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11 Best Non-Alcoholic Wines

If you find it hard to say “no” to a cheeky glass of wine after a long hard day at work, we hear you. The good news is there’s been a boom in non-alcoholic beverages and plenty of people looking for alternatives that provide viable alternatives to simply abstaining from alcohol full-stop. Some are looking to cut back on calories, and others don’t drink alcohol at all, but whatever the reason, there are now tonnes of tasty non-alcoholic wines out there to choose from. If you don’t know where to start, check out our list of the best down below.

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How Man of Many Chose this List of Non-Alcoholic Wine

When it comes to Man of Many’s list of the best non-alcoholic wine money can buy, it goes without saying that expertise is key. While we’ve tasted every wine on this list, we’ve also turned to the wider public for their overall ratings. Our list takes into account three major perspectives to determine the overall rating. In addition to our own opinions, we take into account reviews via alcohol retailer Dan Murphys and the Australian non-alcoholic drinks retailers Sans Drinks and Craft Zero. We then collate the information together and measure the wines via overall flavour profile, reader ratings and commercial availability, meaning one-off special editions aren’t likely to top the list.

Best Non-alcoholic Wines

Best non alcoholic wine non

Image: NON

1. NON

NON has some of the best non-alcoholic wines out there, with a massive range of delicious, flavour-filled drops. We love the unique flavours the brand has on offer, featuring everything from tea, native plants, herbs and fruits. NON is all about using natural ingredients as a way of redefining the wine experience, and with no alcohol wine that tastes this good, we’re happy to be a part of it.

Type: Seven wines to choose from, our favourite being the Toasted Cinnamon and Yuzu.
Size: 750mL
Country: Australia
Flavour palate: Everything from Tomato Water and Peppers to Lemon Marmalade and Hibiscus.
: from $29.95 AUD

Buy it here (NON) Buy it here (Sans Drinks)

Best non alcoholic wine monceau

Image: Monceau

2. Monceau

This brewery from Brunswick sure knows what’s up when it comes to crafting natural, healthy, delicious drops, without alcohol. Monceau’s team uses low-intervention fermentations, coming up with innovative, natural methods to create drinks that are naturally ultra-low alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Their wines contain no sweeteners, artificial carbonation or flavours, and they favour the pet nat varieties – their mandarin pet nat kombucha is seriously out of this world.

Type: Big range offering everything from Fuji Apple and Blood Orange to Pear.
Size: 750mL
Country: Australia
Flavour palate: Alcohol content can vary between wines, our favourite being the Fuji Apple.
: from $12.95 AUD

Buy it here (Monceau) Buy it here (Dan Murphy’s) Buy it here (Cellars)

Best non alcoholic wine plus minus

Image: Plus & Minus

3. Plus & Minus

We can guarantee you’ve seen these wines at your local bottle-o, and rightfully so – they’re widely available because non-alcoholic wine fans simply can’t get enough of them, and neither can we. Plus & Minus wines are known for how close they taste to the real deal. They’re also the best choice if you’re looking for traditional wines, with a pinot noir, shiraz, rosé or pinot grigio on offer.

Type: A more traditional offering with rosé, pinot grigio, and shiraz on offer.
Size: 750mL
Country: Australia
Flavour palate: Our favourite offering is the rosé with aromas of strawberries, a palate of berries and a dry finish. 
: from $14.95 AUD

Buy it here (Liquorland) Buy it here (Sans Drinks)


Image: McGuigan

4. McGuigan

Another popular brand that’s regularly stocked in bottle shops, McGuigan has been much-loved by Aussies for years and now has a zero range, which should help Dry July participants hang on just a few days longer. Heralding from the hills of the Hunter Valley, McGuigan wines are known for their rich, full-bodied flavour. Offering a huge range that will accommodate any palette, you’re sure to find red, sparkling, rosé, or white non-alcoholic wine to suit yours.

Type: More traditional offerings with rosé, sauvignon blanc, and sparkling.
Size: 750mL
Country: Australia
Flavour palate: This is our favourite non-alcoholic white wine with its generous aromas of gooseberry and citrus fruits.
: from $9.95 AUD

Buy it here (McGuigan) Buy it here (Dan Murphy’s) Buy it here (Sans Drinks)

Lyres classico

Image: Lyre’s

5. Lyre’s Classico Grande

Lyre’s is a legend in the world of all things non-alcoholic. It has a stellar range of non-alcoholic spirits, and its alcohol-free wine is no exception. The Classico Grande is an Italian-style, sparkling wine with delicious aromas of fresh peach, melon, and granny smith apple with a suitably dry finish. Now you can enjoy an Aperol spritz, without the alcohol!

Type: Sparkling wine.
Size: 750mL
Country: Australia
Flavour palate: Green apple tartness is followed by a soft richness of pear, peach and red apple on the palate to taste.
: from $19.49 AUD (4-pack)

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Based in South Australia, NEWBLOOD is a newcomer to the world of non-alcoholic wine. It uses a unique triple distillation process that de-alcoholises its wine, resulting in a delicious drop that manages to capture the characteristics associated with a traditional drop. The NEWBLOOD team starts by leaving the grapes on the vine a little longer to ensure the end product is bursting with the flavour expected of high-quality wine before starting the distillation process. Choose from a shiraz, chardonnay and rosé.

Type: Shiraz, chardonnay and rosé.
Size: 750mL
Country: Australia
Flavour palate: This is our favourite non-alcoholic chardonnay. Triple distillation results in citrus blossom and honeysuckle.
: from $14.60 AUD

Buy it here (Dan Murphy’s) Buy it here (Sans Drinks)


Image: POLKA

7. POLKA De-Alc Wine

The team at POLKA De-Alc Wine like to do things a little differently, which is why we love their wines. They make refreshing, low-calorie sparkling wine by using real wine, paired with a delicate low-temperature distillation to remove the alcohol. The end result is sparkling that tastes so close to alcoholic sparkling wine that you truly wouldn’t ever guess. On offer is a traditional sparkling as well as a sparkling rosé.

Type: 11 white wine varietals from the Riverina and the wild native lilly pilly.
Size: 750mL
Country: Australia
Flavour palate: Notes of lilly pilly allow for a dry, full-flavoured de-alc sparkling that pairs with seafood.
: from $39.95 AUD (2-pack)

Buy it here (POLKA) Buy it here (Upstairs Wine)

Le petit chavin non alcoholic wine

Image: Le Petit Chavin

8. Le Petit Chavin

If you love French wine, then Le Petit Chavin is one of the best non-alcoholic wines for you. Giving off all those Mediterranean feels, Le Petit Chavin is a blend of wines from the South of France, enhanced by delicious aromas, freshness and a smooth structure. The range includes chardonnay, merlot and rosé. The brand’s wines are also all halal-friendly.

Type: Chardonnay, rosé, and merlot.
Size: 750mL
Country: France
Flavour palate: This is our favourite non-alcoholic French wine, a true chardonnay from aroma to mouthfeel.
: from $14.45 AUD

Buy it here (Le Petit Chavin) Buy it here (Sans Drinks)Buy it here (Craft Zero)

Tost non alcoholic sparkling rose

Image: TOST


Offering another alternative to sparkling wine along with a non-alcoholic rosé, TOST offers two of the most delicious drops you’ll ever taste. The brand’s wines are born from natural ingredients, are low in calories, refreshingly dry and not too sweet. TOST has achieved this by bringing together a killer team of beverage and culinary experts to help recreate the characteristics found only in alcoholic beverages.

Type: Sparkling and sparkling rosé.
Size: 750mL
Country: USA
Flavour palate: Our favourite is the rosé with hints of white tea, ginger and elderberry.
: from $19.95 AUD

Buy it here (TOST) Buy it here (Craft Zero)


Image: Giesen

10. Giesen 0%

These outstanding winemakers from New Zealand have almost every wine under the sun in a delicious, non-alcoholic version. Capturing everything we love about New Zealand wines, Giesen is a family-owned operation and the proud owner of the world’s first alcohol-removed Marlborough sauvignon blanc. Plus, Giesen wines are all low in calories, sugar-free and just as aromatically expressive, crisp, and refreshing as the alcoholic wine you already know and love.

Type: Various
Size: 750mL
Country: New Zealand
Awards: Silver Medal, International Wine & Spirit Competition, London, UK, 2021
Flavour palate: Our favourite is the Marlborough sauvignon blanc, we love the blackcurrant and passionfruit notes that come through on the mid-palate.
: from $16.99 AUD

Buy it here (Giesen 0%) Buy it here (Dan Murphys) Buy it here (Sans Drinks)

Maggie beer

Image: Maggie Beer

11. Maggie Beer

Yes, you read the correctly – the legendary chef, food author and restauranteur herself, Maggie Beer, also has a range of non-alcoholic wines, just to add one more thing to her list of accomplishments. What can’t this lady do? Maggie Beer’s range has two drops – Maggie’s Sparkling Ruby Cabernet and Sparkling Chardonnay – with the Ruby Cabernet being our pick of the bunch. Both wines capture a sweeter taste and offer the perfect accompaniment to any Beer-inspired meal.

Type: Ruby Cabernet and Sparkling Chardonnay.
Size: 750mL
Country: Australia
Flavour palate: We love the passionfruit, sweet mango, ripe papaya, and guava notes that come through on the mid-palate.
: from $11.99 AUD

Buy it here (Maggie Beer) Buy it here (Dan Murphy’s) Buy it here (Woolworths)

What is non alcoholic wine

Image: Monceau

What is Non-Alcoholic Wine?

Non-alcohol wine is wine, without alcohol. But what does that actually mean?

How is it made?

Low-alcohol and non-alcoholic wine follow a similar fermentation process to its alcoholic counterpart. The difference is, that zero-alc wine removes the alcohol content from the fermented juice. The tricky part comes in doing this without impairing the taste, mouthfeel and quality of the beverage.

There are three ways non-alcoholic winemakers do this.

  1. The first is vacuum distillation, where alcohol is removed at a relatively low temperature and aromatics are blended back in afterwards.
  2. The second is by spinning cone columns, but this involves repeated low-temperature evaporation and condensation using inverted cones and centrifugal forces to separate constituent elements, which are then blended back together.
  3. The third method is reverse osmosis, a sophisticated cross-flow filtration system that separates constituent elements based on different molecular sizes before blending back.

In all these methods, sugar or concentrated grape must is added to replace the taste and feel of alcohol.

Is it good for you?

There are several health benefits when it comes to non-alcoholic wine thanks to the zero alcohol content, which deters the depressant effects of alcohol and therefore leads to a healthier lifestyle overall. As an extension of this, zero-alc wine may lead to lower blood pressure, is good for weight loss and you will also get much better sleep than if you were consuming alcoholic wine.

What does it taste like?

Most non-alcoholic wine tastes pretty similar to the real deal. This is because they both go through the same vinification process as regular wine, so zero wines can have much the same flavours, aromas, dryness, tastes and mouthfeel as alcoholic wine. Sometimes non-alcoholic wine may taste more fruity and fizzy, as more of these notes are added in to replace the alcohol content.

General FAQs

What is the best non-alcoholic sparkling wine?

The best non-alcoholic sparkling wine is POLKA De-Alc Wine.

What is the best non-alcoholic shiraz?

The best non-alcoholic shiraz is the shiraz by Plus & Minus.

What is the best non-alcoholic chardonnay?

Maggie Beer's sparkling chardonnay is the best non-alcoholic chardonnay.

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