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Imperial star destroyer feature

25 Best LEGO Star Wars Sets of All Time Ranked

If LEGO was a religion, Star Wars would be an essential part of the brand’s religious education. In the late 1990s, LEGO Star Wars sets were introduced and would soon change the fortunes of the famed company. In its first-ever licensing deal, the partnership lives on, and the amount of Star Wars sets available increasing in quantity and quality over the years. Luckily for you, we’ve searched all the galaxies far and wide to bring you a comprehensive list of the best LEGO Star Wars sets of all time.

Best LEGO Star Wars Sets at a Glance

Our list of the best LEGO Star Wars sets goes like this.

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Best lego star wars sets imperial star destroyer
Imperial Star Destroyer | Image: LEGO

1. Imperial Star Destroyer

Arguably the most significant LEGO Star Wars set of all time, this one sits at the pointed end of our list for a few reasons. Number one, it’s MASSIVE both physically and by the piece with 4784 individual pieces to assemble. Secondly, it’s historically significant and comes with a handful of mini-figures and assorted weapons. If you’re looking for a classic set that’s great for seeking the quintessential LEGO Star Wars experience we recommend you dig deep in your pockets and pick this one up via the links below.

Ages: 16+
Pieces: 4784
Item number: 75252
Price: from AUD$1,200

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Best lego star wars sets death star
Death Star | Image: LEGO

2. Death Star

Take battle stations to the next level and act out all your favourite scenes with the Death Star playset. There are several different rooms and the set also includes Princess Leia, Chewbacca and Darth Vader Minifigures, but it doesn’t stop there- there are another 20! This set is more suitable for older kids or adults with an excitable inner child!

Ages: 14 +
Pieces: 4016
Item number: 75159
Price: from AUD$1,400

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Best lego star wars sets slave 20th anniversary edition
Slave – 20th Anniversary Edition | Image: LEGO

3. Slave – 20th Anniversary Edition

Made up of over 2000 pieces, the Slave set allows you to build the ship of the legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett. The ship features in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back and includes Boba Fett, Bespin Guard, Stormtrooper, Han Solo and Han Solo in carbonite. Get building- it’s a complex build!

Ages: 14 +
Pieces: 1996
Item number: 75060
Price: from AUD$800

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Best lego star wars sets ewok village
Ewok Village | Image: LEGO

4. Ewok Village

Hide from whoever you may be running from in the tree-trunk hideout in this 200-piece set from LEGO. With everything you love about Ewoks, it also features a secret lightsabre stash, spider web and net traps, slide, catapults and an evolving throne. Collect the Ewok mini-figures that come with this set, they’re hard to find!

Ages: 12 +
Pieces: 10236
Item number: 10236
Price: from AUD$800

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Best lego star wars sets snowspeeder 20th anniversary edition
Snowspeeder – 20th Anniversary Edition | Image: LEGO

5. Snowspeeder – 20th Anniversary Edition

One of the best LEGO Star Wars sets to grace the stores is the 20th-anniversary edition of Snowspeeder. It’s a small set with just 300 pieces, but this means it’s great for the kiddies or for when you don’t have much time. The set features laser cannons, spring-loaded shooters a harpoon for plenty of battle action.

Ages: 7+
Pieces: 309
Item number: 75259
Price: from AUD$170

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Best lego star wars sets y wing starfighter
Y-Wing Starfighter | Image: LEGO

6. Y-Wing Starfighter

The Y-wing plays an important role throughout the trilogy and is at the top ranks of Star Wars spaceships that are available from LEGO. The set is part of the Ultimate Collector Series and comes with a Gold Leader Y-wing pilot Minifigure There’s an R2-BHD Astromech droid in there as well!

Ages: 14 +
Pieces: 1967
Item number: 75181
Price: from AUD$600

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Best lego star wars sets imperial tie fighter
Imperial TIE Fighter | Image: LEGO

7. Imperial TIE Fighter

The iconic Imperial TIE fighter from the Solo: A Star Wars Story movie is an iconic LEGO build. The build is moderate in difficulty and the set comes with some of our favourite Star Wars legends. Depending on whether you agree, the legends included are Mimbam Stormtrooper, Han Solo, Tobias Beckett as well as the Imperial Pilot.

Ages: 9-14
Pieces: 519
Item number: 75211
Price: from AUD$260

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Bb 8
BB-8 | Image: LEGO

8. BB-8

If you love BB-8, it’s a no-brainer that you must get your hands on one of the dedicated LEGO Star Wars sets to the much-loved robot. Whilst the model doesn’t roll, it does feature authentic detailing, a wheel-activated rotating head and an opening hatch with a non-functioning welding torch.

Ages: 10-16
Pieces: 1106
Item number: 75187
Price: from AUD$240

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Best lego star wars sets death star cannon
Death Star Cannon | Image: LEGO

9. Death Star Cannon

Enter a world of adventure with this planet-destroying weapon. This exciting LEGO Star Wars set allows you to replay moments from Star Wars: A New Hope, featuring a laser cannon and a tractor-beam control tower, perfect for endless battles. The Death Star Cannon is the perfect addition to your LEGO collection.

Ages: 7+
Pieces: 159
Item number: 75246
Price: from AUD$50

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Best lego star wars sets sandcrawler
Sandcrawler | Image: LEGO

10. Sandcrawler

Crawl through the sand with this mighty Star Wars vehicle. The Sandcrawler set comes with removable panels, a crane, a prison chamber and a lowering ramp for all your battle needs. This set includes a lot of original LEGO building bricks and comes with some of your favourite Star Wars Minifigures like Luke Skywalker.

Ages: 9-14
Pieces: 1239
Item number: 75220
Price: from AUD$320

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Best lego star wars sets super star destroyer
Super Star Destroyer | Image: LEGO

11. Super Star Destroyer

A nostalgic throwback to the original Star Wars, prepare yourself because the Super Star Destroyer is a massive LEGO build. Among the many pieces also come characters including Darth Vader, Admiral Piett, Dengar and Bossk as well as IG-88. Better yet, the centre section lifts off to reveal the command centre in an innovative twist.

Ages: 16+
Pieces: 3152
Item number: 10221
Price: from $1500

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Best lego star wars sets tantive iv
Tantive IV | Image: LEGO

12. Tantive IV

This mega LEGO Star Wars set has been ranked as one of the very best to ever grace the stores. With over 1678 pieces, the legendary starship consists of an accessible interior and detachable escape pods to let your imagination run wild. On the slightly more expensive side, our suggestion is to save you pennies because this one is worth it!

Ages: 12+
Pieces: 1768
Item number: 75244
Price: from AUD$400

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Best lego star wars sets betrayal at cloud city
Betrayal at Cloud City | Image: LEGO

13. Betrayal at Cloud City

You’ll be surprised at the size of Cloud City when you’ve finished building this LEGO set. Its sophisticated structure will have you replaying the intense events of betrayal that took place at the infamous location. With all your favourite characters, it’s a must-have, don’t let the price tag lead you astray…

Ages: 14+
Pieces: 2812
Item number: 75222
Price: from AUD$1,200

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The battle of endor
The Battle of Endor | Image: LEGO

14. The Battle of Endor

For all the big kids out there, that miss the days when play battles were your only concern, The Battle of Endor is one of the most classic LEGO Star Wars sets to get your hands on. Fire the catapult or speed away in the speeder bikes that are included in the set.

Ages: 9- 14
Pieces: 890
Item number: 8038
Price: from AUD$300

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Jabbas sail barge
Jabba’s Sail Barge | Image: LEGO

15. Jabba’s Sail Barge

Who remembers the iconic events that took place at Jabba’s Sail Barge? Re-live when R2-D2 launched a lightsabre to Luke who then freed himself and heroically saved the good guys from their death. Delve into the secret world of Jabba’s cabin and uncover all his hidden goodies, like the pirate cannon. Grab the axe and blaster to prepare for battle, also included in this epic LEGO Star Wars set.

Ages: 9-14
Pieces: 850
Item number: 75020
Price: from AUD$480

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Best lego star wars sets r2 d2
R2-D2 | Image: LEGO

16. R2-D2

While most of the LEGO Star Wars sets above are discontinued, everyone’s favourite droid, R2-D2 returned in 2021 and was packed with new, authentic details. The LEGO Star Wars set contains retractable mid-leg drops and an extendable front hatch for tools. The best part- there’s a hidden lightsabre inside! Oh, and we almost forgot, the set comes with a special Lucasfilm 50th anniversary LEGO brick.

Ages: 18 +
Pieces: 2314
Item number: 75308
Price: from AUD$250

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Best lego star wars sets the child baby yoda
The Child ‘Baby Yoda’ | Image: LEGO

17. The Child ‘Baby Yoda’

Another new addition to the LEGO Star Wars sets is Baby Yoda, who is just as cute and charming even in LEGO form. See for yourself with this buildable model. The model boasts a posable head, ears and mouth so you can create different expressions, plus it comes with the Child’s much-loved toy- a gearshift knob.

Ages: 10+
Pieces: 1075
Item number: 75318
Price: from AUD$80

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Millennium falcon 2
Millennium Falcon | Image: LEGO

18. Millennium Falcon

A much-needed update of an all-time favourite- the most iconic starship in the Star Wars universe. The Starship is fully equipped for battle, with a massive interior compartment and an opening cockpit to place the Minifigures of your choosing. The LEGO set is sure to inspire plenty of role-playing of our favourite scenes from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, or just put this hard-to-find model on display.

Ages: 16+
Pieces: 7541
Item number: 75192
Price: from AUD$900

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Best lego star wars sets at at
AT-AT | Image: LEGO

19. AT-AT

Relive the battle of Hoth with this AT-AT LEGO Star Wars set. The set comes with super authentic extra detailing, such as a winch to pull up Luke and his thermal detonator element. Increasingly becoming a set for collectors, this one also includes 6 LEGO Minifigures, including all our favourites like Luke Skywalker, General Veers, 2 AT-AT Drivers and 2 Snowtroopers. They all come with weapons, so plenty of battles lay ahead!

Ages: 10 +
Pieces: 1267
Item number: 75288
Price: from AUD$200

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Best lego star wars sets kylo rens shuttle
Kylo Ren’s Shuttle | Image: LEGO

20. Kylo Ren’s Shuttle

If being a villain is what you’re into, Kylo Ren’s Shuttle should be an essential part of your LEGO collection. The Supreme Leader’s personal transport ship from the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie is full of intricate details to help you simulate epic space battles. There are 2 spring-loaded shooters, a spacious cockpit and an opening access ramp. This was recently retried, so as you can see from the price below, it’s becoming one of the best new LEGO Star Wars sets to collect. If you see one in store, buy it!

Ages: 10+
Pieces: 1005
Item number: 75256
Price: from AUD$350

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Best lego star wars sets darth vader helmet
Darth Vader Helmet | Image: LEGO

21. Darth Vader Helmet

Pay your respects to the Dark Lord of the Sith with the Darth Vader Helmet. At just $89, it’s one of the most affordable LEGO Star Wars sets you will get your hands on. This doesn’t mean it’s not an important contribution to your collection. Take your time to delve into the complex building process and once it’s complete, relive the more sinister scenes from the saga. It comes with a display stand so you can perch it front and centre anywhere in your home.

Ages: 18+
Pieces: 834
Item number: 75304
Price: from AUD$119.99

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Best lego star wars sets boba fett helmet
Boba Fett Helmet | Image: LEGO

22. Boba Fett Helmet

Another helmet to add to your collection, The Boba Fett Helmet is one of the most wanted Star Wars LEGO sets out there. Celebrating the deadliest bounty hunters in the galaxy, this build is perfect for adult fans as it’s highly complex. The details are intricate and authentic, and the display base with a nameplate makes it the perfect memorabilia model for display. Another recently retired product, this is one the collectors are after right now.

Ages: 18+
Pieces: 625
Item number: 75277
Price: from AUD$120

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Best lego star wars sets imperial probe droid
Imperial Probe Droid | Image: LEGO

23. Imperial Probe Droid

Commemorate a classic droid of the Star Wars saga with this complex build. Set out some time to get building and enter a peaceful state of concentration as you work to bring the Imperial Probe Droid to life. The set has sensors and blasters to help you seek out the target while you relive iconic scenes from the movie.

Ages: 18+
Pieces: 683
Item number: 75306
Price: from AUD$119

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Best lego star wars sets imperial shuttle
Imperial Shuttle | Image: LEGO

24. Imperial Shuttle

This buildable Imperial Shuttle is the quintessential Star Wars LEGO piece for all your play adventures. The elegant design features an opening cockpit, foldable wings as well as 2 stud shooters. Three Minifigures are also included; Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and an Imperial Officer who comes with a blaster pistol. Once again, this product is now retired and prices are slowly increasing! If you see this one in store, we suggest you buy it.

Ages: 9+
Pieces: 660
Item number: 75302
Price: from AUD$150

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Best lego star wars sets luke skywalkers x wing fighter
Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter | Image: LEGO

25. Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter

How could we forget about Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter?! Become a hero and recreate epic scenes from the classic Star Wars trilogy. Perfect for the kiddies, it is pretty easy to build and includes heaps of awesome features to keep the little ones excited. The X-Wing features an opening LEGO Minifigure cockpit, switchable wings, retractable landing gear and 2 spring-loaded shooters. At under $80, it’s the ideal gift for the kids in your life.

Ages: 9+
Pieces: 474
Item number: 75301
Price: from AUD$79

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How We Chose the Best LEGO Star Wars Sets

Interestingly, our list of the best LEGO Star Wars sets was chosen not by overall ‘secondary market value’, but instead, by its appeal as a significant cultural artifact. For example, no list would be complete without the Millenium Falcon or Imperial Star Destroyer. However, these are extremely expensive and very hard to come by, so we went looking for sets like Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter (that’s regularly on backorder) and Kylo Ren’s Shuttle, which was chosen purely on looks and rarity. In short, our list has something for everyone!

Best LEGO Star Wars Sets FAQs

What is the most expensive LEGO Star Wars set?

The LEGO set coming in at the most expensive price point is the Super Star Destroyer, with a $1500 price tag due to it's rarity.

Which LEGO Star Wars set has the most pieces?

The LEGO Star Wars set with the most pieces is the Millenium Falcon (75192) with 7541 pieces.

What is the largest LEGO Star Wars set?

The largest LEGO Star Wars set is the Imperial Star Destroyer.

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