming marriage of a friend.

Where are the best bucks party venues in Sydney?

There is no one answer fits all here. You will find a multitude of spots to hit up, all of which will provide a good time. Now you just need to find the right time for you. It could be go-karting, bare-foot bowls, a nightclub in the CBD or just a trip to the pub. If you’re looking for nightlife, areas such as a Newtown and Surry Hills offer a wealth of venues, however, for the more adventurous, you will find activities galore in Alexandria.

What are the best bucks night drinking games?

The ones that get you drunk. Provided you have got the right company, and a killer venue, you have got everything you need. Games will only go so far. Our personal favourite will always be beer pong. You can't beat the classics.

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